VFX Body Review: Which veggies should you be eating every day?

VFX Body Review

What do you do when diet program and exercise have failed and you are a being confronted by a myriad of life-threatening conditions?  I read VFX Body by John Barban, I got an insight into what to do. You guessed right, I was confronted by the above challenges but overcame them. The VFX Body or the Venus Factor Extreme is the answer to your unexplained weight gain. You might have made the same mistakes as I did and ended in an all-familiar sounding story:

  • Sending the wrong messages to the body
  • Using cheap products to reduce the imperfections
  • Falling into the media hype
  • Eating plenty of cheese .cream and coffee

VFX BodyThe list could be a long one but at least you have an idea what am talking about. It is time to come out of the rut and be the healthy person you have always wanted to be.

Unwanted body fat

It has always been the desire of an overweight person to lose weight. However, this is usually easier said than done. The sweetest foods are also the ones responsible for the weight gain.

VFX Body - unwanted love handle

The old methods like dieting and exercise no longer work. It has taken the effort of people like John Barban to create a more effective VFX Body to help people handle their weight loss programs in much more effective ways. From the reviews I have read, there are many products and regimes bandied on the internet as the panacea for weight gain. You will be very lucky if you do not fall for anyone scam and the unfortunate thing is that you might not know when you get yourself into such a quagmire. Be on the watch out for the products hyped and overhyped online in the following types:

  • DVDs for exercise
  • Diet Pills
  • Self-help books

The truth of the matter is that all the above do not offer anything new. The manufacturers and creators of such have only a profit motive. If one does not work, they invite you to buy another of their wide range of overpriced but worthless products. Do not be scammed. Don’t fall into the trap and buy such products because you were lured by the gimmicks, videos and false claims. Am here to reveal to you why VFX Body is the answer to your weight problems. Only patience all the way to the end of this review will help you to understand why am vouching for the Venus Factor Extreme.

Easy to follow 

One of the highlights of the program is that it is easy to follow. The diet program and the proposed exercises are all made with the aim of reducing weight without straining too much. This is a revolutionary fitness program that has been well researched and found to be very effective in helping in weight loss.

VFX Body - Women exercising

VFX Body for women

The female body is the target of this project since women have different bodies from men. The woman body is specifically affected by the:

  • Structure itself
  • Hormones
  • Ability to store fat

Due to the above 3 reasons, the woman body does not respond well to the standard diet and fitness program. This could explain why women tend to struggle with weight loss much more than their male counterparts.

VFX Body

The woman is not able to endure the strenuous and often energy demanding exercises that men carry out with ease. This program was borne out of the need to address the various challenges that women go through in order to lose weight.

Why the VFX Body?

One question that I kept asking myself was on why this program was distinctively unique and much suited for the women. The answers I got were satisfactory and thus I found reasons to buy and try it out. The first reason why am vouching for the program is that it is tailor-made for all types of women. It does not matter what age or size that you have; the program will address the specific needs that you have for your body. The ease of s following the program was unlike anything I had experienced before. Whether you are a woman who frequent the gym or you work out at home, you will find that the fitness program works perfectly in both cases.

VFX BodyIt is not as complex as one would expect with other programs. The step by step procedures breaks down everything for you to follow. As you move from one step to the next, you will easily tell that there are positive changes which will be taking place in the body. Unlike other expensive but worthless programs, this one is much more efficient and due to the natural strategies used, there are no side effects. If you are a woman who has been struggling to make serious changes to your body, you will need the VFX Body as it will help you make such changes without having to struggle to achieve it.


One of the cornerstones of the program is diet. Not diet regimes work effectively. However, the diet regime that will be introduced will aid in the improvements. There are some foods that you will have to give up while replacing them with much healthier ones.

VFX Body - Diet. Woman Measuring Body WeightThe changes will be visible in only a matter of time. You will get ideas on veggies to take to burn the stomach fat and the worst foods that you do not take at all.


