The Venus Factor Review: Why do women find it so hard to lose weight?

When I read about the weight loss coaching sometimes back, it never occurred to me that I would come to know about The Venus Factor. There is one man who came to mind when I started thinking about weight loss. His name is John Barban.

My initial thought when I read about John Barban was that he was only after helping men, going by what is shown on his site. However, I was glad to learn that as a woman, the Venus Factor was actually about women and how to help deal with what John would refer to as metabolic override.

As an everyday woman, I was looking for real results. Unfortunately, every program on weight loss that I sampled was actually a scam. I am going to tell you why I preferred this program over all others.

About Venus Factor

The first thing that you will find about this program is that it combines two important strategies to help you deal with weight loss, i.e.,

  • Diet
  • Exercise

The woman’s metabolism is a very important aspect of the weight loss program. This is because it has an impact on a woman’s demands on a daily basis while at the same time enabling her to maintain the kind of lifestyle that suits her.

In order for me to use the program and optimize it, there were important issues that had to be incorporated into my strategy:

  • My body measurements
  • My work and private schedules
  • Food preferences
  • Range of exercises that I could perform

From the other reviews that I had carried out, none had offered the kind of comprehensive strategies like the Venus Factor.

It helped me so well to optimize my diet and exercise for a healthy weight loss. After it worked for me so well, I decided that I should share with you my findings about it and hopefully convince you to take up the program.The Venus Factor Healthy Weight Loss

Other components of the program

Apart from the above, I was able to use the nutritional software which is custom made to help women with the modern challenges of weight gain.

The software is designed to help women plan on their meals and optimize on nutrition. Through this software, I was able to determine how much calories and nutrition were needed to keep me healthy.The Venus Factor Review: Why do women find it so hard to lose weight?

Candidacy for the program

Before you make up your mind that you want to buy this program, you need to know the following about it:

Who is the program designed for?

  • It is designed to help women who are ready to switch to a healthy lifestyle. That is if you are not contented with the status quo and would want to change the situation.
  • You must be ready to follow every step provided on the diet and exercise to lose the desired weight. Many people wish they could lose weight but they are not disciplined enough to follow all that it takes to achieve maximum weight loss.
  • You must be willing to stop using any weight loss pills. There are those who are not ready to give up the perceived shortcut to weight loss. You will find that this program purely works in a more natural and pragmatic way for those suffering from obesity and want to achieve weight loss.
  • It is an ideal method to help you stay in shape without going to the gym for long hours.

Problems with gyms

In truth, we have people who spend endless hours working out in the gym, some with little or no weight loss results to show. This could be draining physically and emotionally and especially if you are not up to the task. Plus, exercise can be boring and tiring most of the time.

Further still, some gyms are congested and are not clean or hygienic enough. So some people end up contracting infectious and skin diseases from the gyms. In any case, time to attend regular gym sessions may be limited or totally unavailable due to busy life schedules.

Lastly, the strategy is not for you if you are not ready to go of your favorite foods and drinks –old habits die hard and this could explain why some people never succeed in losing weight.

My weight loss journey

My journey to weight loss had started way back when I struggled with weight gain despite spirited efforts to lose it. There were things I was doing wrong but I could not bring myself to remedy the situation.

Diet and exercise did not seem to bring any changes in my weight. My metabolism was beyond control. Unless I found help, I knew right from the start that I could not be salvaged. My search for an effective weight loss plan landed me at the door of John.

Apparently, he had researched and written on fitness and diet. With his wide experience and education, I believed that he was the right person. He had managed to connect diet, exercises, and weight loss.

After all, you must “make time for it. Just get it done. Nobody ever got strong or got in shape by thinking about it. They did it.” (Jim Wendler)

Before and after photos

After trying it out, I had real photos of myself before and after. Most of my friends thought that I had made up the photos. They were unbelievable and I was at pains to prove to them that they were real photos.

It was evident that many people were not used to these types of results. The system had worked so well for me and therefore had to showcase the results of my hard work and dedication to it.

I was highly motivated to hold on despite the usual ups and downs. To all those who saw my photos and found them unreal would encourage them to give it a try and experience weight loss without going through the usual frustrating programs.The Venus Factor Healthy Weight Loss

Why do people get different results from the system

Someone challenged me to declare my results for comparison with others who were enrolled in the program. This was a test for me because quite frankly, I understood that the majority of the people do not respond the same way to it.

Exercise and nutrition are controlled by the calories one takes. And as we are well aware, the physiology of our bodies is different. More so, I discovered other reasons why people post different results in weight loss after undergoing the program.

