The Unexplainable Store Review: Why Are Brainwaves so Powerful?

“The Unexplainable Store” the name sounds mysterious, you might be thinking what is it?


Well, it’s not mysterious it’s just different.

What is it then? It is an online platform which expertise in Brainwave entertainment and crystals.

Ooo! Brainwave entertainment fancy word, what’s in for me?

There is a lot I must say, in this review, I will talk about both the store and brainwaves to explain to you the power of brainwaves.

What are brainwaves?


Capabilities of the human brain are enormous, it is complex with numerous abilities we aren’t aware of. A lot of research is going on in that area to explore what it can do.

The brain receives signals from neurons across the body, what you feel and act is what your brains want. This something everyone knows, what we all don’t know is how it works.

When neurons start interacting with each other in high number they generate brainwaves.

How can you detect them?

Simple by putting sensors on the scalp.

The basis is the frequency which comes from the thoughts you are feeling. This frequency measuring unit is Hertz, basis which you can see what type they are.

Type of brainwaves?

Why do I have to bore you with all these scientific logic? There is a reason, to understand the power and what these waves are capable of, you need to first understand their functions.

Their frequency defines the category of waves. Functions of all the waves are derivative of the frequency itself.


A number of studies pertaining to these waves are less, leaving it to exploratory options. Detecting these is difficult as they are very slow in nature. What we know is, it majorly connects the network function and brain timing.


Delta waves are very interesting in nature, their generation takes place at the time of sleep when you are not dreaming. They are popularly known for their healing and regenerative abilities.


Theta waves are little deeper, it’s when we are in a dream, where we are holding our fears, nightmares or imagination both good and bad.


Alpha waves are symbolically present when you are in peace or restful state. They are responsible for you to calm down, integrate and focus.


Beta waves are your conscious state waves when you are doing your daily work, it present when you have alert state of mind.


Gamma waves are very fast, not only fast they are the most mysterious. The generation process is still not confirmed, theories align around their spiritual convergence.

Why are brainwaves so powerful?

Now that you all know a little about brainwaves, you can relate to what it can do.

Brainwaves have a direct correlation with the normal functioning of our mental, emotional and physical health.

Brainwaves are responsible for our reactions in different forms, either of them with a disturbed pattern can give rises to a lot of problems.

What are the problems that can occur due to a disturbance in brainwaves?

  • Anxiety
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Sleep disorders
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Nightmares
  • Panic attacks
  • Diabetes
  • Vertigo
  • Narcolepsy
  • Migraines

The list is huge, basically its effects our emotional and neurophysical health giving rise to various issues.

Are you suffering from the above-mentioned issues?

I am guessing after reading the entire introduction, you are realizing the power of brainwaves, it has to be in balance to live a happy life.

People suffer from the above-mentioned issues but they don’t know is the root cause of it. Disturbance in brain waves can be a reason for it.

From this review, I would want to create awareness of brainwaves. Shall throw light on the remedy on how you can solve these problems.

There are numerous ways to make them balance like yoga, meditation. They all are long term and needs focus.

I would introduce you to an efficient way of keeping your brainwaves in balance to solve these issues.

The method is known as “Brainwave Entertainment”.

What is Brainwave Entertainment?

Using an example can make it very easy to understand, when we listen to specific music sometimes we feel good, sometimes sad and sometimes sleepy.

Why does this happen? Simple it stimulates some kind of change in the brainwaves to induce that state.

Similarly, brainwave entertainment induces the brain to enter a state by using music or light. You can get your brain in the state you look to solve the issue you have.

Where to find brainwave entertainment elements?

That’s what the entire review is about, the best place to look for is “The Unexplainable Store”

It’s an online store which sells a lot of brainwave entertainment stuff, fitting to the need of the user.

This store has the best and the widest collection of good quality brainwave entertainment MP3 and CDs. Have a look at yourself.

Products selling on this website has a solid backup of scientific reasons contributing to its success and popularity.

You can check loads of testimonials available on the site.

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Why The Unexplainable Store?

I was suffering from insomnia,  this sleep disorder was devastating, leading to multiple issues like anxiety, restlessness, anger, frustration. Can not sleep for days.

It was killing me, my efficiency in other tasks was diminishing, I was losing focus. Gradually depression was making its roots on me, was completely clueless how to fix this issue.

Visited several therapists, tried various medication nothing was working, in turn, have other side effects of the medication.


Started looking for options on the internet, how I can fix this issue. After thorough research, read reviews on this store and decided to buy it.

Results were astounding, I could sleep. Oh my God! I was so happy, never felt such a joy.

I wish I would have found it earlier. The products of this store are incredible, my sleep issues are completely eradicated.

Feeling confident and great, being a user I feel my review could be of immense value to other readers. There are many people in need like me who need help to decide from honest customer reviews before buying the product.

We should spread awareness if it is for good, I will do my part as it’s a great store which is highly recommended to buy from.

There are numerous reasons why this store should be your choice, have stated the most important ones to consider.

Reasons why recommend this store:

  • High-quality products
  • Best in class service
  • Cost-effective
  • Great membership programs
  • Refund policy
  • Variety of options available
  • Completely reliable

Does it work?

It does absolutely! Why will I be writing so much about it?

The store has so much to offer, initially started with the Delta waves recordings to improve sleep patterns and improve my immunity. It worked really well.

Tried Alpha and Theta waves recordings for mental relaxation which cured me completely. I feel like a rejuvenated individual.

Enrolled in the membership plan which helps me save money, I am trying their wide range of products as per my requirements.


We always look for extras even with the best things, trust me the store won’t disappoint you.

Special Offers

They have monthly special offers running, it changes every month, showing offers on different products.

Special offers of every month

Their membership plan helps you save money. It provides you instant access to their newsletter.

You end up saving 35% to 60% on all MP3 downloads, 25% on all CDs and 35% On Astrology Readings isn’t it amazing!

They understand the need of the customer and provide valuable package deals to give you the best benefit of brainwaves.

Mobile App

Mobile app for the unexplainable store

This is not all, the store takes care of your convenience. They have a dedicated mobile app from where you can access all the products very easily at your fingertips in few clicks.

The application is called “Brainwaves”, you can download it from the App Store or Google play without any hassle.


The product range is not only limited to music CD’s, but they also have a huge offering of crystals. Crystals are gems highly regarded by metaphysical communities across the world.

Crystal offerings of unexplainable store

The crystal collection is diverse with high quality. To get the results you are looking for crystals should have optimum quality. The unexplainable store emphasizes on the quality and size of crystals.

They will deliver what they offer, I recently ordered one for myself and impact is noticeable. I am looking forward to a great experience as I had with other products.

There is much more to explore, they are expanding their range and touching new horizons. My membership plans enable me to know new options available.

I think it’s high time you should visit it yourself “The unexplainable store” and it’s worth trying.

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