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Everyone wants to have a fit body.

We all see people on Instagram showcasing their fit bodies and flooding our Instagram feed with mirror selfies. Most of them have amazing figures. We can see a lot of them posting pictures of them working out in the gym, posing with healthy greens, and more.

So, we then decide to improve our fitness because they inspire us. The moment we decide to change our lifestyle and try to be fit is already considered a small success. We just have to build from there, and completely understand the importance of being fit.

Get Fit & Deadly Simultaneously - Tactical Training Programs

Why is it important to be fit?

There are a lot of reasons why it is important to be fit and have a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Proper fitness means you take care of your body well. When you work out often, you tone your muscles properly, strengthen them, and use them constantly. This means people who are working out often are way healthier than those who are not. Our bodies are built to do manual tasks, so being a couch potato isn’t doing your body any good.

Another reason why being fit is important is because a healthy body means a healthy mental hygiene. Being mentally well is as equally important as having a healthy physical body. Our minds are the strongest part of our personalities, and it makes us who we are.

So being physically fit does come with a lot of good stuff. We will basically be living a healthier lifestyle by being fit, and it starts with deciding to just do it today.

However, being fit and having strong muscles are not enough. Along with being fit, we also have to be able to use our developed strength in protecting ourselves.

Get Fit & Deadly Simultaneously - Why is it important to get fit

Why it is important to learn Martial Arts

Being fit and knowing how to protect yourself are two different things. You can be fit but can’t protect yourself. It is important to learn how to channel the strength you have and use it for martial arts because you never know when you will get attacked!

Learn Martial Arts to Protect Yourself

There are many kinds of martial arts that will teach you how to protect yourself. Most of them originate from Asia, particularly in East and Southeast Asia. Examples are Judo, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, etc. You can choose one from the vast varieties of martial arts, and the skills you will learn will help you protect yourself in dire need.

Learn Martial Arts as a Hobby

Having a hobby makes a mentally healthy lifestyle. If you have a lot of time to spare, and you feel like you’re starting to become a couch potato, try out a martial art! There is nothing to lose, and there are a lot of things to gain.

Learn Martial Arts as Additional Skill

Having additional skills puts you ahead of any other person. It boosts your confidence in certain areas of your life, and will definitely make your everyday worth looking forward to. Say you have mastered one of the martial arts, can you imagine how cool you would sound like?

Effective Programs and Guides

On this article, we have curated a couple of effective guides that will help you not only be fit but also teach you some martial arts and some more valuable skills! Check out the guides below that we have tried, proven, and tested!

1. Funk MMA Workouts 

The Funk MMA Workouts is a guide that will wake up the fighter in you. Regular work out routines are nothing compared to the training MMA fighters go through. This guide balances that out and teaches you how MMA fighters work out so you yourself can benefit from it.

There are a lot of things you will learn from this guide. You will learn how to focus on strength and conditioning, improve your cardio and muscle endurance, properly schedule your weekly workouts, and lots more!

Get Fit & Deadly Simultaneously - Funk MMA Workouts

2. MMA QuickStart 

Our second guide called the MMA QuickStart is perfect for learning on your own. It takes you from step 1 to the final step and helps you in your assessment in terms of improvement. This guide is highly recommended by travelers because they can do the workouts and techniques wherever they are in the world.

This guide promises to improve your stamina and endurance and help you become a better version of yourself. It is also a guide that will teach you the quickest way to become your very own martial artist yourself! This is perfect for beginners and amateurs alike.

3. Workouts for Judo 

This Workouts for Judo guide focuses on workout routines by Judo artists. Much like the two previous guides, this one is very effective in terms of teaching you unique techniques and methods.

The guide also comes with a ton of bonuses including advanced workout for Judo, maximum grip training, instructional videos, competition preparation, etc. With the right amount of will and determination, this is the program you will ever need.

So there you go! We hope you found this article helpful. Hopefully, you find one guide from the list that will serve you and teach you well. Let us know in the comments below if you have used one of them!

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