Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review: How Safe Is This System For Fat Loss?

Lose fat, not weight!

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet


I feel rather obligated to explain, or at least try to explain the difference between fat loss and weight loss.

Indeed, it is not uncommon for us to assimilate similar terms that may seem identical, but are completely different. And the difference is very simple: fat loss is good, weight loss is bad. Note that this is only my personal opinion. But the way I look at it, it is fat we all dislike and want to get rid off.

Fat is ugly, unhealthy and pretty much useless. The only time you would benefit from the extra fat that inhabits your thighs and belly is when you would find yourself stranded in some remotely cold area of the Earth. That way your body would use fat as a source of energy because that’s what fat is; unused energy.

Why can weight loss be dangerous?

Why can weight loss be dangerous


Firstly, I would like to point out that weight loss isn’t necessarily a bad thing. On the contrary, it can be a good thing for people who actually have the extra weight they want to get rid off. But this is rarely the case.

More often people just want to lose fat, but don’t realize it. They search for weight loss programs and diets as if there is no difference between weight and fat loss. And what do they get? Well, here are several reasons why weight loss can be dangerous.

  1. Muscle mass loss. One of the greatest downsides of weight loss is muscle loss. In fact, this is what most people want to build up, not lose!
  2. Water loss. This goes hand in hand with muscle loss. Our muscles contain a lot of water (around 75%) and losing muscle mass simply translates into water loss. For comparison, fat contains only 10% of water, so losing fat is highly recommended.
  3. Metabolism disorder. Most diets are rather strict in terms of what you can and cannot it. Moreover, they forbid the consumption of foods that are actually healthy for you, thinking that if you stop eating it will result in fat loss. This rarely happens and often times backfires

I could go on with this list, but this review is more about solutions rather than the problems.

Why our bodies hate strict diets?

Why our bodies hate strict diets

“Calories”, a word that simply cannot be avoided, anywhere. People mystify calories as if calories are demons that stick fat at our bodies. So, allow me to demystify it.

A calorie is nothing more than a measuring unit, specifically a measuring unit for energy. So, when you so the number of calories on the products you are about to it, it simply means the amount of energy you will get if you eat that product.

And what do diets do? They reduce the number of calories, thinking that if you eat less food you will lose fat. This is highly unlikely. Yes, you will probably lose a lot of weight, but very little fat.

More importantly, our bodies hate diets because most of them are simply unhealthy. Our bodies need all kinds of nutrients, from proteins to carbohydrates, and limiting or completely excluding some form of nutrients can be quite devastating for our health.

Smart and fast fat loss program

Why our bodies hate strict diets

If you dig deeper and do some research you will find a lot of good, healthy and efficient programs that deal with fat loss. I wrote a lot of reviews about excellent programs, methods, guides and ways in which you can lose fat, but is one is probably the fastest ways of losing fat: it is called Xtreme Fat Loss Diet.

Firstly, let me introduce you to the authors of this program: Dan Long and Shaun Hadsall.

Dan trained basically anyone who needs to be fit in their profession, from NFL and MLB players to soldiers and fitness models. However, his biggest passion is training “average people”, soccer moms and dads.

Shaun, on the other hand, was a 1st runner-up in 1998 world’s largest transformation program. Furthermore, he successfully ran a world’s top 10 personal training studio franchise for over five years in Ann Harbor, Michigan. Together

Together, they came up with the idea of Xtreme Fat Loss Diet, one that is very simple to follow and friendly to use. More importantly, one that doesn’t exclude food that is rich in calories.

Xtreme Fat Loss

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What is Xtreme Fat Loss Diet?

What is Xtreme Fat Loss Diet?

This is a real solution for your fat loss struggle. This 25-day fat loss plan is strategically designed for extraordinary results without strict diets and starvation. It may seem impossible but bear with me.

Also, it is a non-discriminatory program, meaning that people of all ages can use it. However, it is not some magic pill that is going to make your problems disappear. It will require some effort but is nonetheless very easy to follow.

The 25 days program is divided into 5 mini cycles, and all of them include “cheat days”.

  • This is the safest and fastest way to losing fat. In just 25 days you will lose fat without harming your metabolism.
  • You will teach your body how to burn the excess of fat you have by creating a massive calorie deficit.
  • The program contains “cheat days”, one you will implement into your program. With the smart use of this “cheat days,” you will maximize your body’s most important fat burning hormones. In short, you will actually eat more pizza or cake without any risk whatsoever!
  • 5 mini cycles are a scientifically proven method of losing fat, allowing you to achieve rapid results.

What do you get with Xtreme Fat Loss Diet?

What do you get with Xtreme Fat Loss Diet?

Believe it or not, this program is divided into 8 components, all of them having a specific purpose!

Component #1: The Diet Manual

This component contains diet manual, one that details present every day of your program. It explains what you will eat and when you should eat. Moreover, it has detailed food lists, charts, and tables concerning foods you will eat.

Component #2: Training Manual

Thanks to Dan, this program is available to anyone who decides to buy this product. It has workouts specifically designed to work with the diet, with a purpose to encourage fat loss.

Component #3: Workout Log Sheets

This component will help you with the overall organization of your fat loss process. Whatever you do and wherever you go you will be able to follow your progress from day to day. It is great for keeping your program and results in check, knowing that you are doing the right exercises and achieving positive results on an everyday basis.

Component #4: The Success Journal

Think of this component as an additional source of motivation. Why? Well, it has been proven that keeping records of your diet and exercise programs will actually increase your results.

Component #5: The Supplementation Guide

Knowing what supplements to use and how to use them is very important; otherwise, supplements can be counterproductive. On the other hand, smart use of supplements can speed up the fat loss process.

However, supplements aren’t necessary for this program, but can surely help.

Component #6: The XFLD Cliffs Notes

If you want to know more about the program itself, then you are going to like this component. It is pretty much the nuts and bolts of it, and after you get a grip of the XFLD manuals, these cliffs notes will act as reminders, saving a lot of time for you.

Component #7: Pre-program XFLD Quick-start Checklist

This checklist will make sure that you have everything you need before you start with the program. Get the items you need for the program, check the list and make sure that you are good to go with the fastest fat loss program.

Component #8: Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Wall Calendar

Having a calendar with which you will track your progress is a great thing. This printable calendar has every day mapped out for you, ensuring that you stay on the track with your fat loss transformation


What do you get with Xtreme Fat Loss Diet - bONUSES

That’s right. bonuses. As if 8 components weren’t generous enough, you also receive 3 bonus contents.

  1. XFLD: The fastest fat loss week ever. This bonus will help you burn the greatest amount of fat humanly possible in one week without any damage your health or rebound fat gain. Approximately, you will be able to lose up to 10+ pounds of fat in just 7 days with one of the most strategic diets every created.
  2. 7 Day Spot Reduction Solution.  According to scientific studies, this 7-day protocol will legitimately induce spot reduction and tone out the worst spots on your body. Combine it with the diet provided in this program and just watch your problem areas shrink in just 7 days
  3. 7 Day Xtreme Fat Flush. This bonus will help you clear your body of chemical build-up, cleanse the liver and reduce inflammation. You will clean your body of fat storing toxins, allowing your body to flush out the fat cells that inhabit your body

To conclude, this is by far the fastest fat burning programs I’ve encountered and is a great solution for anyone who is looking to lose fat (not weight!) in just 1 month. It is more than credible, has thousands of positive customer reviews, and is created by notable and successful authors, Shaun and Dan. Also, there is a 60-day money back guarantee policy, so feel free to try it out during that period!

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet

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