The Simple Golf Swing Review: No Complications, Just Simple Golf

Have you been playing golf badly for years now? Never won a 9-hole match? You have your boss invited you to play golf and you have never held a club?

Do You Play Golf?

Playing golf is like a status symbol. It’s gentlemen’s game in a true sense. However, it isn’t a child’s play. Every person who has played golf knows how difficult it could be to get to your first 60 yards hit. The ball swings anywhere. Just randomly anywhere! You hit the ball right and it won’t go right, it won’t go straight, but there’s a high possibility of it going left.

There are a lot of complex moves involved in making one straight perfect shot. Most players spend half of their time focusing on trying to get in posture instead of actually playing the game. What they don’t know there is a simple trick that connects perfectly to playing quality golf.

The Advisers

Most player in search of perfect ways to play good golf, waste a lot of money on cosmetic. Buying the “XYZ Club 2000” is not going to help you in anyway. At least most experts don’t see it that way. Well, they could be wrong but they are winning, so who knows better than you!

Get that club

Most people when asking other people how to improve their game, they receive a lot of stupid advice. “Buy a gold club and it will increase your game immensely. It worked for me!”. How is a stick going to improve your game? If a dog doesn’t know how to play fetch it is not going to play even if you throw platinum sticks at him. Try to make sense here.

Get that bag

“Buy that bag, it will improve your game.” A bag is going to stay in the golf cart. How is it ever supposed to improve your game? Will it reduce the wind drag? Or will it make your contacts perfect? If it does that then you should surely get that bag and recommend it to me too. But c’mon, who are we fooling here?

The truth

Most people who give such advice don’t know the game themselves and tend to hide it. A person who gives an advice to is obviously better than you at it. That’s the only way his or her advice is legit. Now, if you consider their advice, then even if they are not a good player, your brain will tell you that they are. This will reduce the quality of your game in front of them automatically because your brain believes they are better.

The other factor is most of the advice-giving people have a weaker mind. Now I said most, not all. Most of the advisers don’t have any experience and still believe in giving advice. A few selected talk with experience. The ones who don’t have experience will talk big words of no use. These people have their minds affected by advertisements and talk the same language as the marketers.

Now, don’t get me wrong, but that’s exactly how it works. The success of a product depends on how much you actually believe in it. These people are believers. The jingles of the advertisements are always catch and get stuck in your mind. The longer a thing remains in your mind the more effective you think it is.

What You need to do.

First of all you do need to get all of the misconceptions out of your mind. A good posture might help if you want to become a professional, but I believe most golf players are weekenders. Secondly, you don’t need any of the expensive goodies.

A good club and a good bag are all cosmetics. If you want to look good when the game starts then you might need them. Yes, good equipment might make you look like a pro and you might scare off a few opponent. The ones you fail to scare off won’t make you look so good when the game ends. This will push your name up in the overall ranking but last will still remain last.

Click here to get The Simple Golf Swing, and you’ll learn the step-by-step methods to simplify your golf swing and keep hitting better and better swings!

Forget Posture

As I said you don’t need a perfect posture to make a very good swing. A slight difference is still going to do the trick. Most golfers think a good posture is all the need to master first. In this run, they don’t actually play the game. They just go to the golf course and try postures and shots instead of hitting the ball. Eventually, they are not going to hit the ball on the final day as well. At that time, missing the ball won’t be intentional, it will just happen.

Now, we all know there’s a lot connected to golf shots and golf postures but here’s the deal. It would take you years of practice to get your golf together. Now, if your boss likes golf you don’t have years to impress him. You have to lose eventually in front of him, but you can’t make a fool out of yourself.

Forget Cosmetics

You don’t need a professional kit to play golf. A club, a bag and a membership to some golf course will be enough. Paying a high price for a sport is okay, but paying a very high price and still not knowing how to play the game is not. You will need a little equipment too, to look good in the game but you mostly need the skill.

Focusing yourself on the cosmetics isn’t going to get you any good but a lot of expenses. If you are playing to get a raise, going in debt before you get that isn’t good, now is it?


Of course you need to learn, bummer. But the point is how do you learn? Most people who don’t know the game themselves will step up to teach you how to play the game. If that were the case you could have taught yourself. Now how do you learn

From Whom?

You of course need to learn from some professional if you want to play really really good. But this will take a long time. So your best alternative will be to learn from someone who plays well enough. Who knows the tricks and knows how to bend the techniques to your benefit.

But the point is how will you find someone like that?

What if I say I don’t know just of those people but a lot of people who know how to play well and could teach you? Yes, The Simple Golf Swing is a manual that has tips and tricks from a wide majority of people who know how to play well

The Simple Golf Swing

Learn the Best Way to get Good!

Learn the Best Way to get Good!

The Simple Golf Swing is the brain child of David Nevogt, a golfer just like you who had problem with getting the first stroke. David is not a master of all the stroke and postures and could teach you how to get there within weeks. He promises that you could get at least seven stroke perfected by the end of the next week.

Just like you, he wished someone who knows how to bend the rules yet professional comes up to teach him a little stuff in a very easy way. Well he didn’t have that privilege but gives you the opportunity to do that with just a click.

What Does it do?

The Simple Golf Swing has improved the game of thousands of people around the globe and it continues to do that. The manual is a step-by-step guide to get your game level high and teach you the perfect ways to get your shot from a mere 16 yards to over 60 yards in a matter of weeks. If you think that is not possible then probably it’s time you need to think again.


Because the Simple Golf Swing delivers results. It simplifies your golf to the extend that you will believe it’s unreal. You would be playing great and yet won’t believe it. That’s what has happened to thousands.

What it does not do?

It does not complicate your game. The manual does not pull useless rubbish and put it at your face. It only gives you the information you need to master golf. Some of these tricks are very old, that means no one even knows them. This is meant to give you an upper hand and pull you out of difficult situations very easily and in a matter of seconds.

What do you get?

You don’t just get a manual that will teach you what you need to do to get your game up. But you get 10 amazing bonuses only if you click on the link below. There’s also an amazing golf game included to let you try your shot as soon as you learn them. Besides, there are video instructions to show you exactly how to do it. It will take you directly to the link and from the menu, you could browse the bonuses you get from our reference.

Besides everything, if you don’t like it, which is a very rare possibility, we have never heard of it and neither has any one used this feature. But, if you stand out as an exception and if you don’t like the product then you can return it there and then. No questions asked and full refund initiates.

Click here to get The Simple Golf Swing, and you’ll learn the step-by-step methods to simplify your golf swing and keep hitting better and better swings!

The Simple Golf Swing Review: No Complications, Just Simple Golf
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