Workouts For Judo Review: Can You Be The Best Guy In Your Division?


Judo defined


Judo in Japanese translates to ‘gentle way’ Judo is not all about throwing punches or kicks but involves the use of throws, chokes and joint locks to overpower the opponent with minimal effort, a judo enthusiast can derive maximum efficiency in his moves and successfully empower a much bigger and stronger opponent than himself. However, you must have access to proper techniques, well-designed body fitness, and conditioning program.

Workouts for Judo are a workout program that was created by Matt D’Aquino. The program is a top quality system that has specifically been designed for judoka with the system you will be empowered to improve your judo fitness and conditioning and achieve amazing results within a short time.

Matt D’Aquino.

D'Aquino AUS vs Chevalier NCL

Matt is a judoka who competed in the Olympics in 2008. He has the experience to know the factors that make a successful judoka. Matt is also a very skilled pro level Judo wrestler, author, and coach. He has 11years of experience training with the best coaches and athletes all over the world.

Matt has designed very efficient judo workout programs to help judokas complete at the state, national or international level tournaments. The entire program comprises more than 30 wrestling specific activities and important fitness exercises to enable you to attain the agility, strength and superior judo fitness that you desire. The ‘workouts for Judo’ is a package that comprises the following

Exercises for judo: This portion of the package gives you a comprehensive manual explaining and describing the best exercises for judo, along with step by step instructions and illustrations a sneak peek into the exercise into the exercises:

Elastic band open/shuts

Description of the exercise

  • Wrap an elastic rubber band around your fingers
  • The begin to open and close your fingers for a predetermined number of repetitions


Judokas are always clenching the ‘gi.’ So they utilize their flexor muscles that are located in the arms more than the muscles that are used to open the fist. The elastic bands open and shuts will help to strengthen the opening muscles and also the tendons and as a result, will create a perfect balance between these two muscles.


  • Start with one elastic band and build up to more as your muscles become strong.
  • You can conduct this exercise by putting to task own fingers, e.g, thumb and index finger only.


Description of the activity;

  • Ensure that you skip from foot to foot instead of both feet at the same time



  • This training will give you Coordinator for your upper and lower body.
  • The training will give you ankle stability
  • The training will, also, improve your lower body speed


  • Ensure that your rope is the right size. If the rope is not the right size, it will make skipping quite difficult for you.
  • Do not use your whole arm to jump. Move only your wrists
  • Do not land on the heels of your feet. Always ensure that you land on the balls of your feet
  • Be keen on the kind of surface you are skipping on chose a soft surface to reduce the impact on your knee joints



Description of the exercise

Start with a squat. Go down, keeping your head up and your back straight. Hold the bar with an overhand grip (ensure it is slightly wider than your shoulder width) drive with your legs and heave the bar from the floor. Once it is above your knees, push your hips forward while at the same time squeezing your shoulder blades together to complete the lift. Lower the bar and make the desired repetitions

Benefits of the exercise


  • The training will give you upper body strength.
  • The exercise will also strengthen your upper body
  • Deadlifts will strengthen your lower back
  • The training will improve your grip strength
  • Deadlifts will enhance your coordination


  • Ensure you are performing deadlifts properly. You can injure yourself if you do not play them correctly by yourself
  • Do not perform deadlifts by yourself if you have not performed them before. Ask a qualified fitness instructor to guide you in the correct form and technique until you have mastered them completely.

Gi chin ups

Description of the exercise

The training is conducted by the use of gi tied around a chin-up bar. Grab both lapels and start performing chin ups. You can play the upgraded version by grasping the sleeves as well.

Benefits of the exercise

  • The exercise will strengthen your particular judo grip


  • If you do not access to a GI, use a towel



Description of the exercise

Place yourself on the lower and put your feet on the foot straps. Hold the handle and maintain your hand’s shoulder width apart. Begin rowing keeping your back straight. Bend in front of you from the waist, stretch your arms and slide the seat as close to your heels as possible. Keep your abdominal muscles tight and begin to extend your legs.

When your legs are almost fully extended. Start to lean back the back should be completely straight and pull the handle towards your lower chest. 

Next, do every step in reverse. When the handle is coming towards your chest, begin to lean forward from the waist. When the handle is on your knees, start bending your knees studying your seat towards your heels, and back to the original starting position. Your knees should end up in between your arms.


  • You must ensure that your back remains straight through the entire movement to prevent injury. If the machine you are rowing on is a concept to put a fan between 6 – 10 resistances
  • Do not hold the handle too tightly


Description of the exercise

Get hold of weight (MB, KB or Barber) Get down to a full squat. Burst upwards while performing a push press before returning the weight to the original position.

Benefits of the exercise

  • Reviews show that thrusters will improve the power of the lower body
  • Thrusters will improve your upper body power
  • Reviews revealed that thrusters will increase your core strength
  • The exercise will improve your balance


  • Ensure that you keep your muscles tight through the whole exercise
  • Do not perform thrusters by yourself if you have not performed any before. Seek help from a qualified fitness trainer to assist you in with the right technique.
  • Ensure that you do not lose your balance when going backward
  • When you are squatting your elbows should be between your knees. For this, your knees should be pointing slightly towards. If you do not do this, your elbows will end up Jamming into your knees resulting in a possible knee injury
  • Do not overlook form and technique to lift a heavier weight.


