Children Learning Reading Review: The Best Lessons For Your Kids?

When Evelyn was two years of age, I discovered something not many moms like me would.

I discovered my child’s inherent potential, and how I could nurture it at such a young age.

My sister gifted me a well-known program called Children Learning Reading, and it changed our lives.

Reading difficulties as a kid

Children Learning Reading

When I was six or seven, I remember how embarrassing it was for me to accompany my mother to meet the teacher every month.

Those ten or fifteen minutes of parent-teacher conversation was a nightmare for me, as it would all be about how poorly I fared in class, especially about my reading.

My mother could not do anything except helplessly listen to my teacher’s words.

She had tried everything, from sitting beside me and helping me with my studies, to enrolling me for expensive language lessons.

None of her efforts showed any improvements, and I was always termed the “slow learner” at school.

The humiliation that came with not being able to read fluently was too much for me to take.

The embarrassment created in me a deep sense of shame and guilt I could not put into words.

Slowly, this deep-seated shame and embarrassment developed into a lowered sense of self-esteem in my later years.

Why reading abilities are extremely important

Why reading abilities are extremely important

Everything in today’s world needs a fair knowledge in reading and writing.

Everyday experiences such as reading traffic signs, following instructions on the back of a product, reading warning signs, etc. do require a fair ability to read, without which even common experiences might prove hard to face.

If one has to survive the world well, it is imperative that he finds a good job. Good jobs do ask for good reading skills, and it is an indicator of the individual’s intellect.

There is enough known about how reading develops the mind, and how it helps broaden perspective.

Reading can help improve one’s imagination and develop the creative abilities of an individual.

It enhances the ability of an individual to think outside the box and to engage in creative thoughts.

It is common to see poor readers like me, suffer from self-image and self-esteem issues right from a very young age.

The lack of ability to read fluently causes their intellect to get hampered and is a definite barrier for intellectual stimulation.

Good reading gives way to good writing skills and good writing skills can change the way one looks at the world.

All in all, good reading abilities form an inherent part of the overall development of an individual and are essential if the individual has to lead a fulfilled life.

Our experience with the Children Learning Reading Program

Our experience with the Children Learning Reading Program

At first, when we heard about this program we were skeptical.

How can a toddler, all of two and a half years, pronounce words and syllables with such ease and confidence?

The kid must be really smart or have had really smart parents at least.

But as we saw videos and reviews of several parents beaming with pride and satisfaction seeing their little one making progress, we couldn’t help imagine how it would be if we introduced Evelyn to this program.

We still were not very sure if it would really work, but there was nothing wrong in giving it a try.

So we decided to buy the program, and we are so glad we did. This review is to help you as a parent, make the right choice.

The Children Learning Reading program is a very cleverly designed program to help ease the way in which we teach language to kids at school.

Most of the methods used at schools tend to complicate teaching of words and syllables.

This genius method hits the right chord and makes sure reading is not as difficult as it seems.

Click here to get the Children Learning Reading course and you’ll have the best resource out there for teaching your kids vital skills!

Evelyn’s steady progress

Evelyn’s steady progress

When we started this program for Evelyn, she was two years and one month old.

We can’t but be amazed at the wonderful progress she has shown over a couple of months. It has been amazing!

In just 12 weeks of lessons, the progress was so remarkable that everyone that ever came across this amazing ability of Evelyn could not help be amazed at her progress.

We taught Evelyn each lesson slowly until she was perfect with everything related to it.

In the beginning, the progress seemed a little slow, but after 2 weeks; Evelyn started catching up, and was far ahead.

In sixteen weeks’ time, she was through Stage one and this has been our big moment of pride for now.

Evelyn is now 3 years old, and she can read an entire book to herself.

We would read to her every night earlier, but now she comes to us with her storybook every night and reads it out to us aloud. We have to pretend that we have fallen asleep; else she will not stop reading!

The feeling of pride and accomplishment a mother feels seeing her child progress well, beyond the scope of words. It is an experience that can only be experienced.

I can’t wait to send her to kindergarten next year, to hear her teacher’s praise and see her progress.

Our friends and family are delighted to hear her read so fluently, and have been in awe of this program.

Some of my friends and family have already purchased this program, and have started training their little ones too!

What’s in the box?

Evelyn’s steady progress

The program contains 50 step by step lessons to help your child start slowly, building pace along the way.

Stage one comprises of the Foundation Building Stage that deals with the basic code.

This stage sets a firm foundation for your little star and makes sure he is building his abilities on a strong base.

Stage two comprises of the Advanced Learning Stage which involves working with complex code.

All the modules in this course require full participation by the parent.

The parent should be ready to devote ten to fifteen minutes a day for this program. And work through the step by step reading lessons with the child.

Along with this course, the author offers seven bonuses to make this purchase a deal to remember.

I was lucky to receive these bonuses, as they are however part of a limited period offer.

The bonuses comprise of Stage 1 and Stage 2 lesson stories with colorful illustrations to help make the reading experience as fun and engaging as possible.

The bonuses also include letter sound and MP3 audio clips which demonstrate how to pronounce the sounds taught in the audio program.

Along with the above items, it also contains books on the most common sight words and children’s favorite nursery rhymes.

Along with all of this, the author promises a lifetime access to program updates and twelve full weeks of one on one support.

Why you should try this too

Evelyn’s steady progress

If you are a parent, I would assume that the foremost thing that you would want for your child would be to see him or her happy.

When a child grows, his or her happiness depends on a deep sense of worth felt for the self.

If your child turns out to be a poor communicator like me in my younger days, you would most likely see your child harbor deep sense of shame and guilt for not being able to prove his abilities to the world.

This deep seated pain can be a cause for further confidence issues down the line, and can hamper progress in every aspect of your child’s life.

If you want to see your child flourish, and help others flourish, you must work to ensure that his all- round development starts at a very young age.

Children learn and absorb a lot during their toddler years. It is best that their brains are nurtured in the best way possible in these years.

Good and fluent reading skills can only help boost your child’s confidence in the self and in his abilities, and this is a very much essential foundation in order to live a fulfilled existence.

Pros and Cons

Below listed are some of the carefully weighed pros and cons of this program with the hope that it would help you make a better choice.


  • Brilliantly devised program
  • Makes learning fun and easy
  • Makes for great parents and children bonding
  • Ensures the child develops great reading skills in a definite period of time
  • Sets a foundation for overall development of personality of the child
  • Great for the price
  • Provides several value added bonuses
  • Twelve full weeks of one on one support
  • Lifetime access to program updates


  • Is a paid program
  • Needs at least 15 minutes of your undivided time and attention
  • Needs time to show results


Evelyn’s steady progress - Summary

Poor reading ability and inadequate literacy skills can lead to overall reduced opportunities for your child in the long run.

Having no skills can equate to having no future in this big, bad world.

Most of the language learning methods cost a fortune. And mostly focus on the poor whole language based teaching using the memorization of sight words.

The Children Learning Reading program is a simple, powerful and proven program to help your child nurture the immense abilities he/she has come gifted with.

If you are not satisfied, have a look at the thousands of reviews attesting the efficiency of this program.

So come, join the family of thousands of proud parents around the world, and help your child grow.

Your child will thank you later in life.

If you want your children to have the best education out there, click here to get Children Learning Reading today!

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