The Ultimate Pull-Up Program Review: Simple & Effective Exercises

Among the variety of ways to work out, there is one kind of work out that will strengthen all areas of your body. It is the Pull-Up exercise, but not many people are doing it properly.

When you browse Instagram, you will find many women flexing and doing the pull-up exercise. However, almost none of them are doing it properly! Aside from doing it the wrong way, most of them are doing it in a way that can even damage their muscles. Doing an exercise routine wrong can defeat your main purpose of doing it. Instead of gaining strength and toned muscles, you end up with a sore body that did not gain anything but pain!

However, worry not. There is a guide online that focuses mainly on the pull-up exercise. You won’t need any sort of equipment to do it. Just plain body weight and proper positioning. It is called The Ultimate Pull-Up Program.

You might not have heard of anything like it because it is one of the first programs online focusing on the pull-up exercise and doing it the right way. Keep on reading this review to find out more.

The Story of Evelyn

Ultimate Pullup Program Improved Health

Evelyn is a woman in her late fifties who always suffered from chronic neck and back pain. Much like the rest of the women her age. She used to struggle just by doing daily tasks such as getting groceries, walking the dog, and just the general daily tasks. They have all been difficult until she met the genius behind the Ultimate Pull-Up Program, Meghan Callaway.

Meghan helped Evelyn achieve the body strength she aimed for. Unlike many women her age, she is now a healthy woman doing mad pull-ups! Imagine a woman in her late fifties doing pull-ups like a gym rat? How amazing is that?

Doing pull-ups as her mode of exercise on a daily basis has helped Evelyn in improving her health and make her generally healthier.

What does a proper pull-up look like?

As described by Meghan, these are the criteria of a proper pull-up, and these must be observed at all times if you aim to perfect the exercise.

Proper body positioning. Before you even try to do a single pull up, you must learn how to do the proper body positioning and master the basics. You have to have the foundation first!

Core strength. According to Meghan, your body is similar to a metal chain. Your core is, by its name, the core and the most important part of the system. Your arms and legs and other body parts are all connected to your core. Therefore, if your core is weak, your pull up game will not be as good.

Proper execution of assistance exercises. There are many assistance exercises you can find online that is good in itself but lack the consideration of the previous two mentioned here. If you incorporate three of the mentioned things,  you will be doing a proper pull up as you have never done before.

Evelyn was able to focus on these three areas which gave her the strength and the ability to perform not one, but six pull-ups a time. So if you are inspired by Evelyn, it is time that you purchase this program and work on your pull up skills!

Four Exercises that Don’t Work

Ultimate Pullup Program Clickable Image

When you dig the internet and look for pull-up exercises, these are the most common exercises you will find that most likely don’t work!

1. Band Assisted Pull-Ups. These kind of pull-ups are the ones using a band tied to the bar and you put your feet through them. While you may think this is a suitable exercise for you because of the added support, this most likely doesn’t work at all.

2. Machine Assisted Pull-Up. Just like the previous one, this pull-up exercise makes things easier for you. However, an easier work out doesn’t mean an effective workout. This exercise makes you do less and trains you less because of the assisting machine. Why would even want to work out when you will not get the results you want?

3. Body weight Rows/Australian Pull-Ups. This exercise is technically not a pull-up exercise. Pull up exercise requires you to pull up your body own body weight using a bar to hold on to. This exercise doesn’t do that. It doesn’t require you to do a vertical pull up, which won’t give you the effect you’re looking for.

4. Lat Pull-Downs. Among the four, this is probably the vaguest exercise. It doesn’t focus on any body part, and you might as well not work out at all.

So why don’t they work?

You might ask why don’t the previous exercises work when they look like they do. Here are the reasons according to Meghan:

  • The four exercises don’t mention the glute strength at all. Believe it or not, butt strength is essential in doing a proper pull-up. Nobody else says this!
  • No mention of core strength. Just like how we mentioned before, core strength is super important when making a perfect pull up.
  • No mention of the muscle that is in charge of the shoulder blades, also known as the scapulae. If these muscles are not strong enough for your body strength, you will not be able to do a kick-ass pull-up. Your form will be sloppy, and you will not gain the results you were aiming for.
  • They all lack specificity. This is the most important of all. The reason why they will never work is that they are all so vague and does not focus well on any part of the body. You might as well not work out at all if you plan on doing the four mentioned exercises.

Or, you can purchase The Ultimate Pull Up Program, so you get the information and strength you deserve!

The Ultimate Pull-Up Program

Ultimate Pullup Program Strengthen your Entire Body

If you are looking for a holistic, cohesive, systematic, and fun pull-up program, you have come to the right place. The Ultimate Pull-Up Program is probably the best program you will ever find online. It contains more than 150 pages of a comprehensive guide to doing a perfect pull up that will solve so many of your problems, just like how Evelyn got hers solved!

Get ready to improve your pull up technique by targeting your upper body strength, upper body muscle tone, scapular, and shoulder controlled mobility, grip, core, and glue strength, and lower body strength. You might be surprised by the fact that you will need to improve your lower body, but it is essential! A strong body means a strong pull-up, not just upper body.

The Genius Behind the Program

You might be wondering who the genius behind the program is. We mentioned her name was Meghan Callaway, but there is more to learn about her!

Meghan has been a strength coach for 14 years, and a professional athlete for 25. Many people have been using her techniques and methods for many years now, it is all because of her dedication to curate exercises that work.

At age 28, she met a tragic car accident that left her body in a mess. She suffered five awful years of body dysfunctions, crippling injuries, massive frustrations, and painful heartaches. She sunk to rock bottom, but she was able to recover. Once she did, she dedicated her time into creating the Ultimate Pull Up program.

Since then, she realized that she had been taking her health for granted, so she decided to change her life through the program. Now, she is sharing it with the world at a very affordable cost.

What Other Experts Say About the Program

Ultimate Pullup Program Testimonial

You’re not convinced yet? Well, experts are!

Some experts expressed their respect to Meghan for curating such an effective program. Leigh Peele, a coach, author, researcher, and podcast host said that Meghan is the real deal. She assures you that the Meghan will be the most helpful coach you will ever have, and the program will be the best one you will ever try.

Molly Galbraith, the owner of Girls Gone Strong, also testified to the credibility of Meghan. She says she is super excited about the fact that Meghan has created something specifically for women. It is one of the most empowering programs found online, and it is perfect for all women.

Peter Baker, Fitness Writer, Strength Coach and Butt Sculptor, said that you’ll be saving thousands of money when you purchase this guide. That is how valuable the information in this guide is! Instead of spending thousands, you would be spending just a couple of bucks to learn all of Meghan’s methods!

Final Verdict

The fact that one woman wants to share to the world her own secrets on how to become stronger is amazing. She is practically giving all women a chance to turn their lives around, live a better life, and live a healthier life. Because everyone and every woman deserve it.

This guide will be the exercise guide that will change your work out game forever, and you will never have to look back.

The Ultimate Pull-Up Program

Join the proud users of the Ultimate Pull-Up Program, and conquer this tough exercise with ease – click here to access it!


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