Description of the exercise

Hold a weight/medicine ball in your hands and from the floor and slowly rotate the weight from one side to the other

Benefits of the exercise

  • A review indicates that the training will improve rotational body strength
  • Another review showed that the exercise will boost your core strength


  • You can use a medicine ball weight plate or the kettlebell
  • If you find it hard to keep your feet on the floor, you can start with your feet on the floor
  • Ensure your concentration is in your abdominal area, not in your arms when you are performing this exercise
  • Do not allow the medicine ball to touch the ground but ensure you get as close as possible

Battle Ropes


Description of the exercise

Using 10 – 20-meter rope tied around a pole, start to make waves (big or small) you can be standing or sited. Continue for the required time or the repetition limit


  • This exercise strengthens judo particular shoulder and forearms


  • You can Tabata intervals (20 seconds on 10 seconds off for eight sets)

Rope Climbs

Description of the exercise

You can climb the rope for the desired number of times or repetitions

Benefits of the exercise

  • The exercise boosts your grip strength
  • Rope climbs improve your core strength
  • The exercise will improve your back strength
  • The exercise is judo specific


  • If you are a beginner, use your legs to assist you in climbing the rope
  • If you are an advanced climber, perform the exercise without using your legs
  • Advanced climbers should endeavor to start and finish the climbing in a seated position
  • For maximum benefits, you can use a weighted vest for extra resistance
  • You can also stimulate your cover even move by climbing using the L-sit
  • Take care that you do not fall


Description of the exercise

Stand with your feet hip-distance apart. Ensure that your toes, knees, and hips are aligned in a straight line. Contract your abdominals and start going down as if you are sitting on a chair keep going until your knees are at a 90degree angle. Pushing through your heels, push your legs back to a sitting position.

Repeat for the required number of repetitions


  • Squats improve your core strength and ability
  • Squats increase your leg strength
  • Squats are good for storage and other techniques involving squatting


  • Always ensure that you keep a slight bend in the knees. At the peak of the movement, do not lock your knees or you risk injuring your knees.
  • If you have any existing knee problems engage a fitness trainer to supervise your forum and technique

The program

  • Fundamental Fitness:

This module explains to you all the physical qualities that are required for you to excel at judo. You will be taught the benefit of being faster, fitter and stronger as a judoka Recovery. This module will enable you to discover the benefits of stretching and eating recovery foods. These foods help you to regain your body’s energy and fitness level after training or fighting session.

  • Workouts – this is the main module of this program. The module will teach you 30 judo specific exercises that ensure that you perform better on the fight mat and stay at your best.
  • Journal – this module enables you to keep track of all your judo workouts and the number of hours you are spending practicing judo.


BONUS One; Advanced workout for judo

This module is only prescribed for judokas who have already successfully mastered the essential exercises for the judo program. In the module, Matt teaches you the move impossible and spirit-crushing exercises for judo. These exercises will push your body to the limit and far beyond its comfort zone. By the time the module ends, you will have your power, stability core strength and mental toughness increase tremendously.

Bonus Two: Maximum grip training for judo

This module gives you over 35 grip training activates which will teach you how to strengthen your grip and dominate your opponent’s grip. You will be taught to finish off a gi choke effortlessly. This is very fundamental to any judoka.

Bonus Three: instructional videos

You will have an entire series of judo, the exercises that have been featured in both the workouts for judo and ‘Advanced Workouts for Judo’ Manuals. The videos aim to keep you learn to proper techniques and form as you perform the exercises to reap maximum benefits and avoid injury.

Bonus Four: competition preparation

This module will reveal to you the tricks and tips that the creator of the program himself applied to become a celebrated athlete and Judo Olympian. In the module, Matt also reveals the three problems that players face during competitions that drive them to freeze or perform poorly. The program will also teach you how to properly warm up and the activities to undertake before and during a fight to emerge victorious each time you are on the mat.

 The benefits of workouts for Judo’


  • The program will help you to increase your overall fitness levels and conditioning
  • The pdf will instill greater ability for endurance, allowing you to last longer during fights.
  • The pdf will inspire greater strength for endurance, enabling you to last longer during fights.
  • The pdf will allow you to increase both your core and judo strength. It will, also, improve the ability of your body to generate maximum power when required
  • The pdf will enable you to impart a more improved full body balance and coordination
  • The program will help you to achieve a greater level of ability which will make it more difficult for your opponents to throw you on your back.
  • The eBook will greatly your grip fighting skills, through increased foot and hand speed.
  • The eBook will enable you to train like a first class Judoka, without the use of any prohibitive equipment or having to enroll in a high course which may end up being a scam.


  • The creator of the program is not doing guesswork. He is an expert judoka and an accomplishment athlete
  • The program gives you all the modern and most efficient judo training exercises that you have to follow.
  • When you buy the eBook, you do not need any additional training equipment
  • When you buy the book, you do not need to register in an expensive gym or enlist personal trainers.
  • The book is in a digital form meaning that you can access it and use it anywhere
  • The book gives you incredible value for your money considering it is going for only & 47
  • The eBook is risk-free. It comes with a 60day money back guarantee. This removes all possibility of the program is a scam


  • It requires a lot of effort to keep up with recommended judo workouts
  • Results are not consistency. They will vary depending on the amount of time and effort invested in the eBook.
  • The program is recommended for you if you:
  • Want to increase your body’s overall fitness and conditioning
  • You want to fight harder for a longer time.
  • You would like to boost your strength and generation of power.
  • You want to increase your body balance and overall coordination
  • Improve your ability and make it harder for an opponent to throw you
  • Increase significantly your food and hand speed which will in effect increase your grip fighting techniques
  • The desire to learn how to fight like a world-class judoka in the privacy and convenience of your home.

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