Fatty Liver Diet Guide Review: Is Your Liver Getting Fatty From Food?


Did you know that in the United States alone, one-third of adults have fatty liver disease? If this comes as a shock to you, it is important to note that the majority of people with this illness aren’t even aware that they have it, mostly because it initially doesn’t come with any dramatic signs or symptoms.

Fatty Liver Diet Guide

Some of these symptoms include:

  • Low energy or fatigue
  • Poor appetite
  • Confusion
  • vague abdominal discomfort or pain

As you can see, these are symptoms that could easily be associated with other conditions especially since many of us have all felt tired, low in appetite or even had mild abdominal pain from time to time and thought nothing of it.

What’s more alarming is that at times, there aren’t even any noticeable symptoms in the initial stages, which makes this illness difficult to detect without a proper medical examination.

Fatty liver disease is actually a silent condition that if left untreated, can develop into something life-threatening. It is an illness that many times is only diagnosed once some significant damage has been made.

Conventional treatments for this condition usually involve expensive surgeries and medication, but there are other alternatives available on the market that are better for your health and your wallet.

One of them is Dorothy Spencer’s Fatty Liver Diet Guide, which is an in-depth e-book that offers a more natural approach to healing fatty liver disease.

What is the Fatty Liver Diet Guide?

Fatty Liver Diet Guide

Dorothy Spencer, a veteran hepatology nurse, has developed an excellent and ground-breaking method which is presented in a 122 page PDF book. You can buy and download her e-book directly on her website, but before diving into what her book offers, let’s discuss the 4 steps to Dorothy Spencer’s approach.

Step 1 – Eliminate Liver Destroyers: First off, Dorothy discusses which foods cause damage to your liver, how to remove them from your diet, and how to replace them with better alternatives.

Step 2 – Take Miracle Food To Reverse Fatty Liver: Understanding which food to take and avoid plays a big role in reaching your goals with this diet.  Through this step, you will learn about Dorothy’s scientifically-proven tips on foods, vitamins, and supplements that can reverse fatty liver disease.

Step 3 – Lifestyle Changes: Exercise is addressed here and you get to learn about how physical activity is important to get your liver back into a healthy state. A few exercise plans are even provided in order to get you on the right foot.

Step 4 – Keep It Consistent:   After learning about Dorothy’s process, the final step is to keep it consistent in your daily routine in order to maintain the long-term benefits and continue healing your liver.

These four steps are covered in the following chapters of the PDF e-book:

  • Chapter 1 – The Liver
  • Chapter 2 – Fatty Liver Disease
  • Chapter 3 – Diet and Other Recommendations
  • Chapter 4 –  Alternative Medicine
  • Chapter 5 – Lifestyle Change


What is the Fatty Liver Diet Guide

With just a simple glance at the book’s table of contents, one can easily assume that diet and nutrition will be a central topic in this plan. You could even say that food and nutrition is the actual foundation of this guide.

Dorothy Spencer openly states that fatty liver disease can be easily eliminated without the use of medication or surgery. She claims that the disease can be completely reversed simply by improving your diet, getting plenty of rest, staying hydrated, and making sure you take part in physical activity on a regular basis.

Along with these obvious lifestyle changes, it is also very important to completely cut out alcohol and reduce certain kinds of fats and proteins.

The guide book even comes with meal plans and recipes to help you get into a healthy routine and begin healing your liver. Many times when we think of the word “diet” we don’t usually associate it with delicious or appetizing meals.

If anything, we might not look forward to starting a diet because the thought of salads and plain tasting food will be the first thing that pops into our minds. Surprisingly, Dorothy offers numerous recipes that are delicious and easy to prepare.

You won’t be feeling bored or hungry with these meal plans because they offer variety and taste all at once. To provide you with a clear idea of what to expect, below is a brief list of a few sample recipes:

  • Caribbean shrimp and peas
  • Fried pork strips with greens
  • Roasted chicken with vegetables
  • Fish steak in vegetables
  • Squash soup
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Citrus steamed fillet
  • Tuna noodle casserole

Along with the above-mentioned meals, Dorothy also includes recipes for appetizers, salads, breakfast foods, and desserts. With these personalized meal plans you will be giving your body the nutrients that it needs, and ultimately reverse your fatty liver disease and get back to a more balanced state of health.

What is the Fatty Liver Diet Guide

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Alternative Therapies 

What is the Fatty Liver Diet Guide

Along with nutrition, which is key to healing your liver, Dorothy also goes over alternative therapies which compliment and further your healing process. On chapter 4 you get to learn about all natural methods that offer medicinal value.

Some of those methods include herbal remedies, multivitamin supplements, and even Epsom salt treatments.

The main purpose of these alternative therapies is to help detoxify the liver and help the fat “flush out” more efficiently. This chapter also talks about prescription medication, in the event that one’s fatty liver disease has reached a more advanced state and calls for more urgent help.

No matter what stage of liver disease you are at, this plan caters to each individual’s specific needs, so in a sense, it is highly personalized and not a “one size fits all” approach.

What is the Fatty Liver Diet Guide

User Feedback

Dorothy’s e-book has received various reviews from customers from all walks of life. One particular review from one of her personal patients reads as follows:

What is the Fatty Liver Diet Guide - Testimonial Along with the above-mentioned testimonial, you will be able to read several others on Dorothy’s website. While personally reading through some of them, I was impressed by how many normal, everyday people were able to see results.

Some of which were in different stages of liver disease, ranging from early stage to severe and somewhat life-threatening stages. It is impressive and shocking to see that such a serious health condition can be repaired through dietary and lifestyle changes.

Customer Testimonial

Customer Testimonial

It’s quite impressive how many people have been able to reverse their fatty liver disease without having to rely on modern medicine and pharmaceuticals. To think that so many people each year go into debt or struggle to pay off their medical bills when all that is needed is to follow a special diet.

There is a lot of truth in the saying “let food be your medicine” and I believe that Dorothy’s program teaches people to have a bit more control of their health and heal themselves.

Despite all of the positive reviews and feedback, you will have full money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with Dorothy’s book.

What is the Fatty Liver Diet Guide
The Final Verdict

The Fatty Liver Diet Guide reminds us that when we are ill, we do not always need to rely on prescription medication or expensive procedures in order to cure our ailments. Many times, the cure simply lies in what we are putting into our bodies.

The author of this program, Dorothy Spencer, is a veteran hepatology nurse, medical researcher and health consultant with over ten years of experience. She has extensive knowledge in the field and has worked with a wide variety of patients ranging from those with acute elevations of liver fat to patients with full-blown liver cancer.

What is the Fatty Liver Diet Guide

In her program, she emphasizes the importance of combating fatty liver disease through a more holistic approach. While taking part in the program, you will learn about the anatomy of the liver, what fatty liver disease is, reversing the illness with diet and lifestyle changes, and alternative therapies to heal the liver through more natural means.

Through this program, you are presented with an overall lifestyle change rather than an overnight cure.

At its core, the Fatty Liver Diet Guide is a self-help tool that gives you back control of your health. This program covers detailed, step-by-step instructions that will help fatty liver sufferers get on a proper health plan without meeting any difficulty.

Along with the contents of the book, the author offers customers unlimited 24/7 counseling support in case they have any problem with the product. As an added side note, if you are not completely satisfied with the product, there is a full money back guarantee.

With such excellent content and a long list of satisfied testimonials on the product site, it’s clear to see that the Fatty Liver Diet Guide is an excellent option for those who want to recover their liver health and their overall health as well.

So what are you waiting for?

What is the Fatty Liver Diet Guide

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