Top 3 Lucid Dreaming Guides – Live a New Life In Your Dreams!

You may know that if you have had a lucid dream before, it feels absolutely incredible! A lucid dream lets you be in your very own world and control it completely.

You can essentially live an entirely different life and learn all the skills to maintain this talent. Lucid dreaming has become one of the most wanted skills out there. This isn’t a surprise, as it has so many benefits, like a few I’ve mentioned below.

You can create your very own dream plots in advance

You can create your very own dream scenario in advance. This can be done via wake-induced and dream-induced techniques. You can plot your dream before even going to sleep. How amazing is that?

The key to this step is to stay excited. The more excited you are about the dream, the more it is likely to happen. The excitement can then yield lucid dreams via ready-wired scenarios.

Lucid dreaming is highly motivational

You feel like you’re flying

When you’re lucid dreaming you feel like you can glide almost anywhere – and let’s face it – that’s so much better than walking!

When you do fly, your awareness is on a completely different level, giving you a wholesome experience. The lucid dream makes it feel like it’s actually happening. Lucid flying such an enjoyable activity for lucid dreamers.

You interact with your heroes

There are so many personal heroes that each individual has. They are inspiring to us and we look up to them in our personal and working lives. They can be anyone from authors to actors to artists and so many more.

The beauty of lucid dreaming is that it allows you to meet them in your dream, whilst it feels so real. These amazing lucid conversations help you find your inspiration in a real and wonderful way.

Control your dreams with lucid dreaming

How to achieve lucid dreams consistently

We can see that lucid dreams are very beneficial, but how do you achieve them on a constant basis?

Well, the key thing to remember is that dreaming is an absolute discipline. They require commitment and even though the commitment is only mental, it can be intensive.

When you trying to prep yourself for lucid dreaming, it is quite quick and easy to start. You will soon notice elements like heightened awareness and an improved dream recall.

At first, the lucid dreaming may be quite sporadic and this could last a few weeks. It may take a few months or even a year to get to consistent lucid dreaming. Once you have the habit instilled, you can experience it several times a week.

As you can see, there are so many reasons why you should consider practicing lucid dreaming. But how will you get started?

Well, we’ve assembled the very best guides on lucid dreaming below. Take a look and pick one that sounds best for you:

Experience peace with lucid dreaming

1. 5 Steps to Lucid Dreaming

This program teaches you how to cheat sleep by drifting off to sleep again and take part in lucid dreaming at the same time. It is also quite interesting as it contains practices of Yoga in the exercises.

You will learn how to meditate which helps you easily channel lucid dreaming. Once your subject matter is learned and practiced, you will see inner freedom and peace come to you.

2. Lucid Academy

This program is designed in a way where you will get step-by-step tutorials that show you how to practice lucid dreaming. The instructions are simple and very easy to comprehend. You will also be able to learn skills like controlling your dreams.

The program is affordable and you will find many positive reviews of it online. Best of all, the entire guide is available online for purchase, so you can receive it immediately after paying.

3. Lucid Dreaming Fast Track

This program is affordable and teaches you how to practice lucid dreaming in a simple but effective manner. The step-by-step guide shows your skills in controlling and manipulating dreams in 10-minute lessons.

It has so many positive reviews and the program was designed to ensure success and sustainability in lucid dreaming. After all, once you start lucid dreaming, you will want to keep it up consistently.

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