The Emetophobia Recovery System Review: No More Feelings Of Fear?

Emetophobia destructs the lives of those who have it. And due to the limited research, there is still no cure for it. In this review, I’ll discuss the alternative ways of treating this condition and what you can do to stop it from ruining your life.

On emetophobia

The Emetophobia Recovery System

In essence, emetophobia is the fear of vomiting. This rare condition causes an individual to be anxious about vomiting, seeing vomit, vomiting in public, etc. However, if we compare it with other more common fears (such as the fear of flying or heights), emetophobia receives little to no attention. Due to this lack of awareness, people with emetophobia have no one to turn to.

Medical personnel, psychologists, and psychotherapists have no concrete solution to this problem. The thing is, we don’t even know what causes emetophobia. Due to it being an irrational fear, we can’t propose a rational solution for it.

The best possible way of dealing with emetophobia is taking antidepressants or gastrointestinal medication. But these drugs only reduce the symptoms, not stop them. To cure this illness, you have to treat the underlying cause; the problem is, medicine doesn’t know what causes it.

However, just because conventional modern medicine doesn’t have a solution, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any solution. Sometimes you have to search beyond the conventions and tradition!

Overcoming emetophobia

Overcoming emetophobia

Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with this condition on your own. Dr. Cheyl Lane and Rich Presta created a system that deals with emetophobia permanently. They discovered that emetophobia feeds on your emotions, and you need to stop that from happening.

Furthermore, their system doesn’t help you deal with emetophobia or help you cope with it. No, it enables you to remove it from your life for good. Also, their Lane and Presta argue that their system doesn’t need any dangerous treatments or medications. Moreover, they also believe in science and research, not some New Age cure for everything!

They stress out a couple of things:

  • If you have emetophobia, it isn’t your fault. It is your problem, but not your fault. It is something you can’t control. So, for starters, you have let the guilt go!
  • You have to accept this condition as you would any other disease. To think that you can pop a pill and cure this condition is misleading, giving you false promise and only deepening your condition.
  • Last but not least, only you can help yourself. But, that doesn’t mean you won’t receive help. In The Emetophobia Recovery System, you’ll find the tools you’ll use to remove this condition from your life.

What is Emetophobia Recovery System?

the book on emetophobia

The Emetophobia Recovery System is a book that contains methods and techniques for overcoming the fear of vomiting. Created by Rich Presta and Dr. Cheryl Lane, the Emetophobia Recovery System was designed to help people get rid of emetophobia.

Curing emetophobia requires specialization. You have to apply yourself to the condition without judgments or any predispositions to see it as it is. Emetophobia isn’t definitive, technical problem. For instance, if you have a bacteria you just take antibiotics, right?

But what do you with irrational fear? This system will help you figure out yourself, thus helping you understand your fear. And that’s the essence of this system; sensing the condition. Fearing is a process, just as breathing or walking is a process, and it is essential you understand that.

In this book, you learn things like RIDE Technique, Red Sock Relaxation, Ringing Your Own Doorbell, etc. While these techniques seem unfamiliar to you right now, you’ll familiarize yourself with them pretty soon. Just know that these are all mental techniques you’ll use to trick your fear!

What will you find in this book?

What will you find in this book

Here is just a glimpse of what you’ll find and learn in the book:

1. 4- step techniques that will calm your anxiety and fear of vomiting. This is by far the most important technique you’ll practice with this book.

2. You will also understand why you can’t control your fear. Moreover, you’ll learn why you need to let go of control to obtain it!

3. Furthermore, you will observe yourself and watch what is happening to your body. This will require a lot of attention from your side.

4. To overcome emetophobia, you need to reveal your fear. That is, you need to find what you are terrified of. It might be social anxiety; it might be lack of self-esteem of self-respect.

5. Five patterns of thinking you need to avoid. Note that, even if you do follow one of these patterns, don’t try and stop them. Instead, try to avoid them. But never force anything; otherwise, you’ll only give your emetophobia more strength.

6. When you never should try and face your fear! This is just as important as not trying to block your fear. Believe it or not, it is entirely fine and natural to have emetophobia.

7. How to design your personalized plan to overcome emetophobia.

8. How to train your brain using the techniques provided in this system.

9. A lot of other helpful features, techniques and methods.

What will you get if you purchase this product?

What will you get if you purchase this product

The Emetophobia Recovery System is a complete and comprehensive system for treating emetophobia. You are going to approach the condition from all side, thus ensuring the best chances for treating emetophobia. If you buy this product you will get:

1. The Emetophobia Recovery System Manual

This book is a complete guide to overcoming your fear of vomiting. The book will walk you through the system and explain everything you need to know about this condition. Furthermore, you will receive easy to follow instructions on how and when to use techniques provided to you in this manual.

The system focuses on upbringing positive emotions and overcome negative feelings about vomiting.

By practicing these techniques, you will slowly but surely feel your symptoms vanishing. Once you see and feel that the program works, nothing will stop you from banishing this condition out of your existence.

2. An audio version of the system

For those who enjoy listening more than reading, the audio version provides you with the same techniques. It is excellent for people who don’t have time for reading. You can listen to the book on your way to work or a gym. Moreover, it can act as a safety measure from the anxiety or panic attacks. Knowing you have your blood on your smartphone or any other audio player will make you feel a lot more confident in everyday life.

3. The Emetophobia Recovery Audio System (E.R.A.S.™)

The Emetophobia Recovery Audio System (E.R.A.S.™)

Using virtual exposure sessions provided in this guide, you will feel the real progress! You will come back to this guide again and again, feeling stronger and better every time. These three specific audio relaxation techniques work hand in hand with the main book.

Moreover, this guide takes the healing process to another level.

The first track will guide you through the relaxation. If you ever find yourself in a situation where an anxiety attack might occur, just play this track. Trust me; it will calm you down in only a few minutes. Second and third track focus on slowing down your mind.

4. The Emetophobia Mastermind™ Audio Series

As the name suggests, this part consists of mastermind audio editions. Why mastermind? Here, the author (Rich Presta) interviews psychologist and questions their views on emetophobia. These experts treated and cured people who had emetophobia and can help you realize what you are dealing with. You will probably recognize yourself in these interviews, which is a good thing because it will help you understand your condition.

Should you buy it?

The Emetophobia Mastermind™ Audio Series

If you do suffer from this rare condition, you should probably try the system. First of all, you have nothing to lose. The 60-day money back guarantees will ensure that you receive a full refund if you ask for it. If this program isn’t what I promised, and if it doesn’t help you, just ask for your money back.

Furthermore, you have two options. You can order the digital or the physical version of the product. They are entirely the same, but I understand some people might prefer one over the other. In any case, just know that you have these two options to chose from.

There are a lot of positive reviews written about this product, and this one falls into the same category. I do appreciate the fact that people like Rich Presta and Dr. Cheryl Lane are willing to research something that isn’t mainstream or popular. Their work and determination helped a lot of people; maybe it can help you too? But, until you try it you can’t know for sure.

So, if you are still unsure about the product, be sure to check out other reviews. Or just click on the link it will lead you to the official website where you can find every detail about this system. I just hope you will overcome emetophobia and enjoy your life the way you should!

Learn how you can finally get over your fear of vomit, and live a life free of fear – click here to get the Emetophobia Recovery System today!

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