Curve Ball Effect Total Body Review: Lose Body Fat In 30 Seconds?

We all have that one pair of jeans whose button is acting stubborn; it just cannot and does not want to slip through the hole on the other side. Trying to look down to fit it in is also a problem. Your tummy seems to be in cahoots with the clothes; it cannot let you see your waistline.

Having read countless reviews online, many people have resorted to dieting and exercise. While this might work for some, there comes a certain age where no amount of dieting or exercise will shear off that belly fat.

Fat accumulates around your tummy

Dr. Kathryn Harney, a certified nutritionist, and fat loss specialist insists that this buildup of fat around your middle is mainly due to hidden deep fat genetic switch. This causes rapid fat accumulation regardless of what you do to combat it.

In this review, we look at her breakthrough fat loss technique known as the Curve Ball Effect Total Body. Like a master switch, this technique turns off this hidden genetic disorder. Now watch your waistline turn the clock back to your twenties.

How come you cannot drop that extra weight despite the extensive workouts?

If you happen to have a thick layer of fat around your belly, thighs, and buttocks, a steady work out routine is your go-to solution. And this does seem a good idea. You hit the gym and feel the burn in your muscles, drawing the conclusion that the fat is being trimmed off.

After a while, however, the mirror and weighing scale let you know different. This frustration can lead to either increased working out or to a loss of faith in your routine. Either way, this can be detrimental to your health.

So why isn’t the fat wave receding?

jeans cannot fit because fat won't go away

Dr. Harney says that this is because of physical homeostasis. Now, I’m not about to launch into the complex biology of this complicated sounding word. A few key aspects of the phenomenon should suffice in pointing out why your fat just won’t go.

Homeostasis, in the simplest terms, is the body’s ability to maintain the state that it is in. From your mid-30s onwards, physical homeostasis kicks in after a few sessions of your workout. If you stick to the routine of your exercise, the body – fat cells in particular – figure out a way to stay the same.

This means that no matter how hard you commit to your exercise routine, the fat just won’t melt off because the body has found a way of coping with all that vigorous exercise. So after a while of doing the same exercise, sets, and reps, the body will stop progressing because, in effect, it has figured you out.

Only the Curve Ball Effect Total Body can come to your rescue now.

How did Dr. Kathryn Harney land on this effective method to shrink fat?

Though she is now an expert on the subject and leading by example, the good doctor did not always have a slim and fit figure with which to show her clients that the method was effective.

While at the end of her doctorate studies at the University of Illinois, she realized that her hips struggled to fit through her favorite pair of jeans. A quick glance into the mirror showed her the ungainly sight of her tummy forming a muffin top.

It was puzzling, though. She was doing everything that her fitness expert was telling her. She was eating right, exercising regularly but the apparent sudden onset of overweightedness was a mystery that was doing her mind in.

The weight is never seems to reduce after a while

Frantically, she struggled with the jeans, popping the zipper in the process. In the end, she had to wear an oversized sweater to cover up her wardrobe mishap. Throughout the evening, she felt repulsive, frequenting the bathroom to hide her tears.

At the end of it all, she had one thought; something had to change, and fast!

She exercised more, spending more time on the treadmill and eating less. It felt worse, but like the saying goes; no pain, no gain.

Most disappointingly, however, she only lost 2 pounds of water weight after this intensive 2-week routine. The frustration boiled over and she ended up calling her husband, in tears.

A former wrestler, he let her in on a 30-second fat burning technique he used in his competition days. It was a technique he acquired from his trainer, used only by the athletes that needed to lose weight extremely quickly.

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So, what does this fat melting trick entail?

This trick under review is the Curve Ball Effect Total Body. With this system, men and women who are tired of slogging through gruesome and exhausting workouts and restrictive diets can finally have a breather.

curve ball effect total body

This technique, lasting 2 weeks, starts showing body tightening and toning results in 30 seconds. And the best part about it is that these results are significant and long-lasting. Dr. Harney has structured the program into three phases spread over a fortnight to enable you to achieve your fat loss goals effectively.

A.    Phase 1

The first phase of this revolutionary weight loss technique focuses on turning off the genetic deep fat switch that we talked about earlier. All this is done with the intention of coaxing your body into presenting a flatter and firmer belly from the outset.

In this phase, lasting the first 4 workouts, you will reverse the physical homeostasis by using total body movements. These instantly activate and shock your stubborn fat cells, leading your tummy to shed all that excess deep fat being packed in there.

Exclusive to the Curve Ball Effect Total Body, you’ll discover movements that activate your metabolism through thermogenesis, which forces your body to burn up belly fat for the next 96 hours. The secret Master Switch system will eliminate bloat from your belly.

B.     Phase 2

In the second phase, this program turns on your Master Fat Targeting Switch. What this does is to instantly release the fat that is stored around your legs, thighs, and butt.

Curve Ball Effect Total Body shows results instantly

Commencing on workout day 5 till day 9, this turns on the fat shrinking effect, allowing these trouble areas to release the fat that has been dumped on them over the years. Throughout the phase, you will see the legs, thighs, and butt tighten up.

The unique 30-second movements will shave off your love handles in minutes, making you feel thinner in days. Since these movements engage numerous muscles across the body, you will feel thinner within 24 hours. And all this without the stress of intensive workouts.

C.    Phase 3

The third phase is all about the permanent fat meltdown. In this section of the program, you will triple your fat loss, ensuring that you eliminate all your trouble fat zones forever.

From workout day 10 to 14, the program will immensely lift your rate of metabolism. The 30-second movements, lasting only 20 minutes a day, will drive the body to use up its fat reserves for a nonstop period of 48 hours.

At the end of it all, you will have lost a massive amount of unwanted body fat. This will leave you looking thinner and feeling better about the appearance of your body.

Lose all the fat to look and feel good and thinner

What makes this fat loss approach so awesome?

Very few weight loss programs can claim to have the ability to have an effect on all parts of the body and do so in a very rapid manner.

Curve Ball Effect Total Body, on the other hand, manipulates the entire body with full body movements that cause the trouble fat zones to be in a constant state of shock. In this way, the body cannot call on the physical homeostasis to make the fat cells adapt.

A number of aspects of this approach set it above the others.

  • This fat loss approach stimulates, tones and tightens the entire body so that you see the results that you desire. After engaging the entire body ineffective movements, this program also ensures that there is adequate resting to ensure biological balance. One session will still be effective after 48 hours.
  • This program has the ability to make you stay motivated, doing so effortlessly. This is because the sessions do not last long and are not exhausting. There is also the added advantage that, after a short time, you can see visible results, which spurs you on.

Curve Ball Effect Total Body works quick

  • One of the best things about this approach to fat loss is that it does not require steel weights. It only needs your body weight. This means that you can do it anywhere. A 20-minute break at the office is enough for you to squeeze in a highly effective workout.
  • The use of equipment and weights in other kinds of weight loss programs blinds many to the fact that you can use your own body weight in a variety of ways. Curve Ball Effect Total Body encourages this and the results are always fantastic to observe. And you have fun while doing it because there is no routine of several repetitions and sets.

So, to conclude…

If you have those pockets of deep fat around your tummy, legs, thighs, and butt, it is high time you tried out Dr. Kathryn Harney’s Curve Ball Effect Total Body. Reviews from her clients show that they have not been disappointed. Buy it and you’ll enjoy doing it because it is not exhausting and you see results in a pretty short amount of time.

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