14 Day Perfect Booty Review: Are You Getting Rid Of Your Cellulite?

How “14 Day Perfect Booty” Helped Me Achieve A Perfect Booty

My Story

I love going to the beach wearing my cutest bikinis to show off my sexy body. I loved going to the gym and joining swimsuit competitions. But, I had a problem keeping my butt on shape. People have always commented that my butt was out of shape and that I need to focus working out for my butt.

It was always hard for me to work out and focus on squats and other exercises to tone my booty. I noticed that there were cellulites on my butt that are hard to get rid of.

Personal Training at a Gym

I started to go to the gym and talk to my gym instructor. I tried following tutorials online. I even changed my diet and undergo health programs but nothing seemed to help me. I wasted my money on methods that never seem to work. Not only that, I also wasted so much time on things that never got me the results I wanted.

I’ve always lost my confidence when I join swimsuit competitions and I don’t win just because other competitors have more toned butt than I have. I started wanting to give up on joining these competitions. I was so disappointed that nothing seemed to work for me.

I wanted to know what was wrong, if it was my lifestyle or my diet. I really tried everything. But I decided that I won’t give up. I will find the reason why none of the methods I tried seemed to work.

The Wrong Methods

I researched on health, workouts, diets, and interviewed people who were in the same situation as I was. If you’re in the same case as  I was, read these things I found out why I have been using the wrong methods all along:

Genetics play a role why you’re not getting the booty that you want

If you were born to a family with small body frames, then it’s most likely that you will have a tough time getting your booty be big and round-shaped.

Squats and other workouts are not enough

Yes, squats will help you sculpt your booty but we must remember that this is not enough and there are many other factors that help in shaping your booty.

Activate your glutes in everyday life

Your butt workouts shouldn’t be left only at your gym sessions. You must be able to use your glutes everyday like choosing to use the stairs to go up or down a floor.

You don’t workout enough

You should work out your butt enough to fatigue. You should work out until you feel fatigue on your butt. You should also increase intensity of your exercises so that your booty will grow.

Woman drinking water

You don’t use a variety of butt exercises.

You should do repetitions of different exercises so that all butt muscles will work.

You’re not resting enough.

Muscles need to recover and repair themselves so they can grow bigger and healthier. In the same way, you should give your butt muscles rest a day or two after an intense workout.

You’re using the wrong methods to sculpt your butt

You might be doing the wrong program for your workouts and diets. What program worked for me and will most probably work for anyone? Read on and find out.

Workout Examples

On my workouts I have been trying different exercises to allow all my butt muscles to work to be toned and firm. Here are examples of exercises I regularly do:

  • Single-Leg Glute Bridge: Lie on your back, bend your knees and soles of your feet. Extend your other leg. Squeeze your glute while pushing your hips upwards, as high as you can. Repeat without touching the ground. Do this in 10 reps.
  • Hydrants with Leg Extension: Face the floor with your knees to the ground and your palms facing the floor. Keep a 90-degree angle on your bent knee, then extend and raise a leg to the side. Bring your bent knee back to the starting position. Do this in 15-30 reps.
  • Rainbows: Face the floor and bring your knees to the ground with your palms on the floor. Point your toe as you extend a leg towards the ceiling. Slowly lower a leg and tap the floor. Squeeze your butt as you extend or lift your leg back to the original position. Do this in 30 reps.
  • Curtsy Lunges: Stand upright with your feet apart and your hands pressed together at your chest. Step your left or right leg diagonally behind. Bend both of your knees in a 90-degree angle. Keep your knees behind your toes. Do this again with your other leg in front of you. Do this in 30-40 reps.
  • Heel-Lifted Sumo Squat: Stand upright with your feet widely apart and toes pointed forward. Lift your left or right heel. Then, lower your hips back while lowering your butt toward the floor. Keep your knees behind your toes and use your core to balance yourself. Do this in 50 reps.
  • Bear Plank Leg Lifts: Assume a planking position. Keep your shoulders above your weist and make sure your body is in a straight line between top of your head and your heels. Lift your right or left left and bend your knee in a 90-degree angle. Bring your heel toward your butt. Flex your foot then squeeze your glutes as you raise your right heel up to the ceiling. Do this in 10-20 reps.

