The TSC Heart Of A Champion Training And Nutrition Program Review

The TSC Heart of a Champion Training and Nutrition Program

Get Back on Track!

I have had such bad medical history that had even made me become a familiar face at the Hospital. If the Hospitals had VIP cards I probably would have been given one! But wasn’t until I changed my life a year ago when I had a stroke scare and my cholesterol levels went at an all time high and that was when I discovered Chris Kruger’s TSC Heart of a Champion Program  which comprise of a 70 workout program.

Started dieting and exercising since January 2016. It has been a long hard journey but I have hang in there for my two beautiful kids. We have all have our ups and downs emotionally and financially and because of that my limit to dieting and exercising was tight and yes there are times I thought of just giving up but I knew that even though I was battling financially I can always make a plan and I did just by staying focused on being healthy for my kids and for my family. But reading inspirational stories from Chris’s TSC Heart of a Champion Program and what it has been able to do for him has changed the way I look at my life and health.

And guess what because I was eating the wrong foods my health went down big time kidney wasn’t functioning probably and I was getting sicker by the day…..Well after the doctor nearly bit my head off I said to myself come on Doreen you can do it even though you are struggling financially but you only need to make a plan to stick to a very tight budget and ….yes it can be done and yes you would yourself  because now you will have to exercise and eat healthy and probably can no longer eat all the KFC and McDonalds but this is what one would want for the rest of their life if it means buying a bit more time with my family…..hope this encourages people to say yes we have our ups and downs but when it comes to our health we need to say yes we can do it and Chris Kruger’s 70 day program is just the trick that would do it.

The Beginning

Beginning Road

Chris Kruger’s inspirational story starts from way back in 2002 when he was just fresh man in college. He like any other freshman in college struggled to fit in because of all the pressures of being popular and trying to look good. He tried so many different types of programs to improve his physique, his athletism and his strength but nothing seemed to work for him.

When that seemed not to work, he then started going to the gym to maybe improve his looks in one way or the other. To have those albs and to have that body but nothing seemed to work. In the end he had spent hundreds of dollars on gym memberships and protein shakes that promised a lot of things but nothing appeared to work. He was still out of shape and over 200 pounds heavier.

Turning Point

Road Sign

He decided that enough was enough and that was when he decided to turn his life around. He started reading books and journals. He spoke with professors and track & field experts, but the most influential person in his development was a man named Emil Verboski. He was a strength & conditioning coach for the Bulgarian National Team during the height of Soviet athletic dominance. He exposed Chris Kruger to radical new ideas and training methods that were light years ahead of our time.

It was from Emil’s influence helped Chris developed his own philosophy of health and fitness that rapidly transformed his body. From age 20 to 21, everything changed. He went from being an insecure and wimpy kid to a fit and confident young adult. His strength, power, and athleticism skyrocketed aswell. He went from barely “touching rim” on a basketball hoop to effortlessly dunking the ball with two-hands. This could be you, this could also be you if you follow this simple 70 day program that is designed to give you the body that you need.

Chris Kruger’s TSC Heart of a Champion Program not only works but has been tested and proven to be a success.

Minor set backs  

No Possible Move

There was a time Chris took a job coaching football at a small college in Southern California. And then he hurt his back at work one day. This was a devastating injury, two herniated discs in his lumbar spine; it was looking pretty bad for him. He was stuck in a vicious cycle of pain, anger, laziness, depression, junk food cravings, and weight gain.

He felt pathetic and wallowed in his self-pity. He was getting just a little bit fatter every day. And then one day he finally had the guts to step on the scale and look in the mirror, he found out that he was looking into a total stranger. And he said to himself, this isn’t, me, it couldn’t be!

Remember this is person who few months before, had been the living embodiment of youth, health and vitality. Now he looked and felt felt old and decrepit. His joints ached, so did his back. He was up to 253 pounds with “cottage cheese thighs” that rubbed together when he walked. His Body Mass Index was 30.0, which meant that he was literally obese.

The challenge

Air Cav infantry Soldiers compete in company challenge

He challenged himself to take up his own program. He took the TSC Heart of a Champion Program the same one that he had been sending to people all over the world and posting on you tube. For the next 70 days he followed the same program that he has been sending out to people which saw him triumphantly build back his body. What is amazing about this TSC Heart of a Champion Program is that it makes you look and feel good a bit better every day.

He was able to achieve these results in 10 weeks!

So why does traditional dieting and exercise programs fail?

There are a lot of reasons why diets fail, but one of them is probably because they underestimate the number to calories that are in the everyday food that they eat.

Food Tower

This includes the drinks that we take, the quick meals that we eat, those TV dinners. The other reason is that people do not pay attention to the serving portions and use cups and serving spoons keep their portions reasonable.

Fast foods and takeaways tend to be much larger in portion size and have a high calorie count, if you were to look up the nutrition information that the products probably have. Sometimes you can try to look up the nutritional information before going out to your favorite restaurant or before picking up the menu to your favourite restaurant.

The trick here is to always make sure that you pay close attention to the calories that you put in your body.

Traditional diets and exercise programs fail because they force you to use willpower to achieve results. Using your willpower to eat less and move more never works in the long-term and therefore sustainable results are impossible.

This leads to a depressing cycle of yo-yo dieting. Most bodybuilders and fitness models are trapped in this exact same cycle, starving themselves to cut weight for competitions or photoshoots and then gorging themselves afterwards. .

