The Ultimate B.L.A.S.T. 5 Training System: Muscle & Strength?

Hi there everybody! I have written this review for the newest product The Ultimate B.L.A.S.T. 5 Training System.

As a brief conclusion, this is awesome! Such a user-friendly product, with such relevant guidelines, is rare to find.

I am a huge fan of sports. I have been practicing sports since I was a kid, like 5 years old. I started with football, like any other kid. I then continued with basketball, I also tried handball. I ran at different contests and every time I have the chance to enroll in a marathon, I always do it. Not necessarily for a 42 km course, but rather 21km or 10.


Anyway, as I am 42 now, you can imagine how fond I when it comes to sports. I afterward trained some kids in basketball. I started going to the gym 3-4 times a week ever since I was 17. I only took vacation breaks from sports, short ones. So, I can call myself an athlete.

Still, a good athlete knows that there is always something new to learn. There are always things to improve.

Why I bought this guideline


Actually, one of my students came and gave it to me for my birthday. I didn’t know if it was a way of him telling me to improve until he clarified everything. He told me that he would like me to tell him my opinion concerning this guide. That this guide has great reviews and everybody talks about it.

So, I didn’t buy this guide, I received it as a present. But still, I had bought it later on, for other people that I thought would like to improve their training sessions.

So, this review is specifically for those who have heard of this but don’t really know if it is worth it. I must say that it is created by an awesome athlete. Those of you who practice sports more seriously have surely heard of him.

So, first thing first, you should take into consideration that the author is reliable. One of the best in the domain, I might add.

What does this guide offer?

I have discovered some incredible insights that not even I, after almost 37 years of practicing sports, had no idea of. Very useful, really.

The way in which the author teaches his readers to combine exercise with a healthy diet, to get some rest, to read, to walk, etc is extraordinary. Basically, you learn how to live a healthy and thus a happy life.

This author does not encourage you just to work out, but to learn to live a balanced life. It is impossible for a person to be happy only by playing sports. So, the author teaches his readers to give time to all other activities that fulfill them, that turn them into healthy and happy persons.

What are the features of the guide?


The guide is spread into different parts. It is very well structured, by the way. The language that the author uses is very simple and comprehensive. So don’t imagine that you should have studied something specific in order to understand the terminology.

First of all, you get to know what makes a person accumulate kilos. What are the most unhealthy habits of ordinary people, like us? Basically, it shows you a reality that you don’t even realize. And you do not realize it because there are so many things to do in a day.

As a matter of fact in a few hours. The author teaches you how to organize your time, in order to make room for a sports routine that will make your blood circulate properly.

Moreover, you will find out what are the most healthy recipes. Wait, don’t imagine that you will be dying from hunger. On the contrary, you will feel satisfied with the quantity of food that you will eat every day. But you will learn to portion your meals and eat at certain hours. Or during certain intervals. Anyway, creating a daily routine for every meal, that is what you will learn.

What is the most interesting thing that I read in the book?


The exercises that the author teaches us throughout the book are outstanding. I have tried the training myself and although I am a sportsman it made some changes to my body. There are a series of exercises. You go from short series to longer series, and harder, of course. That is because your endurance to exercising becomes higher.

It predicts very well the moment when you are ready for a new batch of exercises. It predicts very well the time when you have to learn new moves and make the other ones more complicated.

What I have learned from this book?


The purpose of the guide is to make you become more aware of the person you want to be and start doing things accordingly. You understand much better what a healthy diet means. It is by no means keeping yourself hungry. On the contrary, you eat more often than before, but much more organized.

The training that this book teaches is absolutely phenomenal. You learn some interesting moves. You also can see some pictures of the proper moves and how to make them correctly.

As you probably know, lifting weights can affect your physical condition if you are not guided at first. You must accept guidance. The exercises that you are about to find in this guide are of different severity.

The guide is not only for men or only for women. This program encourages both males and women to pursue such an interesting training. I think that it is awesome to develop into people the need to do better for themselves.

The training sessions are simple, explicit, and very coherent. You always get feedback from the trainer and also are able to provide feedback on it. The one thing that you need is perseverance. You might feel like you wanna quit after starting the program, but it is only your mind trying to convince you no to put effort into reaching your goals.

Step out of your comfort zone and work hard!

What exercises does the program teach?


You start with simple stretching. Of course, you end with stretching. Never skip stretching, as it can affect your physical condition!

So, the first moves are simple, let’s say for beginners. But do not imagine that they don’t require any effort because you are wrong. At first, I thought I might skip the first part. Yet, when I decided to follow the instructions, although I am a sportsman, I got myself a huge fever.

The difficulty grows one step at a time. In 2 weeks you will start to notice some six-pack making its way through. You will know what position to adopt and how to do it correctly, without endangering your health.


Look at the numerous positive reviews that this program has. Now search for the negative ones. Not too much isn’t it? Well, it’s efficiency is already known all over the world and that is a fact.

You don’t have to become an athlete, you might as well need some guidance in becoming more attentive to yourself. You might feel too tired, too stressed on a daily basis. Sports can help you with these moods. It does that to all of us.

The Pros


  • The program teaches some unique moves that are easily executed by professional athletes and beginners as well
  • You will meet the most user-friendly package
  • No health risk has been registered here, as the creator of the guide explains quite logical how to make your moves and not get hurt
  • This program is completely risk-free. You have 60 days at your disposal to make up your mind. If you feel like this guide is not quite what you expected, you can claim your money back

The Cons

  • It is only available online, so you can download the pdf format of the guide
  • No miracle can be made without some effort. So, give it time and patience and work to achieve your goals

The Final Words


This guide has completed my knowledge concerning a healthy lifestyle. I can sincerely say that it has proven me that you can always do better, even when you look great. So, if you need to replace some fat with a great deal of healthy muscles, this is for you too.

You will learn how to lift weights, how to run, how to eat, how to rest properly. You will become the best version of yourself without even knowing. Put some effort into it, and you will get there.

And while you are there, tell others that there is a way. Create your own review of this product and pass it on. You will nevertheless be a promoter of healthy living. Good luck! And do not forget to spread the news about this new awesome guide available in town!

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The Ultimate B.L.A.S.T. 5 Training System: Muscle & Strength?
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