Are Bodyweight Exercises Enough To Get Lean or Even Ripped?

Not each wants to (or even can) use machines or barbells – so the only option left is some body weight exercises. What most people don’t know is – there are hundreds or even THOUSANDS of different exercises; designed to fully train each and every muscle in your entire body.

You don’t need machines to get lean, or to get ripped – simple bodyweight exercises can do the trick, in a natural way. You WILL need a proper course to learn how. There’s a lot of subtle movements and angles you need to hit to make sure you get the best results – and prevent injuries – when you do bodyweight exercises. The guides below will show you how. Let’s go over the guides and what makes them so good:

1. Bodyweight Surge

If you are like me, then you are wondering even how that is so possible for sure. Yes, at first all I knew is that without the machines, I can not have a complete bodyweight surge. I, later on, came across this guide and for sure it teaches me a lot. Briefly, let me share the reasons as to why I prefer this guide.

Are Bodyweight Exercises

First, It is a neutral guide in term of gender. So if you are wondering if it is only for men and what ladies need to do. It means that my wife and I are able to use the guide at home to make sure that we stay fit all through.

Second, the guide comes with a 14 days workout plan. It is a plan that went through research and findings received. The findings state that we lose more when we take 14 days to exercise without machines. So it is a guide based on facts and not just mere thoughts of people.

Lastly, the program comes with detailed nutritional manual. You agree with me that we always workout but no clue when it comes to the diet needed. So if you fall into that category, this is the best guide for you to embrace.

2. Bodyweight Bundle

Mr. Ryan, the creator of this program shares the experience he went through a corporate guy. Probably just sitting there from morning to evening, eating junk. And what is the end goal? You become puffed up for sure. So I like this guide on the basis of the creator. Him sharing the personal struggles and tips makes it more real than ever before.

The program comes in two main formats which makes everything beautiful for sure. I am so much into the videos and thus it is easy to follow some guide available in video form. If you are like me, then this is the best option for you. For those who love books, worry not. The guide comes in pdf format as well.

The guide is basically a collection of many body challenges that when you implement them fully, then the chances of staying fit are so high. If you desire to get those 6 packs, then this is here for you.

The tips, tricks and different kinds of exercises available make the entire guide a special one. It is something that when using never disappoints for sure. All the corporate guys, this is for you.

 3. Bodyweight Exercise Revolution

If you want to understand the flaws of fitness, then you need to focus here. It is a guide made to help you find a solution to those hard questions that you keep wrestling with. I personally say that I keep learning a lot from the guide especially on the dos and don’ts.

The guide gives a clear understanding of what body exercises are with the benefits of having them. So if you are green when it comes to fitness, then Bodyweight Exercise Revolution is a tool to hold on firmly.

Talking about the muscle building, the daily routine workouts and so on, then the guide gives all necessary information. Learning to structure a guide that is totally effective I must say is a challenge to many for sure. I am glad however that this is an opportunity for you to be better.

There are also different programs designed to help you with the body exercises. With a pool of option to select, I do think it becomes a good alternative as well. Finally, there are many bonus products and guides that come with this program. I love free extra things and anytime, they do excite me.

Workouts for When You Are Feeling Lazy

You know what I am talking about, yes, feeling lazy. Probably you keep working late, get home late, wake up and repeat the cycle again. So chance is that you get very little time for yourself. If that best describes you, then this guide is best for you.

Workouts for When You Are Feeling Lazy

I like how it has different simple and short exercises that when you follow keenly, the results are amazing. It means that the exercises in this guide are doable through lunch breaks or just before leaving home. The flexibility makes the entire program unique. However, the results are amazing since the entire body exercise.

In conclusion

There is no excuse for not working out and staying fit all through. Let not the equipment be an excuse for the bad shaped body. It is an opportunity to must embrace and become better all through. Just make sure to go through all of the guides and weigh which best suits your needs. From there, you are good to go and keep grinding.



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