Fat Shrinking Signal Review: How To Activate Your Fat Shrinking

With age comes wisdom. Unfortunately for many, it also comes with stubborn fat in your belly, hips and upper arms.

Today we shall review a program that makes a hefty guarantee. Slim, shape, sculpt and shred your way to your ideal body with only ten-minute exercise routines.

The name of the program is the Fat Shrinking Signal™. Derek Wahler is the program’s creator. Before we analyze his program lets find out who he is.

Who is Derek Wahler?

Derek Wahler

Derek Wahler is a certified personal trainer. He is also a certified turbulence trainer, a fat loss specialist and an eminent public speaker. Those who know him well or have worked with him call him the “weight loss whisperer.”

Derek, in his roles as a personal trainer, made an observation. It had to do with his clients aged thirty years and older. They were exercising religiously and painstakingly watching what they ate. Regardless, they were putting on weight instead of losing it.

Reviews of their habits revealed a sneaky culprit. A hormonal defect that results in leptin resistance.

What is Leptin Resistance?

The body is made up of various groups of cells. One group of those cells are fat cells. Fat cells produce approximately twenty hormones. One of those hormones is leptin.

Leptin controls appetite. It does this by regulating caloric intake and energy production. It lets the brain know when you are hungry or when you are full. Its ultimate goal is to prevent overheating or starvation. Consequently, it is key to weight loss and healthy weight management.

The more fat cells you have, the more leptin you have. When you lose weight, leptin doesn’t always get the message. This is called leptin resistance. Leptin resistance occurs when the brain does not get the correct satiety signal. It thinks you are hungry when you are full. This makes you eat more than you should.

In addition, it reduces the amount of energy you expend. Fat is metabolized by the body to create energy. The brain thinks you do not require a lot of energy so it burns less fat.

Testing for Leptin Resistance

Testing for Leptin Resistance

According to Derek, most people are leptin resistant. He shares a quick simple test. It involves a mirror, your two hands, and a bathroom.

Stand in front of a mirror. Place your hands on your belly and grab. Did you grab anything? If you did, that’s fat. That is confirmation of leptin resistance.

Of course, if you are a stereotypical couch potato this test does not apply to you.

Hormones run every activity in the body. For the foreseeable future, the body is the only vessel within which man can exist. Therefore, it makes sense to ensure that what makes the body works, should be the target of a health and wellness program.

This is the goal of the Fat Shrinking Signal™ program.

Fat Shrinking Signal™

Fat Shrinking Signal™

The Fat Shrinking Signal™ program is a twenty-one day targeted body slimming, shaping, sculpting and shredding weight loss and weight management system. It is designed for both men and women. Its goal is to restore optimal fat burning hormonal functionality.

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What makes this program different?


When you compare it to other programs of its kind, this program has some unique features. Reviews indicate that those features are what has made this program so popular and highly successful. Those features are highlighted below.


The first difference relates to exercise. It turns out, that exercise can be too much of a good thing.

Excessive strenuous exercise puts a lot of strain and stress on the body. In the process, the cells of the body get damaged. The body is designed to heal itself. It does this through the release of inflammation atoms. As the inflammation atoms work, they make the belly appear swollen.

The exercises in the workout routines advocated by this program will not leave you sore for days or practically hobbled because your joints are in so much pain. In addition, the exercises are quick and heavy lifting is banned.


The second difference relates to nutrition. You must admit, a majority of the diets work. When you are on them. Stop the diet and the weight comes creeping back.

Diets have undeniable drawbacks. They are boring, require a lot of commitment and you must stay on them. Commitment is hard to come by.

In this program, there is no dieting or calorie counting. You also say goodbye to detox juices and cleanses. Apparently, even though they result in weight loss, they also eat up lean muscle. You end up “skinny fat ” as opposed to skinny lean and toned.

To get the hormones back on track burning fat instead of hoarding it, this program uses an exercise technique called Dynamic Activation Training™.

Dynamic Activation Training ™


Dynamic Activation Training ™ is a done-for-you exercise program. It is ideal for the following reasons.

  • The exercise plan is simple and easy to follow.
  • The exercise routines only require ten minutes of your time each day.
  • Exercises are designed to be effective without causing soreness or joint issues.
  • Starvation diets are not part of the program
  • The program is customizable.
  • Restores hormonal balance
  • Starts to shrink fat cells immediately
  • Naturally reverses diseases such as heart hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes
  • The program works for people of any age and current physical ability.

How the Fat Shrinking Signal™ Program Works?


A weight loss and weight management program that targets hormonal imbalance and seeks to avoid strenuous exercise has to be carefully put together. this program is no exception.

The program is designed to slim, shape, sculpt and shred the body. Below is a sample of how it accomplishes each of those tasks.

Body Slimming

When you begin a workout routine, you want to see immediate results. This first workout is referred to as the total body burn. Its function is to turn on the fat shrinking signal. This leaves the body with no doubt that it needs to begin releasing stored fat.

The exercises in this group allow you to start seeing a flat belly from day one.

Body Shaping

The second workout ensures the brain gets and communicates the right signal to the body. This workout routine is called ‘shock your system.’ It is made up of exclusive total body shaping movements.

Those specially selected movements release fat -fighting hormones from five key body areas. For maximum effectiveness, those five areas have to be activated simultaneously. The routines in this program ensure that it happens.

The exercises in this group target fat around the heart, belly, thighs, and arms.

Body Sculpting

The third workout routine is called the firecracker. This exercise routine triggers the body to initiate a fat flush. This routine is combined with a waist whittler that targets love handles. Also included is a routine that frees enzymes relating to aging.

Body Shredding

The fourth workout is all about accelerated fat burning. It includes an exercise routine called the fire burner.

This exercise routine burns calories long after the workout is complete. This boost is calorie burn reduces high blood pressure and heart hypertension.

Program Tips and Techniques

You will learn numerous tips and techniques when you buy the Fat Shrinking Signal™ program. Some of them include the following.

  • How to lose ten pounds in fourteen days
  • A four-minute belly fat reducing routine.
  • A forty-second activity that activates your metabolism
  • How to tone your legs and derrière with an exercise that Beyonce uses.
  • Restore hormonal balance to resume fat loss and reduce stress fat accumulation.
  • One exercise movement that targets the abs, chest, shoulders, core, and the back of the arms all at the same time.
  • A cardio routine that Jennifer Lopez uses.
  • How to turn on anti-aging hormones to shave years off your current look.

Money Back Guarantee

The Fat Shrinking Signal™ program comes with three result oriented guarantees.

The first is anybody can do it.

The second is that you will see results quickly.

The third and final guarantee is that you’ll have fun and stay motivated.

If you try the program and the results come up short, a refund is available. The program comes with a sixty-day money back guarantee. No questions asked. Refund requests must be submitted via email.


Looking for a quick fix? This program is not for you. This program requires you to put forth some effort. That being said, the effort required is minimal. That is when you compare it to other exercise programs. Everything is done for you in this digital program. You just have to pick the day you wish to begin.


This program makes your workouts effective and quick. It works great for those with busy schedules. In addition, by targeting the hormones, the body is roped into working towards your goals instead of against them.

A healthy lifestyle must involve exercise. Exercise should not harm the body. This program presents an efficient and effective workout program that targets stubborn fat and leaves you healthy. It allows you to reach your health and weight goals without needless pain and aches.

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