Volleyball Magic Review: Get Better In Your Volleyball Play Starting Now

If you have been trying to get better with your volleyball playing skills, this article could be of immense help to you. 

The game of volleyball is not only interesting and exciting. It also keeps you physically active while working on all the core regions of your body. But getting on top of your game needs strategies and skills that can be difficult to learn on your own.

On that note, today I will share my review on one of the breakthrough training programs by famous Volleyball mentor, Hayley Merrett. “Volleyball Magic: Full Court Control And Domination“. It is a wonderful system for all the volleyball playing enthusiast to take yours and your team to the top of any tournament.

The training program has been created after much research on technical improvements of old playing skills. The best part of the program is that it present players a wealth of information. The information is applicable for everyone from the beginners to the established players. It is both helpful and interesting.

Improve Your Volleyball Game With Magic Training

As a Volleyball fan, I really appreciate the fact that Hayley has explained different practices and drills in brief. There are different segments to upskill the game in the most systematic manner. The training system consists of four standard parts and the two extra bonus of secrets and fundraising ideas to set up your own volleyball club for free of cost.

It’s not a self-help guide that would leave you hanging in the middle of confusions and complicate your understanding of how to begin, follow and connect to different techniques. It’s an excellent program with multiple videos, drill steps, motivational videos and various high power interviews of your favorite Volleyball Champions.

Learning The Secrets

The training program emphasis on the true understanding of the game and its essence. People who follow rigorous physical training sessions need to benefit from this training program. Because they will be able to improve their playing abilities unlike ever before.

The uniqueness of this program is that there is no such courses and training program available on the internet where the volleyball players can learn the trick and methods at only one place.

I have also observed that the recommendations from various International coaches on the Volleyball Magic program reflect its authenticity.  The comments on training program confirm its legitimacy which is another plus point of this program.

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Different Modules For Improving Your Game

The magical course has four different segments to support all the young and energetic players. The videos are available in HD format to ensure that you don’t end up missing any important move. The other training programs don’t offer the HD video feature along with the voice overs.

The videos offer you detailed model on the implementation of the practices and skills. These techniques are properly demonstrated in the video. The program also includes videos from the professional Volleyball players to represent their special skills and unique techniques that young and budding players can learn from. The training course includes four modules as mentioned below:

First Module: Backstage Video Drills/ Behind-The-Scenes Instructions

In this segment, there are backstage tutorial videos and behind the scene instructions. The best part is that you can effectively learn the techniques through the video training.

Each video has a time span of more than an hour which can make a viewer concentrate and put efforts accordingly. The videos are not too technical and keep viewers excited with different drills and behind the scene snippets. The print ready diagrams help immensely to educate you how each drill is performed.

Second Module: Secret Drills And Black Ops/Practice Routines

The second segment consists of different types of secrets used by the players on the training ground. The secret drills include all the skills and best approaches that have not been used before. Once you learn these methods properly and start practicing them on regular basis.

You can start implementing these skills on your own during the game/practice sessions. What’s most useful is that the author has only added the best of all the innovative drills.  She has created a 22 minutes training plan called ” Black Ops”. That will help you and your team win a match with a systematic planning and techniques.

Third Module: Motivational Audios From Volleyball Champion

This part consists of the access to the motivational audio sessions from the various Volleyball Champions. While listening to these motivational mindsets of the players, you can encourage yourself and develop strong telepathic capabilities. These telepathic skills are of great help during the game.

After all, you need to think like a leader to push your team for a win. The audios build your mental strength that you can share with your team members for much effective gameplay.

Fourth Module: Favorite Volleyball Champion Interviews

This is perhaps the most interesting segment of the training program. In this part, you get the complete access to the high power interviews of some of the best Volleyball players, Champions favorite celebrity players, veteran coaches, trainers and much more.

The young players are given the complete picture of what goes behind the scene. You can see how your favorite players end up reacting to different situations. You learn:

  • Factors that differentiate top coaches from the team
  •  How the champions prepare themselves for the game
  • Closely monitored tactics, training tips, and methods used by the Volleyball coaches
  •  Worst & Best experiences from the game
  •  How to deal with the parents and strategies revealed by world’s top coaches.

We all know that there are no shortcuts to attain success. You need consistency and hard work to become one of the popular players in any game. This training system pushes you one step ahead with every module. It trains you physically, mentally and socially to create a team that is all set to win the next match.

Additional Features

Moreover, on buying the course you will also receive the extra bonus:

  • Insider Secrets Of Championship Volleyball Coaches where the world famous coaches reveal their unique techniques and special asset of all coaches.
  • Volleyball Fundraising Secrets to creating your own Volleyball Club which can be an excellent opportunity for the entire team to start an organization and club for budding players.

After going through the training program, I can say that this is one of the well written and authentic resource that is available on the Internet that complies to all the important key points to create an outstanding Volleyball team.

I have tried to be thorough with the review in order to make sure that all the users understand why Volleyball Magic differs from any other training course in the world.

Also, the course comes wth 100% money back guarantee in case you are unsatisfied with the final results. These days many non-professionals have developed training courses which do not give any sort of benefits to the players and simply take money from people and run a scam where you end up losing money.

I would also like to add to the review the fact that there are hundreds of energetic young boys who are following and taking up this magical course and have started the see the improvements and turning into the seasonal players at many domestic clubs.

Once you purchase this program, you will get immediate access to the tutorials and videos and the bonus packs. If you want to upgrade your membership, you can easily avail the special offers from the author.

Players can contact the author through email in case they are looking for special guidance or assistance about the program. The course has become popular on the internet because of the uniqueness and its authenticity.

I would also like to give a special mention in this review to the quality of video and audio tutorials which are very helpful and easy to understand.

The Final Verdict

Volleyball Magic

Everyone wants to be the best at what they do and the same goes for the Volleyball players. They put in their hard work both physically and mentally to be remembered as the Champions.

Volleyball Magic training program is one of the best programs designed after the thorough evaluation, discussion and techniques from expert coaches and trainer. In order to learn the best of the skills and techniques, you should pay attention to the videos and some of the instructions mentioned by the author which needs to be considered to attain the best result. No other course will help you improve your skills and the abilities like the Volleyball Magic Course.

The training program is a perfect system that helps you explore all the aspects of the games in staying fit. So, in case you want to improve your volleyball career or in general then this is exactly what you need.  If you have the will and discipline to get better every day, this is a perfect tool that will help you step an exceptional game.


I really hope that my reviews on Volleyball Magic prove to be useful for anyone who is thinking of purchasing the program. In this review, I tried to take you through every minute details and overall benefits offered by the training program so that you can make a well-informed decision.

So, go ahead and bring home this amazing training system and prepare yourself for your next game. All thumbs up!

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Volleyball Magic Review: Get Better In Your Volleyball Play Starting Now
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