Truth Of Addiction Review: Why It’s Hard To Quit & How You CAN!

Uniqueness of addiction

The roots of any addiction develop with age. This means that the more you drink, smoke or use drugs, the bigger the addiction gets. It is just the way our bodies and minds work.

Rarely you hear that someone simply decided to quit drinking or smoking. Kudos to them! But if you ask them how they did it, they will not be able to give you a specific method you can follow or apply to your own addiction. Again, that is just the way we function.

Despite the fact that we all have the same amount of organs and more or less look the same, we are all very different. You have to take into consideration the uniqueness of your life: your past, present, and future existence. We all walk in different paths.

This makes addiction stronger. Consequently, the jobs of the people who treat addiction get tougher. You cannot simply develop a magic formula for people who are trying to quit smoking or drinking. You can’t simply give them the “magic guide” and say: “Here, you are cured”. It just doesn’t work that way.

Failing to combat addiction

Unfortunately, people all across the world are literally spending thousands of dollars on addiction treatments. They go to luxurious rehab facilities, pay for expensive treatments, waste money on counseling. As if you can solve all your problems with money…

Furthermore, common recovery groups and 12 step programs don’t work for the majority of the people. They are simply outdated and not aligned with modern-day science.

And here is what bothers me: how is it possible that modern science still doesn’t have a definitive answer to addiction? In other words, are psychiatrists, psychologist, and self-help gurus even paying attention to everyday discoveries of science? Some of them do, most of them don’t.

Again, I don’t expect that we can create a universal cure for addiction. But still, there must be a new, modern approach to the addiction problem. And that problem is growing as we grow.

How can science help you with addiction?

Here is the problem: a soon as someone mentions the word science, people instantly think of numbers and complicated equation. No, the consequences of science are everywhere.

The house or apartment you live in is constructed with the help of science, the laptop or PC you use is based on science, the food you cook is based on science. Literally, everywhere you look you can see the practical implementations of science.

Sure, behind every practice lies a well-thought-out theory, but you don’t need to understand it completely in order to use it. Most people have absolutely no clue how the TV works, and yet they watch it. So, can we use the apply the same logic when it comes to addiction?

I believe we can. Yet we still believe that the more we know about our addiction, the easier it will be for use to beat it. This makes sense only to a certain degree, and one goes past the learning point, you are stuck in a vicious circle.

However, we need to be smart about it. Just as u can use particle physics to produce energy, you can easily use it to create destructive weapons! So, let’s dig into careful exploration with the help of A. Scott Roberts, M.S. Rehabilitation Counseling, CRC.

Using science to combat addiction

Scott is the author of the Truth Of Addiction, an efficient program that uses scientifically proven and tested methods for treating addiction. At first, it might seem a little complex, must you are probably familiar with all of the components this program uses.

  1. Science-based methods for treating any addiction (every addiction follows and operates in the same way, it is only the intensity that differs)
  2. Less emphasis on willpower (you can’t beat your addiction with brute strength and strong willpower; you need to be smarter than it)
  3. Rewiring your brain in a new way (scientists have proven that our brains are neuroplastic, meaning they can be reshaped and reconfigured)
  4. Reacting to your desires in a new fashion (simply changing your behavior in small details will greatly help you with your addiction problem)
  5. Last but not least; nutrition (a lot of people simply neglect that the food they eat impacts their lives in every way; “You are what you eat!”)

Learn The Truth About Addiction, And How You Can Quit YOUR Addiction – Whether It’s Smoking, Drinking, Fast Food, Or Anything Else!

The Truth Of Addiction – get rid of your addiction!

Firstly, I would like to describe the 5 tips you should use to overcome your addiction. After that, I will describe in details exactly what you will get if you buy the Truth Of Addiction package.

I would just like to point out that this is a unique program with a different approach to addiction. It is awesome, self-explanatory and very effective and if you are trying to overcome your addiction, definitely check it out, see the comments and reviews of the people who were in the same position you are in right now.

So, let’s start with the 5 tips.

Tip #1: Use methods backed by science

As I already said in this review, most programs don’t follow evidence-based guidelines. It needs to be said that addiction is predominantly a biochemical program, and most programs aren’t realizing that.

They all base their guides and programs on motivation, willpower, divinity and so forth… While these programs can work, they are often very ineffective. The idea that you can conquer your addiction or beat it to death is absurd.

What you must realize is that the addiction is you; it is not a separate entity. I’m talking about the acceptance, not denial, but I don’t mean it at a superficial level. The real truth is this: stop trying so hard to overcome your addiction. Just start focusing on building a new life where addiction doesn’t exist.

Tip #2: Stop focusing on willpower

You can’t out will your addiction. It really annoys me when people claim that addicted people are ill-willed or weak. How can you make such assumptions? Based on what? You can’t know what people are going through, how they feel, what was their past like.

People of all ages, statuses, and profession are subject to addiction. Here is a simple fact: we all have brains, meaning we all have a limbic system. It operates as a reward system; so when you smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol, you stimulate the limbic system.

If you repeat it a couple of times, your brain will form a pattern, a habit, and will incorporate the substance as a natural part of your experience. Soon your body will demand the substance and you won’t be able to function properly without it.

There is no will that can beat this; this is chemistry, not will!

Tip #3: Start changing your brain in the right way

Thankfully, our brain is a very complex organ. And I say thankfully because there is no obstacle it can’t overcome. I feel a great need to say that addiction is not permanent. What you need to realize is that you changed your brain, you made yourself addicted.

What you need to realize is that you changed your brain, you made yourself addicted. On the other hand, you can make yourself unaddicted. So when you drink alcohol, you create a pathway in your brain. You slowly build an “addiction infrastructure”, a basic foundation for your addiction.

And this is the reason why you can’t let it go; it is your “baby”, you built it. But, you can start with small steps. The point is to create new pathways (new neurons), a new foundation without addiction.

Tip #4: React to cravings differently than you did in the past

You can’t ditch the past or erase it, but you can act in present, thus creating a new past. Our brains are still in survival mode, passed on to us by our ancestors. Thus, you act defensively when you crave alcohol or cigarette. You act as if something bad will happen if you don’t fulfill your needs.

Ask yourself this: where do your needs come from? I’m not saying that you should ignore or suppress your desires; I’m saying you shouldn’t trust them.

The Truth Of Addiction system resolves this very effectively; you reprogram your brain to perceive these “cravings” as spams, false messages and just deletes them!

Tip #5: Combine evidence-based methods with correct nutrition

Part of the successful recovery is the right nutrition. There are ingredients that will help you fix the biochemical imbalance your addiction caused to your body.

More importantly, it will speed up the recovery process by reducing craving, lowering withdrawal symptoms and help you manage your addiction on a long term basis.

What do you get with the Truth Of Addiction program?

  1. Truth Of Addiction: this printable PDF guide, created by Scott himself, contains scientifically based techniques for dealing with addiction.
  2. Nutrition For Improved Recovery: combine this printable PDF guide with Truth Of Addiction to speed and boost your addiction recovery process.
  3. Nutrition For Improved Recovery Video: excellent for those who prefer watching over reading.
  4. The 4 Step System Video: a detailed explanation of the 4 step system to an addiction-free life.
  5. Mindfulness Training Video: this video will help you rewire your brain in the way you want
  6. Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy: this MP3 psychological therapy will calm your mind in the most stressful situations

So, if you have a problem with your addiction or know someone who is trying to overcome this addiction, check this program out. Scoop through reviews, look at the comments, pros and cons… Note that this program also has a 60-day money back guarantee policy, so you can try it out without any risk.

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