Unapologetically Powerful Review: Will You Become Powerful And Fit?

There are different kinds of routines that each and every individual is used to doing. For someone like me, I usually get home from school and change into my comfortable clothes, relax for a while to get the school vibes off me; you know, the usual ones. Thirty minutes after: I change into my workout clothes regardless if I have any assignments or not.

Why is this so? Personally, working out and going to the gym is my way of getting away with things. Definitely not my responsibilities, no. What I meant by that is it serves as my quality time or bonding with myself. Thus, I dedicated two to three hours of my time to that; a stress-reliever I might say.

It might not look like fun for most people but hey,  those kinds of people used to be me too! Anyway, it has been three years since I first started hitting the gym. As per usual, doing exercises that I’ve grown accustomed to. Cycling, crunches, leg press, and any aerobic-related workouts.

But here is the thing: I have always been scared to try something out despite being in there for years. Yeah, you got it! It’s a weight-lifting. I have seen a lot of males with ripped backs and muscular bodies and I personally felt like that would be a lot of work exerted.

But curiosity got the best of me and of course, after three years it has reached the peak of my interest to try it out. The only problem is where do I start from here? Five pounds of weight in dumbbells is easy to lift but more than that makes me tiresome.

 Sometimes, people in the class wouldn’t buy the fact that I actually go to the gym. For some reason, the majority of the people see gym-goers as muscular, toned, or something along those lines. There’s no point debunking that fact when I, myself, wasn’t even able to try all the equipment out.

ripped back woman

The Right Mindset

Oftentimes, when individuals surf the internet, there will always be that one post that is related to someone’s fitness regime. Reading those kinds of articles made by different people seem to hint that they used to be triggered by other people.

Here is a disclaimer:  This article is not made for someone who needs to change to fit other people’s standards; Change for yourself. If that is what makes you feel more comfortable then go ahead.  I have a lot of friends who changed because they were humiliated by people due to their physique. Working out is much more enjoyed when it constitutes your will to actually work out for you.

Don’t be fazed by what other people want you to do. Do something because it’s something you really want to do.

The reason why I started changing my physique was that I felt sluggish whenever I move. I wouldn’t say I never heard any negative remarks about what I looked physically,  well, I did and it was a lot. For me, I’ve always wanted to change myself but I needed that little push to actually start my program. My goal was to actually be lean and their remarks were the fuel I made to reach this goal.

Let’s also not forget how we usually pass the streets, see a woman and be like, “Wow. Total body goals right there.” (I would be lying if I told you I don’t look at female celebrities with Coke bottle bodies).  That was when I wanted to change for my own betterment.

And of course, that brings us here!

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What Do I Get Out Of It?

Benefits of doing something is one thing for me. I searched a lot about this field. I read reviews and articles and gained a lot of knowledge about it. The benefits pushed me further to actually start my program. Here  are the advantages of weight training:

  • Physical resistance and resilience
    This seems to be a given when we’re talking about weight-lifting. The more you do weights, you get stronger; your physical capacity will keep you from getting tired easily.
  • Eliminates fats
    Weight-lifting eliminates fats and builds up your muscles. When you age, the muscle buildup usually declines due to its direct relationship with the declining of growth hormones. Therefore, when you weight-lift, it prevents fats and strengthens muscle tissues. The more you age, the faster it is to lose muscle mass.Studies also show that doing resistance training regularly increases your metabolism by fifteen percent.
  • Decreases injury and health risk
    Weight-lifting improves your balance and keeps body tissues, tendons, and muscles stronger. In turn, this can lessen the risk of injuries from occurring. It also reduces the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, just to name a few.
  • Improves mental health
    Endorphins have something to do with how we respond to a certain stimulus;  it is responsible for preventing negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, and depression. Studies also show that exercising releases endorphins and doing this regularly reduces mild to moderate depression.
  • Enhances your quality of life
    Working out increases one’s self-esteem and self-confidence. When you work out, you look and feel healthier and fit; in turn, it improves the person’s mood. Being occupied with exercising also keeps one distracted from thinking of the negative aspects.