I used to think any kind of exercise would translate into a weight loss. The very day I enrolled for this program, it dawned on me that there are some structured exercises which go with a diet to help you achieve your weight loss goals. I had to combine dieting and goal setting. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to combine them for effective weight loss. The end result is that you have an undesirable body that takes the wind out of your sails. The name John Barban is synonymous with nutrition and sports supplements.  His extensive research in the area of diet plans and fitness program puts him in the right place to offer sound and workable options to women struggling with weight programs.

VFX Body - doping in sports weights

He has a wide experience in weight loss and as such, this review is on one of the products that he came up with as a weight loss coach. You will find it handy if you are a woman with weight issues.


This program, as I gathered, came as a result of rich and in-depth research that was carried out on a hormone known as leptin. It helps to understand how fat is stored in the adipose cells. If there is a malfunction in the way the hormone works, then you wouldn’t know when to stop eating. This explains why some people continue to gain weight unnecessarily. Since the VFX Body follows on a leptin diet, it becomes much easier to manage weight. There is a step by step procedure that guides you through the system. There are immense benefits which come from using this program.

No need for crash diets

Are you the kind of woman who takes crash diets to help manage weight? If it has gotten this bad, this is the review that you need to change your dietary habits for the better. You also don’t have to quit taking your favorite dishes in order to lose weight.

VFX Body - Starvation food for dietWhat you need is a revolutionary diet and exercise program which will effectively help you deal with weight gain without making significant changes in your diet. One problem that you will encounter with other diet programs is that they will not work; hence you will give up on them midway.

How to optimize on the female metabolism

The strategy for a workout that you will be provided under this regime will help you optimize the metabolism for a more efficient weight loss. It works best when you carry it out alongside a series of exercises.

VFX Body - women exercising

There are up to 150 routine exercises that you will be able to try out, depending on the one that is easiest for you. Based on my experience and the reviews that I have read so far, there is no other program which is as effective as this one when it comes to weight loss.


The system has the following unique features:

  • It comes with a nutrition software that aids the user to work out the calories taken daily as well as the  macronutrients
  • A manual which details the meals you should take, budget and the information that you need on nutrition.
  • Video on coaching and lessons to guide you on how to carry out your exercises. There are 143 videos and lessons.
  • An immersion community of people with similar problems as you to provide you with support. There are questions and answer sessions and any other kind of support that you might have, provided through email correspondence.
  • The app that daily monitors what you put into your mouth.


There are several benefits that come with the use of the system. Unlike other systems which are too complex to comprehend, this system is easy to follow and simple. There is simple grammar used, demos in videos, and a text guide to enable you to grasp the basics of the program.


Cost is one of the areas where this program scores highly. You are not required to invest more than just a few tools, apps, and the guides as explained. The gyms are not necessary and no one is even asking you to buy a dumbbell for starters. While at the comfort of your own home, you will be able to perform every exercise as shown on videos as well as get the right information on the food that you should or should not eat. There is no greater freedom than the one that this program offers. Simply put, you will be able to continue taking your favorite pizza or cheese. There is no diet restriction, unlike the crash diet programs.

Hot pizza slice

The designers envision a situation whereby you are able to continue with your lifestyle but at the same time, achieve your weight loss goals. Women want to look desirable all the time. The function of this system is to give you the lean, sexy body that you only see in glossy magazines. You don’t have to dream it when you can live life. The system does not in any way involve the use of medications like diet pills; everything is natural. This explains why even the results are long-lasting. You will get a reefing within 2 months if you don’t get the results you expected. After my 2 months were over, the results were so good that I did not think about the refund for the cash I had paid for it. My gamble had literally paid off.


In my reviews, I came across a few things people did not like about the program at all:

  • The system is not designed for everyone. In fact, it is only made for women; men will have to get an alternative online.
  • The results are not the same for every woman, depending on age, physical features, diet and the effort that one puts into it.
  • The maker of this program gas did not make it accessible enough to everyone. Those who have no access to the internet will thus not benefit from it.


Despite the few flaws as pointed out above, the overall program is effective for people who tried all the other programs with limited success. It is affordable, natural and effective. I highly recommend it.


Loss fat quickly, and learn how to KEEP it off

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