Instead of forcing change through the use of willpower, the TSC Heart of a Champion Program uses a few simple changes to your diet, lifestyle, and environment that you need to naturally leverage your hormones for optimal results. Our hormones control our mood, strength, stress, health, sleep, and ultimately our happiness. By using a few daily practices we can flip the right switches to start naturally pump the hormones that will make us look and feel our best. It works like magic every time.

Who Should Do the Program and Who Shouldn’t…

  • If you have tried to get in shape before but lacked a clear, direct, and proven approach.
  • If you know need to make some changes but you don’t have time to figure it all out on your own.
  • If you are not sure which diet or training program is right for you.
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the conflicting diet and health information online.
  • If you want to learn from someone that’s personally overcome the embarrassment of being a “skinny-fat” teenager and a devastating back injury that left me fat, angry, and depressed.
  • If you want to replace the old habits with new practices that help you feel better every day.
  • If you are ready for a fresh start and want to get results as quickly efficiently as possible.
  • If you are committed to enjoying effortless health and true fitness for the long term.

The Testimonies

The following testimony is from David E in Hawaii, USA he wrote:

“Chris Krueger is exactly the person we need to transform America and the world. His straight forward and honest approach works every time it’s applied. He provides a simple and direct path to achieving the body of your dreams and reaching your full potential. His efforts inspire me daily.”

And here is another one from Lars N from Norway, who also wrote;

“Chris, by following your programs, I was able to build muscle and burn fat at the same time! I finally achieved my “dream body.”  I’m stronger, faster and I feel much better about myself then I did before I started your programs. I’ve been following your principles ever since, and I’m still able to build strength and muscle while keep my body fat very low. I feel incredible health. Thank you!

Become one of the people that give a testimony to the amazing things that this wonderful program can be able to do for you!

Everybody Matters. You are Important. Take Care of Yourself.

Woman Meditating

  • Discover the simple and deliberate practices you can use on a daily basis to effortlessly produce incredible results.
  • Radically improve your mental and physical well-being
  • Use Beasting, Feasting, and Fasting to flood your body with the right hormones.
  • Break down fat, repair muscles, and improve mood.

What is the Cost of Doing Nothing?

  • Are you getting fatter, sicker, or weaker with each passing day?
  • Does your doctor want you to take medications?
  • Do you feel constantly anxious or depressed?
  • Do you feel like your life and health is spiralling out of control?
  • Are you slowly gaining weight and feeling uncomfortable in your own skin?

Is it worth my money?

Satisfaction Seal

The TSC Heart of a Champion Program is an incredible program which presents value for money. With a program designed like this you get a personal trainer for $50 just by buying the program. . The Program also comes with a bonus so you’re really getting 140 days of instruction.

  • It is less than $0.36 per day. So yes, it a worth the money! Taking control of your health and happiness is vital to a life well-lived.
  • You’re results will influence every other aspect of your life, including all of your personal and professional relationships.
  • You’ll feel different about yourself and the world will feel differently about you.
  • Plus you have ZERO RISK, because I offer an insane 90-day, 100% Money Back Guarantee on a program that only takes 70 days to complete!
  • You will absolutely love the Heart of a Champion Program and your results.


Become an ambassador of fitness!

Ready to Roar

Our next testimony comes from our very own Power Ranger!

Will Shewfelt is a young actor who was recently cast as Brody, The Red Ranger, on Nickelodeon’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reboot, Ninja Steel. He has this to say about the TSC Heart of a Champion Program:

“As an actor, I like to maintain a lean, chiselled physique year round–but not at the expense of becoming a gym rat, full-time chef, or steroid abuser. I need constant energy, real food that doesn’t leave me hungry and effective workouts. Chris Krueger’s TSC program is the only approach that allows me to stay in peak shape with tons of energy and to feel satisfied instead of starving. Through beasting, feasting, and fasting– I am leaner, stronger, more resilient, and healthier than I’ve ever been. Chris makes staying shredded, energetic, and healthy both easy and sustainable. For me, the biggest benefit is that I can spend more time focusing on what matters to me instead of wasting willpower on endless dieting.”  -Will Shewfelt, Actor.


The TSC Heart of a Champion Program is NOT for you, if…

  • You think pills, powders, and protein bars are “the answer.”
  • You’re looking for a shortcut to get results.
  • You’re willing to sacrifice long-term health for short-term gains.
  • You’re interested in competitive bodybuilding.

What is definitely normal and what mostly happens during the course of the period is that most people who start an exercise program eventually stop. Why? Because they beat themselves up for being lazy, weak and maybe not having the discipline to follow it through.


Good news!

Thumbs Up

You do not have to prove to anyone what you are worth; decide what is more important to you and that is your health, your future, your kids and then train for that. The TSC Heart of a Champion Program training program improves how you think, feel and move in your daily life, and I can challenge you that once you get on it, you will stick with it.


Challenge yourself

The good news is that the TSC Heart of a Champion Program is not about character flaws, it is a very good program that is designed to work for you and with you.


To find your ideal exercise program and save yourself the time, money and discouragement of a failed effort try the TSC Heart of a Champion program today, you won’t regret it for only $50!

Words of Encouragement!

“Empowering people around the world to live happier and healthier lives gives me incredible joy and satisfaction. Please, rise to the challenge. Do this for yourself and the people that care about you. In 70 days when you’ve finished the program, please send me your inspiring before and after photos, with a brief testimonial so that we can inspire more people to make the journey to true health and fitness”.

Chris Kruger!

Take back what is yours!

If You’re Tired Of Living A Normal Boring Life While Looking Skinny-Fat All The Time, Click Here To Get The The TSC Heart Of A Champion Training And Nutrition Program Today!

The TSC Heart Of A Champion Training And Nutrition Program Review
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