Top Secret Fat Loss Secret Review: The Real Reason You Are Fat?

The excess of food (energy)

I know that there are a lot of nutritionists and diet experts that can minutely explain why do we get fat. But if you are not interested in the complex biochemical processes of our metabolism, how our bodies break down food into glucose and fat, you can look at it from a different perspective.

I’m talking about physics, specifically the Law of the Conservation of Energy, and it is quite simple to understand. Basically, everything is energy, and energy has to go somewhere. So how this law relates to your weight?

Food is basically stored energy, and once you eat it, you bring that energy into your body. Your body processes it, break it down into all kinds of chemical compounds. So now you have the energy that was once stored in the food you ate. What do you do with that energy? Use it!

Everything requires energy; your heart, liver, brain, kidneys… But what happens if you don’t use all the energy you ate?

Why do we get fat?

Unfortunately, you can’t give your extra energy to someone else. Moreover, you can’t return it. You are basically stuck with it. So what does your body do with that excess of energy? It stores it in the form of fat. Why? Because of evolution.

Think of fat as a personal fridge. This is where your body stores the energy that you might use later. Our ancestors didn’t enjoy the everyday conformity we enjoy today. As gatherers, they searched for food, eating all they could find, and what energy they didn’t use, their bodies stored for later.

The problem is, we rarely use that stored energy, and fat just keep piling and piling. And very soon, you end up with jelly-like belly and thighs. But not everything is about the excess of energy.

Why can’t we lose weight?

This is literally a million dollar question. If everything I said about the excess of energy, all we have to do is use the energy we eat or simply eat less. But is it really that simple?

Many people struggle with their weight on a daily basis. They try different diets, exercise, or meditate but are still unable to lose weight. I hear people saying things like “you aren’t trying enough” or “you have to exercise more”as if they are blaming the obese people for their condition.

Naturally, in some cases, people do eat a lot and don’t use that energy. But I personally know a lot of people that simply can’t lose weight. I thought that it was about stress, or that they try too hard (if such a thing is even possible).

My friend (nutritionist) argued that everyone has different metabolism and that some people gain weight faster than others. Sure, I can understand that, but just because people gain weight faster than others, that doesn’t mean they can’t lose it.

And after a lot of online research, reading journals and different product reviews, I finally stumbled upon one particular doctor that shed totally new light on a very old problem. Her name is Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst, and her premise is, believe it or not, plaques and parasites.

Plaques and parasites are getting you fat!

getting fat parasite

It turns out that some of my suspicions are justified. According to Suzanne, the real reason why most people are getting fat has nothing to with their willingness to lose weight, diet or exercises, but because they have terrible plaque and parasites living in their gut. In fact, we all have them.

The plaque is keeping you from losing weight, and it is essential that you get rid off it asap. Furthermore, it can be detrimental to your health and take many years of your life.

In the same way, you have to get rid of the parasite. Parasites are a natural phenomenon and drain energy from their host. In this case, the parasite lives in our stomachs and use our body as a free buffet. And they are quite disgusting. More importantly, they are very dangerous.

Here is a simple argument: how is it possible that the food and pharmaceutical industry and getting more and more advanced, and yet people are getting more and fatter? Not to mention all the diets and healthy food that is more available than ever before. It must be that the problems are within us, not outside of us!

Learn The Top Secret Fat Loss Secret, And Start Shedding Those Excess Pounds When You Fix It!

What is the solution?

suzanne's TSFLS program

Suzanne created Top Secret Fat Loss Secret for everyone who has trouble with a weight loss. More importantly, though, this program is more about health than anything else.

This program will make you healthier, safer, and sexier. Rember, this is a weight loss program. Top Secret Fat Loss Secret is divided into two options:

Option #1: Top Secret Fat Loss Secret – Pro Version

This option is Suzanne’s most commonly sought-after plan. It reveals the secrets as to why you are fat and how to permanently get rid of the extra fat you have.

The program is for all those people who are trying to lose weight but are unable to do so. Remember, if everything you’ve tried thus far has failed, it is not true that you are not trying hard enough. The problem lies within you, whether it is plaque or parasite.

Option #2: Top Secret Fat Loss Secret – Hardcore Elite Version

If you are really angry, willing to declare war on fat, that this option is for you. Aside from taking a very hostile attitude towards fat, this option will impress you with the way it will turn your body into a beautiful sculpture.

If you are looking to lose weight and gain a perfect body at the same time than this hardcore elite version is for yours.

Why you need Top Secret Fat Loss Secret to give to you?

The problem with the parasite (Schistosoma haematobium) that this program destroys is that you can get it while eating. More importantly, it lays eggs as soon as it settles, and takes over your body, leeching the energy off you.

What is even worse, these parasites can become mineralized and block your ability to absorb nutrients in a proper manner. They are a problem even when they day because once they are mineralized, they cause problems like painful swellings, blockages, and other harmful things.

How does this program work?

  1. Once you start with Top Secret Fat Loss, soon you will “poop out” all those nasty parasites and plaque that is destroying your health and appearance
  2. As soon as you fix the problem in its roots, you will naturally lose weight. Only then you will realize that your weight loss problem was connected to more deeper health issues
  3. Revitalization process is imminent with this program. You will feel much better and younger once ye destroy parasites and plaque. Why? Well, you will have more energy. Remember, parasites steal the energy your body produces.
  4. You will actually look a lot sexier than you do now. Aside from losing weight, extra energy will give you the glow everyone around you will notice. Beware, some might even be jealous!
  5. Longer life expectancy. Often times people in because of “natural causes”, but I’m not so sure about those “natural causes”. I don’t think that having a parasite stealing your energy is natural.

Is this program worth it and who should buy it?

I would say it is worth. Just looking at all the health benefits it gives you is really refreshing.

If you are one of the people from this list, you should definitely try this program out.

  • If you really want to lose weight, then this is the program for you
  • Want to look sexier and slimmer? Try it out!
  • Revitalization process starts as soon as you start with this program. Believe me, you will feel younger and energized
  • Get rid off all the nasty critters and parasites that feed off you and “poop them out” with Top Secret Fat Loss Secret.

I would also like to mention that this is an 8-week money back guarantee program, meaning that you can try this program for 8 weeks. See if it’s the right kind of guide for you. But I’m pretty sure that you will be happy with it because it is an all-around program, focusing on multiple things that have a great impact on your life.

To conclude, if you are having trouble with losing weight you must know that there are other factors other than the lack of exercise or the extra energy you take via food. If you already tried conventional treatments, diets and exercise programs, maybe it is time for you to try something radically new.

Feel free to look at all the positive reviews about this program, and who knows, maybe the day will come when people will read your positive review about the Top Secret Fat Loss Secret program.

Learn The Top Secret Fat Loss Secret, And Start Shedding Those Excess Pounds When You Fix It!

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