Toned In Ten Review: Can You Get 10 Years Younger In 10 Minutes A Day?

Having suffered from Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease for nearly 10 years, I know exactly how it feels not to be able to lose weight. All doctors I had ever consulted stressed the importance of losing weight in order to regularize my menstrual flow. My menstrual cycles were highly irregular – I would not have a period for more than 6 months at a stretch.Toned in ten a girl with low self esteem

Symptoms of PCOD like unexplained weight gain excess body hair directly affected my self-esteem as a young woman in her prime years. I had a bulging tummy, my face looked swollen, my cheeks and breasts sagged with all the excess body weight, and none of my dresses fit me well.

My legs and hands had excess hair growth, and I had to go to the salon twice per month to make sure the hair growth wasn’t visible. I tried natural diets, healthy detox diets, and everything I could lay my hands on, but nothing changed my weight. One particular incident I dreadfully remember was when I went on an all-fruit diet and saw some results. I lost around 8 pounds, but as soon as I resumed my normal diet, I gained all my lost weight back again.

My self-esteem was steadily decreasing.

I started staying home more often and limited all my social interactions.

I felt socially awkward, and whenever I spoke to people, I would become increasingly aware of my body flaws and would go into a circle of body shaming and despair. This affected my ability to talk and interact with people, and each time I spoke to someone, I had this feeling deep down that they would not like me.

People actually stayed away from me because of my low confidence and overly self-conscious nature.

I felt lonely.

toned in ten feeling lonely

There was nobody I could make conversation with, and I had no friends. I loved shopping for clothes and accessories, but after the weight gain, I felt so bad about my body that I stopped buying new clothes. I would promise myself that if/when I lost weight, I’d buy all the clothes I deserved.

But that never happened

Every weekend was spent at home, on my bed, binge eating, watching shows on Netflix, and ordering Pizza and other processed food.

I was on a depressing cycle. I would eat all the junk I wanted, look in the mirror and feel intense shame, starve for a day, feel sorry for myself, and resume eating junk to make up for it.

The cycle never stopped.

When I got a Gym membership after much persuasion from my mother, I had little hope that it would somehow change the way I looked and felt about myself. My instructor put me on the treadmill for an hour a week, and I disliked every bit of my exercise routine. An hour of cardio early in the morning somehow made me feel nauseous, and I knew this wasn’t meant for my body.

And even after a month of cardio, I could see no improvement in my body weight. I just felt more fatigue and ate a lot more than I normally used to.

Just 6 months into my Cardio practice, I had not lost weight but gained 3 pounds extra.

That is when I decided that I needed to take my weight loss journey seriously and started my search for the best weight loss technique for my body. As I scoured the internet for more information on different diet types, workout methods, and techniques, I could see what I was doing wrong all this while.

Cardio was not, after all, the best workout technique.

Why does Steady State Cardio fail to produce the best results?

toned in ten Cardio

Any exercise which raises your heart rate and requires you to move your muscles comes under the category of Cardio exercise. Moving and flexing your muscles plays a good role in strengthening the body.

Good cardio is an essential part of any good workout regime. But slow and steady-state cardio has its own drawbacks. Slow and steady-state cardio is not very good at burning long-term storage fat.

The human body has a vast reserve of long-term stored fat, made available for emergency situations when the body has no source of the immediate fat reserve to burn energy from. Steady-state cardio uses up energy from these immediate fat reserves and ends up burning very little long-term stored fat.

Also, this kind of cardio performed for longer periods leads to a decrease in lean muscle mass. Lean muscle mass is essential in ensuring a high metabolism rate necessary for burning daily calories. It also makes the body go to endurance mode, causing it to accumulate more on reserve storage. This causes an increase in appetite, which makes you prone to more snacking and over-eating.

Why High-Intensity Cardio gives you much better resultsToned in ten Excercise

High-Intensity Cardio is safely recommended for people with health conditions like diabetes and heart disease over other aerobic activities and is ideal for people of all age groups focusing mainly on weight loss.

What this involves is high-intensity activity quickly followed by low-intensity activity or rest. During high-intensity training, the heart rate goes up, and more fat is burned in less time. This kind of workout has proven more beneficial over slow and steady-state cardio and remains the best choice for weight loss plans.