In working out, we should trust the process and really fix our mindset. If you want your booty to be firm, you have to tell yourself everyday that the things you do will get you the booty that you wanted.


Workout is not Enough

The next thing I did when I knew that workout wasn’t enough, I researched for programs, reviews, and methods that are available and have been known to be effective. Then, I stumbled upon the 14 Day Perfect Booty Guide. It has a PDF file and a video library to reinforce the reading material. It gave me an idea what I have been doing wrong. I found out what food I should avoid as well as food I should eat to achieve my goals.

Perfect Booty In Such A Low Price

For only $15, I was really able to get the perfect booty I wanted for only 14 days! The Video Library really instructed workouts that focused on making the butt firm. I loved how the exercises and the instructions were really easy to do. All the reviews I’ve read about this one was true! One review by a customer said that gym memberships were really costly and this one only costed $15 which was a real bargain! Another review said that it really gives you the right mindset to get that perfect booty!

When I first read the PDF, I hesitated if the methods provided would even work because it was really simple and it was really easy to read. When I read further, it even instructed what kind of diet I should be in. I had so much doubts on this because 14 days is such a short time. I have been in the gym for a long time and it didn’t help me achieve the firm butt I wanted. What I did then was just carefully and religiously followed the routines indicated and just waited to see the results.

After 14 days of following the routines, I was so surprised at the results! I know have that round, firm, and big booty!

This Product Will Help You Achieve Your Booty Goals

The videos were guided by Alli Kerr, a women’s fitness expert. She really tailor-fitted the exercises to be for women. This product effectively claims to let you achieve that perfect booty in 14 days. It also effectively claimed that it has been proven and tested with women who has different butt genetics.

I doubted how a 12 minute workout will help me achieve my butt goals. But, I just decided to follow these workouts everyday. I was surprised how each 12 minute workout was really intense and it really hurt my butt muscles. I knew then that these exercises will help me achieve my goal.

I do have a flat spine and it was always a problem for me. But the workouts in the videos really helped me have that healthy curved spine.

Woman in black bikini

It should already be a no-brainer for one to not buy the 14 Day Perfect Booty Program. It already is a complete package.

They even sent me freebies! They also sent me products called the Booty Blast and Yoga Booty Flow! These educational videos also helped me maintain my firm butt! They really were great exercise materials.

Tailor-fitted Butt Program Just For You!

Another thing that was great in these products were that I didn’t need equipment to do the exercises. I didn’t have to buy other things and I didn’t have to go to the gym. I even cancelled my gym membership because I was already getting the results I wanted!

Woman Stretching-Outdoor

I also learned from the videos what I have been doing wrong in my workouts. I learned that rest is also vital for the growth of my butt.

The exercises were for both the young and old. They were all designed to suit almost all ages who wants to have a firm butt. Age in this program wasn’t a factor whether you were 14 or 83, this program was made to be suitable for you.

The videos and PDF of this program really works as it helps you look younger with a firm butt! It was designed for women specifically and to make them look younger with their strong and rounded booty. And for my lifestyle, I didn’t have room to have a saggy butt. I was desperate to find the solution and I finally found it!

Go On And Show Off That Perfect Booty!

In just 14 days, I was able to achieve the perfect butt. I was then again ready to show off my firm and young-looking body when I wear my swimsuit. I can now show off this perfect booty. I was able to do all the things I wasn’t doing in my workouts correctly. I was able to tone and shape my spine. I also learned what diet to choose. All thanks to this program!

Summer Exposure To The Sun Sexy Holiday Bikini

So what are you waiting for? Don’t waste your time and money on gym memberships, diets, workouts, and programs which won’t work for you! Go ahead and purchase a copy of the 14 Day Perfect Booty today!

If You Want To Restore Your Perfect Booty Back To How Good It Used To Be (Or Even Better!), Click Here To Get The 14 Day Perfect Booty System And Get Just That!

14 Day Perfect Booty Review: Are You Getting Rid Of Your Cellulite?
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