Weight Destroyer Program Review: How Much Lower Will The Scale Drop?

The rationale for this review

There are plenty of weight loss reviews out there. Some have swayed many into the trap of making a buy decision on weight loss products that not only make them fail to lose weight but also endanger their bodies.

This review is about a unique natural program: Weight Destroyer Program. This program not only enables you to lose weight fast but in the most healthy, natural, long-term, sustainable way. It has proven results and 100% money-back guarantee.

michael wren story

Michael Wren Story
Michael Wren is the founder of Weight Destroyer Program.

What makes Weight Destroyer program unique?

Weight Destroyer program has come at the optimal time when our bodies are trying to adapt to modern lifestyle. This lifestyle is characterized by sitting behind a desk for long, taking fast foods and having little or no time for workouts.

Unfortunately, this modern lifestyle has had its own side-effects – obesity! If you have struggled with obesity or knows a family member, friend or loved who has been afflicted or affected by it, you can easily understand their struggles and traumas. This is the reason why this natural program has been designed – to stop the struggles and relieve the traumas while you retain a lean, healthy and strong body.

This program is unique in the sense that;

  • It is not a bait for you to fall into the trap of harmful weight loss pills
  • It does not force you to drink 8 glasses of water a day when you need not to
  • And it does not recommend you to starve in order to shape up
  • No surgery needed
  • It is not a one-solution-fits-all kind of miracle

Pills? Stop that bait!

You are not a rat to be baited by poisonous pills. Weight loss pills have registered dangerous side-effects that end up compromising the very same body organs that you tried to save from the risk of obesity – heart, kidneys, liver, thyroid glands, among others. What is the point of taking them? To appear trim and smart? Oh No! Most of those who have taken weight loss pills have told stories of short-term benefit and long-term pain as the weight gain returns to haunt them later on – when their organs are much weaker from ravages of the chemicals in the pills.

What is the point of taking them? To appear trim and smart? Oh No! Most of those who have taken weight loss pills have told stories of short-term benefit and long-term pain as the weight gain returns to haunt them later on – when their organs are much weaker from ravages of the chemicals in the pills.

no weight loss pills

No pills!
Weight loss pills destroy your natural metabolic system thus making your body reliant on pills.

When you resort to weight loss pills, you substitute the role of your body’s weight loss hormones with chemicals. Eventually the body retreats from developing these hormones. Thus, when you stop using the pills, you start regaining weight at a much faster rate than before. This is because the regulatory hormones are not being released.

Worse still, whether you stop taking the pills or not, your body develops defensive resistance mechanism to the actions of your pills since they contain harmful toxic chemicals. This, at last, negates the desired beneficial effects of the pills – weight loss. To counter this, you have to increasingly take heavier and heavier doses of these pills. This means more and more poison. And, of course, more and more destruction.

This program has a solution that would make you never ever dare touch weight loss pills. Your body is capable of bringing you the instant benefits of weight loss pills without billing you their life-threatening costs.

8 glasses a day? You’ve got no hump!

Camels are known to carry an ‘ugly’ hump atop their back. It is a deserved survival load knowing that they are desert animals required to endure long seasons of no rain and dry rivers. Why would you take more water than your body demands when there is fresh drinking water all around you? Stop making your body an idle water tank! There is a reason why you’ve got no hump.

While you are warned not to work like a donkey, you are also encouraged to resist temptations as a donkey does – no matter the punishment. While a donkey is considered ‘foolish’ enough to accept becoming human’s beast of burden, the very same donkey is clever enough to know how much water its body needs. You can force it to carry your luggage, but you cannot force it to drink water! Yet, it remains lean enough.


No force!
Don’t force yourself to drink water.
Drink water only when thirsty. Just enough can help you destroy weight

Why then force yourself to take 8 glasses when your body isn’t in need of it all? In simple terms, take as much water as your body demands. If it demands 10 glasses, take them. If it demands just 5 glasses take them. There is simply no one-quantity-fits-them-all. Otherwise, we would wear the same size of shoes.