  • The consistency or lack of it. The first thing that you need to know is that your results will to a large extent be influenced by how consistent you are in the system. There are those who start very well but lose track along the way. I was steadfast in my pursuit for perfect weight and for this reason I was successful.
  • Genetic make-up of different people undergoing the system. There are factors that are beyond our control, genes being the first. Some people have healthy metabolism while others have sluggish digestive processes. Both have no involvement with your diet exercise regime. However, the purpose of this system is to help one improve on some of these imperfections for perfect weight loss.
  • Biology. Our bodies have lots of biological processes which have a direct or indirect impact on weight. The aim of this system is to help you have a better understanding of how body processes could influence better results as far weight loss is concerned.
  • Environment. The environment in which one is living as well as the interactions one is going to have will influence weight loss and inform so many other factors.


The truth of the matter is that the system is not going to be 100% to everyone. There are those who will not receive the maximum results for the reasons given above.

But, if you had invested your money into it and it bore no results, you will receive back a full refund. The product designer has made it a policy to ensure that within 60 days after trying it out and failing, there will be no questions.

Apparently, the refund will be made and you will have your money in 2 days. Indeed, this shows that the author has complete confidence in the product and this explains why there is this provision. I did not ask for a refund after using the product. The reason is very simple. It worked!The Venus Factor Healthy Weight Loss

 Rapid loss

There are usually fears that this system could lead to rapid weight loss. Though this is feasible, the chances are low. My research on rapid weight loss led me to understand that it is not safe at all.

This explains why in this review, women expressed their most sincere concerns with this strategy. However, as one of the users; I found that it does not actually advocate this approach.

It is not only untenable, but I also found that it is not sustainable. The tenets of the Venus Factor are consistent adherence to calorie restriction and diet.

The offer

Those enrolling now will benefit immensely from the bonuses that are availed to the members. If you would like to lose weight in a healthy way without rigorous exercise and be a part of a growing community, seize the opportunity and immerse yourself in it.

You will save on purchase price and at the same time optimize the system. Is living proof that you could actually live the dream by having the shape and fitness which you thought were only fantasy? Take advantage of the limited offer and buy it for only $37. The cost is inclusive of handling and shipping.


The system is made up of the following features:

  • There is the main manual which explains basically what you need to know about the Venus Factor system. You will learn about the calories, diet, exercise, meals, and tricks to use in order to lose weight.
  • There is an eating guide that discusses in detail what you need to do know about food and nutrition.
  • The online application is available to help you access the various tools for the program.
  • The podcasts are delivered in series by the author on the life of the program which runs for
  • These podcasts are intended to uplift the spirits of the users of the program
  • There is a fitness program is designed to assist in effective workouts.
  • The online community for support among women who are going through the same weight loss challenges.The Venus Factor Healthy Weight Loss

Pros of the system

As a matter of fact, I have read so many reviews and it is evident that there are some people who think this strategy is not legit. As a result, they dissuade people from buying the Venus Factor system.

However, the following benefits would probably make you change your mind about it.

1. The first thing you will realize about this program is that it helps the user to adopt a totally new lifestyle. So much that you will quit an unhealthy life and start a new one that is based on nutrition, diet, and exercise.

2. The workouts which one is going to engage in are not your average workouts but ones that are designed to target certain areas of the body. This way, you will be able to build on the strength and at the same time tone the body muscles.

3. One of the biggest up for the Venus Factor system is that it works on the metabolism to make it more responsive to calories. If you burn more calories, this would mean that you shed more fat.

4. You will also learn more about the kind of diets which will help in boosting your metabolism. The system is scientifically proven to work. It works plainly and simply and helps you navigate through the whole issue of weight loss in a logical way.

Other benefits

5. The Venus Factor system is purely designed for women. It is highly flexible, allowing you to keep certain diets so long as you are on a restriction regime. You will also love the fact that you do not have to hit the gym to keep fit.

6. The last positive thing I would say about the Venus Factor system is that it does not require you to invest in anything. Some programs will demand that you buy equipment at the time of enrollment.

In the end, this Venus Factor system could end up being a rip -off and especially if the method does not work. But, this Venus Factor system is very different in the sense that it helps you to save because no prior investment is required.


On the other hand, you will find that there are 2 things I did not like about the Venus Factor system.

1. The first one is that it looks like it is designed for women alone. A man will therefore not benefit from it.

2. Secondly, it is only available online. There are no hard copies available at the local store near you.


My review is that this Venus Factor System is a highly effective method of losing weight using diet and exercise. In essence, it makes use of a unique approach to help you lose weight without going to the gym strictly or using a lot of money.

I highly recommend it if you are obese and you want to lose weight by working on the areas necessary for weight loss. Better still, you will get a refund if you don’t get results in 60 days. and no questions will be asked.

The Venus Factor

Get The Venus Factor – lose all that excess bodyfat, fit into your skinny jeans again, and most importantly- learn how to KEEP the weight off!

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