Total Six Pack Abs Review: The Secret To Getting Ripped Quickly?

Working out has been your routine for the last couple of months but you seem not to achieve your goals. All the sweating and hard work are not bearing any fruit. You have even decided to try different gyms and instructors to no avail.

This is the same ordeal most fitness enthusiasts go through. If you are among the unfortunate few, then this review is for you. Total Six Pack Abs Review will introduce you to a different way of doing things to get your most desired abs within no time. Remember if you keep doing the same thing over and over, don’t expect to get different results.

If you want changes from your workouts to manifest within the shortest time possible, try Total Six Packs Abs work plan. From the positive reviews received, you can’t afford to ignore this program. Keep reading to find out more about it.

What is Total Six Pack Abs program?

Total Six Pack Abs Bring out your Abs

This is a program that is used by weightlifters and bodybuilders to get rid of excess fat while preparing for a bodybuilding competition, photoshoots or when they just want to feel good. The main aim of the program is to make you lean and bring out your abs in the shortest time possible.

To achieve this, the Total Six Pack Abs Program combines dietary changes that help shed fat with the resistance training program and some cardio. The program has a set of formulas and calculators that are used to calculate how much one should eat in terms of calories, proteins, carbs, and fat in order to achieve a six-pack.

Before this review gets deeper, it is good to bring you to book on what is contained in the package.

The e-book

This is a detailed book that explains clearly what you need to consider and understand while in pursuit of a six-pack body. Here are some of the things you will learn from the book:

1. Gives you facts on why diet comes first when it comes to achieving your six-pack goals. You will learn why even after exercising your abs will not develop if the correct diet is not observed.

2. You will get to learn the difference between body weight and body composition and the different roles each carries when it comes to the wellness of your body.

3. Learn how to lose body fat and how to keep it at bay once you have lost it.

4. There is a whole section containing information on how you can get proper macronutrients from your meals, its importance when it comes to maintaining a healthy body and flat belly.

5. Get to know what caloric restriction is all about and the best way to go about it.

6. There is a comprehensive discussion about carbs giving a detailed explanation of different kinds of carbs and the one you should avoid when trying to achieve a flat belly. You will also get sample meal plans that you can use during the period.

7. More important is access to the training program and cardio that you will use to achieve your goals.

Calorie calculating software

This software comes in handy when calculating how much you should consume per meal in order to successfully lose weight. It gives a breakdown of the different amounts of carbs, proteins, and fat that should be included in a diet. The beauty of it is you don’t have to do any calculations. The software does it for you.

The formulas in the system are scientifically based and references are provided at the back of the book. This allows you to check out or clarify something that is not clear. The formula is used with windows but you can also work it out quite easily.

Six-pack calculator

This is a calculator that will give you an estimate of how long it will take to achieve a six-pack when eating and exercising properly. How does it work? All you need to do is to input your current weight and body fat percentage.

What you stand to gain from the Total Six Pack Abs program

Total Six Pack Abs Clickable Image

• Process of burning fat

This is the first phase of the program. You will learn how you can transform your body into a fat burning machine through the use of some dietary and fitness techniques. These techniques will help in accelerating the fat burning process.

Even after you are done with the exercise, your body will continue burning the stubborn fat in your tummy thus achieving a more flat look. You must be wondering how possible this is. The exercise triggers a hormonal process that aids in burning fat long after you are done. This is like the continuity of your fat loss journey.

• Instant results

You might be wondering how long it will take before you start noticing any changes in your body. Experience from other exercise regimes makes people believe that it will take forever to have anything substantial to show for your work out. As earlier mentioned, this is a totally unique program. The results start showing immediately thus keeping you motivated to go on and on.

• Self-repair of injuries

Many instances when you kick off with an exercise, you are bound to suffer from some injuries. These injuries can range from minor to serious illnesses which tend to keep you away from your exercise regime. Believe it or not, this will not be the case in Total Six Pack Program.

Apart from toning your body, the exercises in this program have been designed in such a way that they are able to repair the ignored and misused muscles. They will also help you to keep off from the injuries.

Let’s talk about the convenience that comes along with this program. Time is precious and you would want to utilize it to the maximum at any given time. Exercises in this program take care of that. Imagine working out anywhere and anytime?

That’s exactly what you will gain from this program. The workouts take just a few minutes of your time and can be done anytime from anywhere. This sounds too sweet to be true, does it? Just buy a copy of the book and you will learn and experience much more about the program.


  • The program will guide you on how to lose fat as you develop your abs. it will take you through what you ought to do with your diet and fitness program.
  • The main focus of the book is on how to get your diet right which is a key component of any weight loss program.
  • This program has been designed for both genders. Men and women can use it to achieve the desired abs.
  • The program comes along with software and a calculator that helps you conveniently compute your meal plans with no hustle.

What’s so unique about this program?

Total Six Pack Abs Before and After

The program comes with a calculator that gives the exact amount of calories and macro-nutrients you should take in order to lose weight and gain muscle mass. You also get special software that automatically calculates your calories. If you are the type that used to avoid calculations like a plague, you have no excuse for running away from the program.

The program was not designed by someone who is out to make a kill from your needs. The program has been scientifically proved and reference is provided in case you want to confirm something. This is unlike most of the exercise programs that tend to apply a generic approach towards fat loss and abs development. The creator of the program is also a fitness expert. He has extensively tested the program and indeed, he has witnessed the results first hand.

The developer of the Total Six Pack Abs program 

Total Six Pack Abs Creator of the Program

This program was developed by McManus. The desire to create a workable solution for health-conscious individuals inspired him. He did extensive research just to make sure he had the right information in place.

One of the limiting factors when it comes to exercising is time and convenience. The simplicity of the program makes it the most convenient method to use as you can carry out the exercise in the comfort of your home. more so, you can do it anywhere at any time without obstructing anyone. Just to make sure your efforts are not drowned by your eating habit, he also developed software that would help you to calculate the right amount of calories you should consume.

Do you want to get ripped quickly? Go ahead and try the program. You will manage to lose your stubborn weight once and for all. More so, you will not spend hours in the kitchen crafting what to eat and not what to eat.

Oh, what about those gorgeous ladies who struggle with their body fat? This program is for you as well. There are no restrictions on gender as it is all-inclusive.

The 8-week money-back guarantee gives you more confidence to try the program. You have nothing to lose as you are assured of getting your money back if there are no visible results within the first 8 weeks.

Total Six Pack Abs

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