Girl in the gym

Jennifer Vogelgesang Blake’s Unapologetically Powerful

Okay, so I had to think if I’m actually going to push through; I have to review my checklist if I should continue on with this program.

Motivation? Check.

Mindset calibrated? Check.

Convinced by benefits? Check.

Trainer? There goes the first X on my list.

This made me think. Should I actually spend more for a trainer? Is it better if I could just self-educate myself about it? Or is it better if I’ll buy a book with decent reviews or whatnots?

Of course, I went with the most accessible way possible to get information. I brought my laptop out from its case and searched the basics, techniques, and steps to begin my journey. I’ve seen other articles and books and I wouldn’t say I was successful with them. It took me months to actually point out that “nope! This one isn’t working for me” but I tried to still find a program that fits me. Funnily enough, when I was on the verge of giving up, that was when I stumbled upon  Unapologetically Powerful by Jennifer Vogelgesang Blake or JVB.

Unapologetically Powerful website

I was pretty hard to convince since I actually don’t know if I should buy this program. You know, I’ve been spending weeks or months on a book which made me a bit pessimistic.  Although, what caught me was the way it was presented to me. I have a history of being clumsy all the time and I don’t have as much trust with myself to push through. To put it short, my confidence level was down there.

unapologetically powerful 2

The Road to Success

I had to re-calibrate myself after months of my wavering motivation.

Think about it, woman. If this time, it works then all hardships will pay off. Think about it. Be hopeful that this is it! You can do this (And then I mentally pat myself on the back.)

I’ll tell you this much. I’m a klutz. I could easily walk into poles or glass doors, or trip on whatever invisible object is in the way. I was thinking of possibilities and precautions if I were to weight-lift.

I’ve seen videos of muscle tears or the joints going the other way and that scared me. My arms felt like twigs for me that could easily break into two. Unapologetically Powerful promises that it was for all body types so I decided to risk it. I was hoping to get the results I wanted to see (fingers crossed)!

Of course, I started with the light weights and progressed through. What surprised me was that I was able to lift heavier weights faster than I projected myself. The feel of my muscles burning when I do the lifts became my motivation and fuel to push through despite the pain. No pain, no gain, right? Although, this pain was pleasurable in my part. I promise I’m not a masochist though. Exercising just has that effect on me and this is one of those!

One thing I was afraid of happening was being a woman with a boxy build but I thought wrong. I do have muscles but not as big as I thought I’d have. For me, I’ve seen results as early as two weeks so that is a major plus for me! I felt much more confident with my skin. My self-esteem and self-confidence increased too; it never stayed in rock bottom.



Unapologetically Powerful by  Jennifer Vogelgesang Blake is a book that helped me start my strength training regime. As someone who had no idea how and where to begin, it’s helped me to actually understand how all this resistance training works.

It doesn’t bombard you with information all at ones but it retains its in-depth explanation, nonetheless. Weight-lifting seems like a difficult workout to commit but I assure you that once you’ve started, you tend to look for it more often. The steps were easy to follow through even for a beginner like me (I guess I would recommend this to some of my friends too!).

Personally speaking, I saw changes in my physique and strength. Thereof, the reviews I searched for made me more appreciative of the program. JVB’s book is a  program that’s pretty unique compared to other books with its content based on thorough research and credibility.

In an orderly manner, it shows you how to do the workouts step-by-step. In all honesty, I’ve tried other books or tutorial videos regarding fitness, strength, and whatnots.

I also felt so flattered when my classmates were able to actually notice the changes in my physique. Some of them were even inspired to actually start their own program and asked me tips about it. When they do, I would always tell them, “JVB helped me.” And then showed them the Unapologetically Powerful program. Soon after, I have some of my classmates work out with me in the gym and we’re pleased with the results thereon after.

Gain access to the program, Unapologetically Powerful, today! Click this link and start living a fit life of your dreams!


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