Team Live Lean Review: Become A Member Of This Lean Group

I want to get fit.

Ok, ok, you can’t surprise me with that. Come on, everyone wants to have a great body. But only a minority is ready to actually do something to achieve that.

Now, if you are one of these couch potatoes – then what I’m going to present to you next will 100% not be right for you. Because here is the nasty truth – you have to do something to get the body of Apollo. You can spend days and weeks on searching the right program that will make you slim after you listen to an audio, for example.

But c’est la vie, dear friend. You have to work it. The other thing is that this work can be fun, engaging and as short and quick as it can be.

And this is exactly what Team Live Lean does.

Let’s meet our charming experts.

Brad and Jessica Gouthro.

The number one reason why you start loving these guys is because they are completely honest with you. They admit that you would have to work, but not the boring, usual way. It is not true that you should be killing yourself in the gym or starving in order to achieve some results.

Ain’t nobody wants to live like that!

So true. This is our only life and no one wants to spend surrounded by sweaty men. Or never ever letting himself eat a slice of pizza! Moreover, we are all grown-up people. We all need to make money for our living. Some of us need to bring up their children and so on. We want to find a way to stay fit without spending a giant part of our day on that. We just can’t afford that.

This is what Brad and Jessica Gouthro tell you right away. There is one more thing they like to declare…

Living with abs 365 days is possible!

Just like the statement about living in the gym and not eating tasty food – this phrase is a lie. And these guys are a living proof that it is not just possible to live with great abs all year round. But it is not even that hard to achieve!

You will learn to live lean 365 days a year and never sacrifice the taste of food or life for results. You deserve to eat delicious food rather than plain salads and chicken.

But let’s get back to your abs. Many people believe that it is impossible to maintain a great stomach in winter, for example. But a fat puffy is not really about the season – it is about your attitude.

As soon as you join Team Live Lean, you will be happy to put on a swimming suit and make a selfie of your amazing abs any day of the year! Not just during summer.

Why are we talking about abs so much?

Because this is what became the beginning of Team Live Lean! A soon as Brad and Jessica figured out how to do this trick, they started teaching other lucky people to do the same. Then the perfect couple thought that it would be a great idea to gather all these people with the same interests in one place.

This is exactly how the Team was created. The place where like-minded people support and help each other. People that can enjoy their lean and sexy body all year round. And now you have the chance to join this wonderful Team. This family.

Become A Member Of Team Live Lean Today, And Find Out The Right Habits And Actions To Take To Live Lean!

What are your options?

Brad and Jessica Gouthro have created a whole lot of variations and packages for Team Live Lean. Let’s review some of them.

1. Become A Member Of “Team Live Lean”

This is an either a monthly membership or you can buy a life long membership. Anyway, you will be getting a 4-week long fat blasting workout program. Every week you will be getting new, exclusive cooking videos.

The food you will learn to cook is not only delicious and good for you. It is extremely simple to make with the provided step-by-step guides.

Moreover, you will have virtual access to personal workout logs and to so so much more!

2. Live Lean Afterburn 2.0

This is a unique workout program that is using five different training styles. We all had this thing when we have the last 10 pounds to get rid of. But they always happen to be the hardest ones! This program is designed especially for these last stubborn pounds that have to go fast and forever.

How long will it take? Only 42 days!

This afterburn system consists out of seven components. And each one is crucial for getting that lean and fit body you have been dreaming about. This program is simply like the final touch. The cherry on the cake, if you wish to put it that way 😉

3. Ultimate Live Lean Superpack: Bodyweight Edition

Get this instantly downloadable pack and that can be everything you will ever need! One extremely important thing – this program will help you get THE BODY using only your…bodyweight! No dumbbells or expensive equipment included.

You will be getting a home workout digital DVD program, Team Live Lean cookbook, an eight-week meal plan, an 18-week cardio workout program and so much more.This is a whole journey to the best body ever. A body that will make everyone who sees it wow and that will last for long. Not just one specific season, but all 365 days every year.

This is a whole journey to the best body ever. A body that will make everyone who sees it wow and that will last for long. Not just one specific season, but all 365 days every year.

4. Eat Clean, Live Lean Cookbook System

We all just have to agree that staying fit is much easier if you have the right cooking recipes. And if these recipes are simple, affordable and delicious – then eating healthy can even be fun!

This instant digital download will give you access to more than 200 amazing recipes that you will be looking forward to cook not only for yourself but for your whole family.

By the way, these dishes are not just healthy. They will help you start burning fat even faster than ever before.

5. Live Lean 15 Bodyweight Workout System

I know that it is quite a loud thing to say. But this surely is the most effective fifteen-minute bodyweight workout that you have ever tried! Only think about it – you will be getting seven digital DVDs full of best workouts that you can perform at home.

Only in 15 minutes every day you will be dripping sweat, while your muscles are pumping. All the fat you have will be destroyed. And you will continue burning calories even after you have finished the workout!


This is a great deal for those who want to get the best from Team Live Lean.

You will receive the two hundred amazing, nutritious recipes, grocery lists and meal plans. As well as a 12-week long belly fat afterburn workouts and an ab sculpting digital program. Everything to get that perfect stomach you were dreaming about.

But that is not it! You will also receive an 18-week sprint program for the cardio lovers out there.

7. Live Lean Abs

Yes, the guys like to focus on abdominal workouts. And there certainly is a reason for that.

The abdominal area is one of the hardest places to burn fat from. And Brad and Jessica Gouthro are super professionals. Especially, when it comes to getting the perfect abs.

Besides the ab training secrets, you will also be getting a one-day sample fat burning meal and supplement plan.

Just to see, if this whole meal planning is what you really need in your life (the reviews insist that that certainly is).

8. Live Lean Sprint

This is a section of training that we haven’t tackled enough yet. Yeah, we are talking about sprinting.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or like to think of yourself as a pro. This training video is just right for you.

Simply start from the beginner level and then make your way up to the advanced sprinting workouts.

At the end of the program, you will be running three times faster than at the beginning.


When I said that there is a whole bunch of programs suitable for everyone – I didn’t lie.

Here is one for those fellows that want to specifically work on their muscles. You will be able to build the muscles without adding any fat. Simply follow the engaging workout and the meal plan that is included in the package.

This is your perfect ticket to building beautiful and aesthetic muscles without worrying about looking too big or even fat.

10. And so much more! You have to check the whole list of programs for yourself.

There it is. Everything you have ever needed in your life to get the body of your dreams. And to stay that way for 365 days a year. Team Live Lean has got you covered on this one.

I could have recommended you to have a look at all the amazing reviews, but it looks like in this case the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy.

Get as fit as you possibly can without living in the gym and starving!

Find Out More About Team Live Lean Today – Click Here To See How You Can Become A Member!

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