Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games Review: Grow Your Boot Camp

I would try to list all the reasons people are into physical fitness today but that would be wasting our time. We have heard it all.

It’s no wonder the number of Turbulence Training Boot Camps has risen. If you’re here because you’re finding it hard to get members and/or keep them.  Maybe you’re looking for ways to spice up your current regiment. It could be both. After this review, I hope you’ll know that your dreams can now become goals.

Information about getting physically active is everywhere and it targets everyone. Everyone has heard about the best fitness regiments that work best for keeping healthy. They’ve all heard how you need a 5 to 10-minute warm-up, a complete set of exercises that should be 20 to 30 minutes long and finish off with a cooldown of 5 to 10 minutes. The best are always intense ones.

This sounds familiar. All the articles and books are describing what you already offer. You have all of this in your turbulence training boot camp. The million dollar question that you’re probably wondering is: Why I don’t have people lining around the block to join my boot camp?

Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games

Now, now before you shut down on me, keep an open mind. This review is free, you have nothing to lose.

Even the creator, Brian Kalakay, knows that using the term ‘games’ is going to have many people skeptical about this program. But if you have spent hours working at making your boot camp a success only to find that you’re not getting any new members and the few members you have are not coming back, then you’re ready to try something different.

We don’t usually associate games with member retention and multiplying your enrollment numbers but Brian just set an exception. It costs seven times more to get new members than it does to keep the ones you already have.

In such a competitive and cut-throat industry, coming up with new and creative ways that don’t come with a monthly cost is difficult. If you stood outside where you hold your boot camp and throw a stone you’d probably break a window into another boot camp and injure a potential customer.

The solution might be in these games so don’t knock them until you try them.

Turbulence Training

It all starts with a series of warm-ups. As you know, warming up gets the body ready for the workout. This ensures that there isn’t injury when ‘turbulence’ is inflicted on the body in the main workout.

The 20 to 30-minute intense workout is meant to be intense and this will produce a fat-burning and muscle toning response. Because the program is so intense you can get results from training as little as three times a day. Of course, the sessions end with a cooldown process. This relaxes the muscles and ensures that you don’t cramp up later.

There are a lot of turbulence training boot camps worldwide. This means it is easier for people to go around and try different types of camps before finding one that they are comfortable with. But this is the first turbulence training that uses games.

Running a boot camp

The experience of having a boot camp can vary from person to person and it can depend on your location. You need to know how many boot camps are available in your area already. This will help you work out what strategy will work best for you to flourish.

While we all want to spend the least amount of money possible, the expenses pile up faster than we expect. The need for equipment permits if you are required to have one, and other miscellaneous expenses will creep up.

Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games -exercising made fun

Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games -exercising made fun

Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games -exercising made fun

Your members

Physical fitness is important for everyone. Every platform stresses this point. From news articles to talk show topics, everyone is being encouraged to get fit. The health benefits speak for themselves and most people are listening and getting active.

If that doesn’t work, even the weather is an anchor for fitness. Many people get fit just to look good in their summer clothes. Social media has indirectly pushed many people to exercise and look good.

If they’re awake and they have a family member or friend who is turning their lives around, they become your potential member.


As I mentioned before, gaining members will be an important aspect of running your boot camp. This will require a large marketing budget. In most cases, retaining members will be the best way to cut that down to almost nothing. When you have members that are satisfied and hooked on your program they will be your loudest advertisements.

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Through referrals, you can increase your members while lowering your marketing bill. People who are engaged and enjoying themselves tend to share that experience with people in their lives. People who are having fun in a community tend to return. The aim is to engage and entertain your members so that they not only return, but return with other people.

What do you get with these boot camp games?

Brian is a Certified Turbulence Training instructor. His boot camp games include:

  • Part 1 – what are we… 12 years old?
  • Part 2 – why are games at the end of boot camp?
  • Part 3 – how to keep the games fresh: in this part, you will discover 4 tips to keep your games fresh
  • Part 4 – 31 done-for-you boot camp games – in this part, you will get a series of games including:
  • Human bobsled race, circle chase, stuck in the mud and boulder dash
  • Color dot grab, cone knockdown/card flip, toe tag, and mirror game
  • Towel sled race, human knot, exercise add-on, stability ball wrestle, crab soccer, and sumo slap tag
  • King crab, cross the swamp 1, cross the swamp 2, squat hold snake, and conveyer belt
  • Tug of war, human-hungry hippos, and tennis ball over/under race
  • Hand hockey, back to back balloon race, everybody is “it” tag, indoor foot volleyball, and zombie apocalypse
  • Commando relay, referral card balance relay, the card game, pushup balance, and more

Why try his approach?

Keep everyone excited & motivated – Using games you will create a fresh and interesting program that leaves them excited about the next session.

Generate dozens of on-going referrals – When people enjoy your new and fun approach they will tell everyone they know about your boot camp.

Simple ways to get variety in your training – The most difficult part of having a boot camp when everyone is doing it is keeping things engaging. This way you have simple ways to add variety without spending time doing research.

Prevent your learners from getting bored – Adding variety ensures your members are not bored and dropping out. Games are always fun.

Help your learners tone their muscles – Of course, the main reason you have a boot camp is for fitness and while this is fun you still get the job done.

Create a sense of loyalty and community – Fitness takes a level of commitment and discipline. When your members play these games they become a community that is accountable to each other.

Lower or even cancel your marketing bill – Because you’re retaining customers who make referrals you won’t need to market yourself.

Consistent paycheck – Lastly, you will always have members which mean you can rely on a constant paycheck.

The program is affordable – Compared to the money you’d have to spend on marketing and research, the price on this is quite reasonable.

“Happy camper” money back guarantee – If this doesn’t work for you, there is a 60-day money back guarantee.

Are there any cons?

Physician’s approval – Like any intense exercise, you need to get your physician’s approval before you can start this.

Age restriction – Though it is centered on games, you can only have members who are 18 years and older for this program.


This review barely does justice to the intensive information that Brian has to offer in his collection. He has taken the time to not only layout games but he has also included marketing tips for gaining members. This is especially useful for those who are still in the starting stages of their business.

Since growth is an important part of any business, you will be able to create fun ways to grow your business and bring interest to a popular lifestyle choice that lacks variety. Many people give up their fitness journey because the exercises become monotonous and boring.

Here is your chance to rejuvenate your passion and ignite it in your members. You will change your members’ life and most importantly you will improve your own financial position. It’s rare to find a program that doesn’t require you to invest a lot of money getting expensive equipment to make your business better.

Machines become boring. They may engage the muscle but they don’t connect with the mind. When you have someone’s attention, they will come back for more. And the best part is if you don’t agree with me, or Brian, or the hundreds of instructors benefiting from his expertise, you can get your money back. In conclusion, I recommend you give it a try.

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Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games Review: Grow Your Boot Camp
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