Trouble Spot Nutrition Review: Take Care Of Trouble Spots?

Leptin, cortisol, and testosterone are some hormones that cause weight gain. When the hormones level is increased, it favors the appearance of physical imbalance. The physical imbalance causes weight imbalance. Thus, you gain weight. So, hormones have a lot to say when it comes to your looks.

Routine control would work. If you feel that you gain weight and don’t know why to go see a doctor. Some medical tests will show if there is something wrong with your level of hormones.

It is how I discovered my issue. The level of hormones increases from stress, from bad habits, but it is also genetic. That is what my doctor told me. So, he said that I should start a diet and completely change my lifestyle. It is why I decided to search for a book that might give me some insights on this issue and a solution to it. So, I ran over Trouble Spot Nutrition. It completely changed my perspective. Here is my review for you:

What does Trouble Spot Nutrition mean?

This program brings you some interesting insights on how a high level of hormones affects your weight. The guide explains exactly how hormones affect our health and how balanced nutrition can overcome this issue.

Also, this guide is excellent for those who need some tips on what diet they should follow in order to lose weight, become fit, and stay healthy.

What are the features of this guide?

This program tackles treating the hormones level in three big steps. Here are the three phases of the guide:

Phase 1: Deactivating the Fat Storage Enzyme

The human body contains HSD an enzyme that turns inactive cortisol into cortisol, which is a fat storage hormone. So, if the HSD is high, you will also have high-fat storage within your body. HSD is genetic, but with the proper nutrition, you can decrease its level and thus keep your body under control.

Phase 2: Balance Your Level Of Hormones Through Nutrition

Janet, the author of this guide teaches you what to eat in order to balance your hormones. You will get to know which hormone influence each piece of your body and how its imbalance causes weight gain.

For instance, people who store more fat on the hips and chest have a high level of estrogen and a low level of testosterone. No worries, it is a bit of theory that is meant to help you know your body better and how it works.

Phase 3: Activating Your Fat Burning Hormones

The last step of this program is learning how to activate the hormones meant to burn extra fat. You will switch from weight gain to weight loss. Moreover, the third phase also shows you how you can build some muscles and replace fat with them.

You will have access to some effective exercises that you can do at home and that, combined with the diet, will grant you the shape you wish for.

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The bonuses

Along with the guide itself and the three phases toward the body of your dreams, you will also get 4 extra books

Bonus 1: The Estrogen Balancing Meal Plan explains how you can get your estrogen level back on track. Thus, you will be able to give up some kilos. A high level of estrogen favors weight gain and makes it very hard for you to lose weight. So, first treat the cause, not the symptoms.

Bonus 2: The Thyroid Balancing Meal Plan gives you some interesting recipes that will help you balance your thyroid. Those who suffer from thyroid unbalance get fat only by breathing air, so this bonus will be a blessing to them.

Guide + Bonuses

Bonus 3: The Testosterone Balancing Meal Plan reveals some techniques of increasing your level of testosterone. You will have access to a program that contains foodstuff and a proper schedule for your meals that will balance the level of your testosterone. This will favor weight loss.

Bonus 4: The Activation Exercise Plan is responsible for the activation of your burning fat hormones through exercise. You will learn simple, yet efficient workout guidelines that act upon your fat burning hormones. A proper diet also needs a proper workout schedule. When losing weight, you must shape your body with some physical exercise. It will give you a fit look and you will feel much more confident about yourself.

Is this program a scam or is it legit?

Janet Hradil is a weight loss expert. She has a 15-year background, so I consider her legit. She also suffered from hormone unbalance and thus decided to find a cure that won’t affect other organs and that does not involve any surgery or medication.

She had a hard time losing some extra pounds, just like me and you. Still, if you ask any doctor, he will tell you that even the slightest hormone issue can make it hard for you to lose that extra fat that bothers you.

The program is legit because it contains scientifically proven information and does not harm your body in either way. Plus, it contains a lot of interesting information about the human body and how it functions.

Pros and Cons of the guide


The author has the expertise and is a certified nutritionist

Bruce Krahn and his wife Janet are experienced in the fitness and nutritionist industry. Bruce is a certified trainer for more than 20 years, while Jane has 15 years of expertise in nutrition. They both appeared on different TV shows and magazines. So, what more is there to say about their reliability? The result of their research and expertise is shared with you through this guide.

It treats the roots of the problem, not the effect

You will not have to count and count the number of calories that you eat on a daily basis. You will not have to weight the quantity of food that you eat daily. The focus of this program is for the treatment of hormone unbalance that causes your weight problems.

It is available for anyone who needs to treat their weight problems

I don’t have time to go to the gym. I have a friend that is ashamed of going because she thinks she is too fat as compared with the girls that frequently go to the gym. Plus, going to a nutritionist is a bit expensive. It is why I chose this guide. It is affordable and it contains everything that you need to know about troubled hormones and how to treat them.

It is a very affordable product

For a program that offers you information that you find in so many other expensive sources, this is awesome. The report quality-price is outstanding. Judging by the expertise of the two authors, it is a perfect fit for those who do not afford a personal trainer and a nutritionist.

You only have to workout 15 minutes a day

The workout does not occupy a lot of time during the day. You only need to exercise for 15 minutes. Plus, the intensity of the workout depends on you. You choose if whether you want more cardio or a lighter program. Both work anyhow.

You can claim your money back

The guide

The best thing about this product is that it gives you the opportunity to decide if it I helpful for you or not. The author gives you 60 days to decide if the program meets your expectations or not. If not, you can claim your money back in 60 days from purchase. No hard feelings.


If you just want to build muscles, it is not for you

You must be open to making some changes in your life. If you want the program to work, settle for a goal and stick to it. The author offers tips on how to treat health issues and build a healthy and fit body. But if you want to become a bodybuilder, the course is not for you.

You have to commit to the plan

You should not expect overnight miracles. Instead, commit and be determined to lose weight, stay fit, and healthy. If you want it, you must work for it.

This guide is only available for those with an internet connection. You can access the PDF format, but there is no hard copy of it. Nor any information regarding the future creation of the hard copy.

My final thoughts

When finding this program, I thought to myself that I had to try it. I had enough of all sorts of diets and didn’t want to starve anymore. At a given moment, not even starving helped me. It is when I realized that I had a health issue. It was a hormone unbalance.

So, this guide is totally worth your time. Go to your doctor and see what is wrong with your hormones. Afterward, purchase your guide and start the fight. You will definitely transform your life. Remember to give your opinion about the product and pass it on after you are done. Good luck!

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