The good thing about this program is that it trains your body to naturally ‘ask’ and take in the optimal amount of water required for its normal functioning.

Get The Weight Destroyer Program Today, And Start Watching The Numbers On The Scale Drop Every Single Week!

Mountain-pushing workouts? Antelopes are lean, despite not running all the time

Everything needs to be measured. Sacrificing your leisure and rest time to violently hit the treadmill is unjust to your well-being. You end up demolishing your muscles instead of excess fat.

Antelopes are some of the leanest animals. Yet you don’t find them running unnecessarily. Unless they are forced to run away from danger, they run for fun – when they are happily playing. Just do enough to compensate for what you missed while you would have been playing. This program guides you on how to achieve this.


don't demolish your body just to lose weight

Don’t demolish your body!
You don’t have to strain doing extreme workouts just to cut down on weight

Foods and vegetables only? Don’t forget your ancestors!

One lesson that Darwinian evolution teaches us is that our immediate ancestors are apes! Yes, those lean, flexible, jumpy monkeys! Why is this such a big lesson? I am yet to see an obese monkey! Yet, we are told that they are just a step behind our evolutionary clock. Did we make a step in the wrong direction?

food for weight loss

Eat the food you love
You don’t have to deny yourself meat and cheese to lose weight

Observing monkeys dietary habits will show you that they are omnivores, not herbivores. Though they feed on fruits and vegetables, they too supplement that with nuts and meat (birds, rodents, eggs, ants, among others). Why should we be advised to eat like herbivores? Fruits and vegetables you need, but not at the expense carbohydrates and proteins. Carbohydrates are not bad. Fats too are not bad.

All you need is to master your body and feed it as it needs – not just a balanced diet, but, an optimal balanced diet. This program shows you how.

Why Weight Destroyer Program is not a one-solution-fits-all miracle

Every professional dietician will advise you that the quantity and ingredient of the food that you consume depends on;

  • Your age
  • Your gender
  • Body structure (e.g. height, waistline, body mass, etc)
  • Your activity level
  • Health condition e.g. pregnancy, sickness, medication, etc.
  • Environment


custom weight loss program

Fit your size!
Just as shoes, there is no one-size-fits-all weight loss solution
You got to have your own custom weight loss program

Dieticians aren’t wrong in this regard. So must you not be. This program, unlike so many weight loss programs that prescribe blanket solutions, is not a one-solution-fits-all. It is naturally adaptable to your uniqueness. It helps you rediscover your body’s dietary needs based on the above-mentioned and other key indicators.

What is in it for you? How much can your drop be?

When you are desperate to drop that heavy unwanted mass of fat, you obviously would like to know how much can you drop as quick as you can.

From the testimonies of those who have employed Weight Destroyer Program, the results are just startling;

  • The founder of this program, Michael Wren, lost 53lbs within 6 weeks
  • Maurice from Port Washington lost 27lbs in 1 month
no pills, no surgery, no pain weight loss program

No surgery, no pain
You need not go for weight loss surgery to achieve this
You can lose your weight in the most natural way

There are many more who have used this program and recorded results ranging from 25lbs to 40lbs within 30 days. On average most people on the program have lost 30lbs within 30 days. You too can achieve this success.

Why buy Weight Destroyer?

  • Proven working solution
  • Tremendous user success
  • 100% money-back guarantee
smile for weight lose is no pain

Do smile!
Put back that natural radiant smile on your face.
It doesn’t have to be such a long gloomy journey.

My take

I have made reviews of many weight loss programs. However none of the programs have I reviewed in the past has been such compelling as to make me give it a try without a second thought. This program did.

I got first-hand experience. This is a program in a class of its own;

  • You don’t have to starve
  • You don’t have force water into your body
  • No pills, no syringes,
  • No muscle-breaking workouts

What more? If you are not satisfied with the result, you have an absolutely 100% money-back guarantee. It is simply painless, easy and natural.

I don’t regret my buy decision.

What is the next step?

Make decision. Buy your Weight Destroyer now!

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