The Ultimate Kettlebell Challenge Workouts Review: Can You Do It?

All of us want to live a healthy life in every possible manner. In order to live such a life, it is agreed that we need to find long-lasting solutions for the issues like obesity. A survey has recently revealed that obesity is an issue around the globe. Excessive weight leads people to chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes etc.

Different ways adopted by people to lose weight:

1. Gyms:

Most of the people end up working out and hitting out the gyms in order to access ways to lose weight effectively. At the same time, it is also an admitted fact that working out does not suit all of us. Are you aware of the cost of a workout session of yoga? There are yoga instructors that charge high for rendering their services.

2. Workout:

Moreover, at times there are workout sessions that do not help you at all. Most of the times we see the trainers incapable of knowing the effective techniques that may be facilitating one to lose weight and be fit.

3. Injections and pills:

Also, there are injections and pills that help people in trimming them to shape and gain strength at the same time. Unfortunately, these are basically steroids that have injurious carcinogenic substances.

4. Weight loss plans:

You can easily access the programs that commit to helping you in losing weight and becoming healthier at the same time. Most of these programs are nothing but scams and are not effective at all.

Are you one of those frustrated people who has been using such weight loss programs that did not help at all? Are you actually looking for a plan that would actually facilitate you in getting attractive muscles, a healthier lifestyle, and weight loss?

The Ultimate Kettlebell Challenge Workouts:

Well, your search ends here, as we have the ultimate workouts program is there to help you in every manner. This review is there to give you details about this plan and the reason for choosing it. The ultimate Kettlebell workouts stand out rest of the weight loss plans with this weight loss plan you will not be taking any pills to flush out the fats.

The Ultimate Kettlebell Challenge Workouts Review

Forest Vance: Creator of the weight loss plan

No doubt there are several weight loss plans that do not work for the users. Most of these programs have been developed by business-minded people who look forward to generating revenue from you. They actually lack the skills to develop effective weight loss programs. However, luckily the creator of this plan possesses all the skills to be effective in losing weight.

Forest Vance himself is a boot camp instructor and a physical trainer based in Sacramento. He has earned a master’s degree in Human Movement. He has also been a stint in NFL.

All this shows his capabilities and qualification in this regards. It was his expertise that assisted him in developing the ultimate Challenge workouts to help other people.

The product itself:

Reading so far you must be well aware of what is the Challenge workouts. It is basically a program based on workouts to help you lose weight via kettlebell equipment. It is a PDF e-book having complete guidelines helping the users to lose excess weight, and gain strength in an easier and cheaper way.

Techniques that have been mentioned in this booklet are not there in the reviews of the other plans of the same nature that are accessible in the market.

Are you aware of the fact that you can make use of your own weight as equipment of the gym? Therefore, in order to achieve the best consequences, you will be using kettlebell along with your own weight working as workout equipment.

What is a kettlebell?

If you have not heard of a kettlebell before then you must think of a cannonball along with a handle. Basically, there are two types of these kettlebells that are as follows:

  • Classic Russian style: This type of kettlebell increases in size with the increase in weight. Some of these have color coding but not all of them. These are considered to best for home usage.
  • Competition style: This type of kettlebell remains the same size regardless of the weight. These are usually differentiated on the basis of the color codes.

Why should one be trained with the kettlebells?

Different reviews say different things about these kettlebells. This review will simply ask you:

  • Do you want to stay strong and healthy in order to meet day to day challenges?
  • Don’t you have enough budgets to be spent on the gym?
  • Are you looking forward to adopting a plan that keeps you motivated and fitness fad does not cut it?
  • And last but not least you have limited space at home?

If you can relate to all of these above-mentioned questions or few of them then kettlebell training is what you should adopt. They are relatively cost effective, easy to be stored, and offer an efficient way of working out each part of the body in a simple manner and in a short period of time.

The kettlebells are not only versatile pieces of equipment but also easy to be used. If you are looking for a quick workout and you are right on times then this is something that will offer you exciting and attractive results in a matter of no time. Moreover, it is worth stating here that it requires minimal stuff i.e. one bell and that is it.

Combination of performance and kettlebells:

The real magic is where the concept of performance-based exercises are combined with kettlebells. They are indeed a perfect tool to make use of in order to accept the extra challenges.

The best part of the workouts offered by Kettlebell Challenge Workouts is that they consume 20 minutes of the whole day.  All of us can spare this much time for our health indeed.

No doubt when we are just talking about this plan it seems it is so simple so how it can be effective but once you will start it you will be a true believer in every manner. It is a plan of super high intensity where you will find all groups of your major muscles working in short time at once and with one simple piece of equipment.

Components of The Ultimate Kettlebell Challenge Workouts:

The plan has three components in order to ensure the simplicity of the weight loss plan. All these three components are basically books having step by step guidelines to lose weight:

The ultimate Kettlebell Challenge workouts main manual:

It has routines of 33 workouts that will make use of the kettlebell as well as your own weight. Each one of these workouts is different and separate from each other. This training lasts for 8 weeks.

The FVT Kettlebell basic workshops:

In case you fail to use kettlebell properly, it may cause harm to your body. This particular component of the Kettlebell workouts has techniques that make sure that the users are safely performing all the workouts. It reduces the chances of injuries. In addition to the written guide, videos are also there.

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Ultimate Kettlebell guide:

This component has 41 exercises along with the illustrations. In this way you will be capable of treating your each and every muscle groups in a different manner, every time you will exercise.

The cost to begin with The Ultimate Kettlebell Challenge Workouts:

Different weight loss plans have different prices. When it is about this specific weight loss plan, it entails a discounted price. This price is little as clamored to the other weight loss plans to buy. 

Are there any bonuses with the ultimate Kettlebell Challenge workouts?

After you will receive this program, you will be getting special bonuses as one of the liabilities. These bonuses actually add to the information that is given by the manual program. They are as follows:

bonus with this amazing product

Forest Vance offers customer support or not?

Well, the straightforward response to this question is “yes”. The author is known to respond quickly to the questions about this weight loss plans through e-mails. In case you need to ask anything, just do not hesitate in sending an e-mail. It will facilitate you in clarifying the issues on as soon as possible basis.

Does The Ultimate Kettlebell Challenge Workouts offer the best exercise?

Well if we talk from women’s point of view then these workouts are prone to give tone and strength and at the same time, no bulk is added. On the other hand, when men are seen or asked about these workouts then they experience strength enhancements rapidly.

The American Council on Exercise conducted an independent study on the workouts offered by this weight loss plan and concluded that “during a workout of 20 minutes, the average calorie burn was 272 calories”.

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