Ultimate MMA Strength And Conditioning Review: How Good Is It?

Often weak is suppressed by strong powerful people. Going through such circumstances make you feel helpless and destroy your confidence. This is certainly demeaning and you look for a solution.

As an instance, consider the week inmates in prison who are often called ‘food’ or ‘fish’ by their strong counterparts. The powerful ones prey on the week and try to enslave them in order to fulfill petty tasks. One way out is to stand up for yourself and defend.

But how will you fight against the strong? And I am referring to insanely strong people who lift weights in most of their free time and they stay fit. In such a situation, there is one good way out.

And of course it is the first thing that comes to your mind too, “I wish I was this strong”. In cases of extortion, you should also be at their level of strength or at least somewhere near them. But will you stand any chance in front of them?

MMA training

To become physically fit and strong, you need complete dedication and training. It’s not just limited to lifting weights; various other physical arts and sports can also help. Mixed Martial Arts is all the rage these days and with good reasons.

People are trying their hand at MMA for their own reasons, to attain a fighter’s physique or to be a professional fighter. But, in their zeal to learn MMA quickly, most aspirants choose the wrong path for conditioning & nutrition.

Moreover, even if the frenzy is real, selecting a random coach without thorough research adds to the misconceptions. If you have decided to follow the path of martial arts training, it should be done the right way. Find yourself a good coach that can teach you the right techniques and helps you follow the correct conditioning and nutrition.

Be careful, just similar to buying other services, you always go through the reviews so you know what you are getting into.Ultimate MMA Strength And Conditioning Become Physically Fit And Strong

What is Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning?

Basically, MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is a combat sport that involves full contact. It allows both grappling and striking, both while standing on the plain ground. It utilizes martial arts techniques in combination with other combat sports techniques.

The right trainer will help you achieve the desired goal of health and systematic training. If you think you do not have the money to buy the right equipment or hire the right coach, we have a solution for you. The Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning will assist you in every way possible.

This program will educate you on the topic of MMA and you will learn a lot of new methods to impose the technique, power, and endurance.Ultimate MMA Strength And Conditioning Review: How Good Is It?

Who created it?

I hope to correct all the misconceptions you might have about the field of MMA, Eric Wong presents a scientifically backed program. The MMA training requires selecting the right trainer along with the Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning master manual. This MMA training program by Eric Wong is an updated version of the conditioning and strength methods required by MMA fighters.

The initial version of this book came out in 2008 with the same title and the latest is the 2012 edition. This review is regarding the newest publication that includes Eric Wong’s experiences while coaching UFC competition MMA fighters. He also provides coaching to MMA fight aspirants in schools, towns, and clubs.

Through these coaching practices, he thought of updating the book with new insights and experiences. For additional credibility to Mr. Wong’s expertise, you need to know that he has expertise with strength and conditioning as certified by National Strength and Conditioning Association and a specialized kinesiologist certified by the OKA in Ontario.

Who can use it?

This product is meant for MMA training, not bodybuilding and it does not include the use of any supplement in the workout regimen.

This program is not only meant for seasoned MMA practitioners or professional athletes, but it is also for beginners. As a novice, if you want to attempt a fresh fitness program, this is a great one!

The origin and composition of this program are by a professional coach of MMA, so you can trust the program without any doubt. If followed correctly, you will see the results yourself.

Ultimate MMA Strength And Conditioning

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Basic Working

As a professional UFC coach, Eric can very well connect the general human anatomy with movement. The central energy and nervous systems control the movement, understanding this connection will prove useful and how will your training become a success with its help.

It is the undisputed topper when it comes to online MMA training program available on the internet. It comes in the form of an eBook which also contains PDF guidelines (downloadable). In addition to this, there is a compilation of videos to aid you throughout the entire process.

During this training, you need to understand how an exercise will affect your body and that you require a great degree of commitment.Ultimate MMA Strength And Conditioning Become Physically Fit And Strong

Inside the Product

The Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning depends on 3 basic concepts that are explained below:

  • Cardio

Work out and cardio work together very well and you get amazing results. To focus on this a combination of the two is explained in the book. The particular workouts emphasized are: anaerobic, aerobic, and alactic.

  • Power

In the power exercise section, the author explains that there are various medicine ball workouts. Each of these exercises needs to be done in short sets (approximately 15 seconds). You need to take full rest after each set.

Eric also recommends using certain equipment in the gym or at home according to your convenience. You can use a Squat rack, Bench press, Swiss ball, Barbell, and Dumbbells.

  • Strength

Eric Wong distinguishes the strength into various types and he also explains the difference between MMA training and bodybuilding strength. To perfect strength levels, bodybuilding is certainly crucial.

He also suggests setting an optimum time for training in order to attain the topmost fitness levels. He calls this process periodization.

Following the routine described in this book will make sure that the fighter does not plateau. Working according to the same mundane routine is also not good. So the fighter changes their routine after 4 weeks by following this program.


This Ultimate Strength Conditioning package can be bought in its digital form and it is also accessible on the official website of this product.

In this program the following components are included:

  • Video workout library
  • PDF workout library
  • Training guide
  • Quickstart checklistUltimate MMA Strength And Conditioning Become Physically Fit And Strong

The Benefits

This program comes with a multitude of advantages which you will also read the reviews of this product. Let me explain a few to you.

The program is easy to understand and follow. Each concept is explained in an easy to understand, simple manner. No scientific terminology or fancy words are used as they might easily confuse you.

Videos are also included with the book to ease the process and easy to visualize. There are demonstrations and a checklist to assist you in the journey, making it effective and easier.

The overall practice is convenient and two intensive short workouts are recommended for a single week. It works even if you are not taking full-time training sessions or just want to undergo MMA training.

This is a comprehensive program, providing you with all information about conditioning and training and making your body combat-ready. Versatility ensures that different types of people can easily use this product. The straightforward presentation of information makes it extremely easy for beginners.

Of course, it is a great product for MMA fighters, but it is equally good for people who are interested in learning general fitness techniques and to condition their body according to combat training.

You get value for money, personalized training, informative videos, and insightful content developed after years of practice and coaching.

Are there any negatives?

Experts do not lie; Eric has a lot of information to share with aspiring combat fighters, this is a genuinely good product with numerous reviews and users to back it up.

It is a great product with no major drawbacks. It is available in digital format only and no hard copies are provided. if you are a seasoned fighter you already understand the requirements that come with buying this guide.

But if you are a novice like me, it would be great if you have access to some gym or exercise equipment. You will require some basic equipment such as Squat rack, Bench press, Swiss ball, Barbell, and Dumbbells. Although, this is not an issue of panic as this is basic gym equipment that will be easily available in any gym near you.Ultimate MMA Strength And Conditioning Become Physically Fit And Strong


After going through the entire product and as I review it, I understand that this is a unique product. The Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning requires the insight of an expert. It is a great buy!

Ultimate MMA Strength And Conditioning

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