There are numerous benefits to a high-intensity workout. This kind of workout has been proven to increase the metabolic rate and help burn more fat.

Thus, even after you exercise, your body will continue burning fat. Also, High-Intensity workouts need no special equipment and a place to perform. This can be done in the comfort of your home and doesn’t take much of your time in comparison with the slow and steady-state cardio.

My Introduction to Toned In TenToned In Ten Fitness

When I started my journey with Toned in Ten, I was skeptical about the results it would give me. But then, I researched all information I could find over the internet about High-Intensity workouts, and everywhere, I could see that HIIT was far more effective than slow, steady-state cardio in aiding weight loss.

Having read the wonderful reviews on this program, I finally decided to buy this program. This renewed lifestyle has changed my life, and I started shedding pounds rapidly, thanks to the strict, controlled diet system taught in the course.

Even though exercising this way made me feel sore the next day, I didn’t give up. It finally felt like something good was on its way, and I wanted to experience it in its majesty.

These days, I can perform my workouts in the comfort of my home and don’t have to spend much time on them. This makes me glad.

Get Toned in Ten today by clicking this link, and you’ll learn exactly which exercises work the best to get you looking 10 years younger in 10 minutes/day

Five 10-minute workouts a week are required to complete the Toned in Ten program. As well as helping you lose fat and cellulite from your stomach, hips, and thighs and getting a leaner body in general, it promises to give you younger-looking skin.

Toned in Ten is designed for women who live busy lives, often working moms who can’t find the time to exercise regularly or are feeling tired. The creator also informs us that the workouts are suitable for anyone, regardless of gender and age.

Tones in Ten contains workouts designed to help you burn fat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without leaving you exhausted.


Toned in Ten aims to get you toned in just 10 minutes. Each workout lasts for a total of 10 minutes, and exercises are performed in bursts. There may be a few people who are frightened by this term, as it suggests sprinting or something similar, which may not be beneficial to someone who, for example, suffers from knee, hip, or back pain.

However, Erin explains that she uses the term “burst” as a descriptive term for brief bouts of exercise lasting less than a minute with no rest time in between.

That said, the workouts can also be performed as HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), which I’m sure many people are familiar with.

Exercise will incorporate some rest breaks, but it will probably take you 30 minutes instead of 10 minutes.

What did the course bring?

toned in ten waistline

Along with the course material, the author includes the following modules to help enhance the experience.

Ten Minute Done-For-You Workouts:

This module shows you exactly how to do these exercises and the author claims that these are the ideal exercises for losing belly, hip and thigh fat.

Apart from this, the author brings you a set of bonus videos:

Bonus 1: Ten Minute Done-For-You Workouts

These are a set of body reshaping exercises, and here, you will find the author personally guiding you through each step of the exercise routine. You also have an anti-aging and fat-burning collection of workout free.

Bonus 2: Toned in Ten – Nutrition Guide

This is a nutrition guide to help you focus more on the things that you can eat and should eat more of. The author explains the importance of eating healthy to maximize weight loss and to achieve results for skin-firming.

Bonus 3: Toned in Ten – Youthful Secrets

The author explains her personal experience of how she follows certain tips and techniques to achieve anti-aging results faster and also some Youth Enhancing secrets.

This, she claims, can make a person look 10-15 years younger than their actual age.

Bonus 4: Toned in Ten – Grocery Shopping Lists

The author advises on what items to purchase at a grocery store so as to achieve maximum fat loss, youthful skin and energy, and a flat and attractive belly.

My life today

Toned in Ten Happy Woman

I have lost nearly 30 pounds of weight and could not feel lighter and happier. My menstrual cycles are regularizing, and I hope slowly but steadily they become regular again. I feel much better, happier and joyful in life, active and full of life.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

Losing weight doesn’t just affect your sense of self-esteem and confidence. It also alters your life in a way you never thought possible. You start feeling active, ready to be able to do more in a short time, feeling free and happy. My PCOD symptoms are reducing day by day, and I hope one day in the future, I will be cured of this dreadful condition.

I still practice HIIT for half an hour daily from the comfort of my home, and I have never felt happier. I write this review in the hope that it will help individuals like me on the path to weight loss. If you are focusing on losing weight within the shortest time possible, I highly recommend you to buy this program.

If you are in doubt, check out some of their awesome reviews on the product page.

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