The Shingles Solution – The Science (or Scam) Behind the Program

You probably have experienced excruciating pain and itches on your body. Or you know a person with such a condition. To begin with, you get severe itching and unbearable pain. More still, you experience unending fatigue, restlessness, and insomnia. In fact, these may mean you have shingles.

After taking the prescribed medication, the pain and the shingles subside. But then, a constant, burning, agonizing nerve pain strikes. The new condition is postherpetic neuralgia (PHN) disease. Imagine you can’t step out and lead your normal life. Plus, a shingle makes you scratch yourself anywhere, anytime. Even in public places. What a stressful shame this condition puts you in?

But, don’t give up in life and resign to a fate full of discomforts. What if I told you there is The Shingles Solution natural remedy that may give you a new lease of life? Here is The Shingle Solution program review. It could help you decide whether to adopt natural remedies to get rid of your pain of shingles.

What is The Shingle Solution?

The Shingle Solution A Four Week Program

The Shingle Solution is a natural four-week program. More importantly, it trains a person on how to prevent or stop painful shingles and any after-effects. The Shingles Solution program by Julissa Clay stops the shingle-causing virus at its source. It may kill the root cause and improve the immune system to fight shingles.

The program helps you kill the virus that causes shingles. It then instructs you on how to avoid or overcome postherpetic neuralgia. In fact, the shingles and any associated problems vanish after the four weeks’ therapy.

The Shingle Solution eBook directs you to routine lifestyle habits. Likewise, it shows you the foods to adopt and avoid. You won’t use any drugs or supplements. Simply follow the plan, and your shingles will be gone. More so, you may never get it, and any other experience will be very mild.

The easy-to-follow plan works fast, in four weeks. It may eradicate the varicella-zoster virus that causes shingles and the PHN disease.

Here is a summary of what to expect if you program The Shingle Solution in four weeks.

  • Get rid of any body-shingle and symptoms.
  • Suppression of the shingles.
  • Protection from nerve pains and illness by boosting the immune system.
  • The Shingle Solution may treat metabolic disorders.
  • Avert brain damage and the risk of tumors.
  • Minimizing the risk of heart and liver disease.
  • Regulation of blood sugar levels to avoid diabetes.

Who Created The Shingle Solution Program?

Julissa clay, a renowned natural health expert, created The Shingle Solution eBook. Julissa clay is reportedly thorough with her special remedies to the root causes of several chronic health problems. Additionally, Julissa has developed many other successful self-healing strategies too.

How Does The Shingles Solution Work?

The Shingle Solution Immune System To Its Best Level

According to Blue Heron news, almost all people suffer from a chickenpox attack during childhood. Vaccination makes the attacks mild if they occur. Chickenpox is a viral infectious disease that causes painful, itchy blister-like rashes on the skin.

The cause of chickenpox disease is the varicella virus. Vaccination suppresses the virus, leaving it dormant in the body, which prevents further attacks. You are at risk of suffering a secondary attack from the virus if your immune system weakens.

This second attack may cause painful rashes in different parts of the body, which may last for months or years. This infection is called shingles or herpes zoster, and the virus is then called varicella-zoster.

Worse still, when you control the illness through medication, an agonizing nerve pain (postherpetic neuralgia) sets in. The shingle and PHN ailments may destroy your organs, as well as the heart, nerves, and brain.

Enter The Shingle Solution natural remedy. It promises to regenerate your immune system to its best level. Furthermore, it may end shingles and PHN too.

A blue Heron press release intimated that the natural remedies might act in the following ways:

  • Get rid of scabs quickly to prevent scarring.
  • The Shingle Solution Program inhibits itching and the pain of shingles.
  • Prevents the occurrence of a PHN illness and nerve cell pain.
  • Elimination of current and future shingles.

Never again. The Shingle Solution may get rid of your first shingle and prevent it from ever recurring.

What is Contained in The Shingle Solution?

The Shingle Solution Eliminate The Virus

The official website says that The Shingles Solution outlines a natural process that may eliminate the virus that causes shingles. More still, it might prevent its recurrence and its complications. The Shingle Solution program is also nicknamed the ‘Cavalry Calling.”

The four-week instruction sheet program

Outlines steps to follow to get the full benefits.


This section is an overview of shingle illness.

Body immune system and illness

This part explains the role your immune system plays in fighting several infections, including those from the varicella-zoster virus.

The first seven days plan section

It outlines a strict way to stop the pain, itching, fatigue, fever, and other symptoms.

Food and nutrition recipes

This part instructs you on the natural food list to support your body’s immune system. The immune system will even fight and kill the virus that causes shingles.

The foods comprise minerals, vitamins, and herbal formulas. Additionally, the foods support the reduction of brain inflammation and the self-healing process.

Daily healthy lifestyle habits

Provides you with an easy-to-follow routine. This routine supports your fight against shingles, repeat attacks, and other problems. The habits include relaxed sleep and stress reduction for a healthy immune system.

NB: The product is usually in pdf format and gives you constant updates.

Benefits of The Shingle Solution May Include:

  • Controls shingles and their reoccurrence naturally.
  • Deals with the root cause of the shingle symptoms.
  • Get rid of body itching caused by the shingle.
  • Prevention of PHN illness.
  • Skin scabs clear without leaving any scars.
  • After the Shingle Solution therapy, any shingle infection is mild with little pain.
  • It makes you more confident and happier since you won’t scratch in public.
  • Improves your body immunity to kill the virus.
  • Boosts energy that reduces fatigue and insomnia.
  • Avoiding skin inflammation, diabetes, tumors, fatigue, heart diseases, and enhance weight loss.

What are the Drawbacks of The Shingle Solution Program?

The Shingle Solution Clickable Image

The product is only found online from the official website.

FAQS: Users Questions & Answers during The Shingle Solution reviews

In our The Shingle Solution reviews research for this report, users frequently asked the following questions.

Is The Shingle Solution Safe? Warnings & Complaints

The Shingles Solution may be completely safe to cure shingles. Further, Shingle Solution reviews show the program guides you on natural meals and healthy living practices.

Besides, it has easy-to-follow information that plays a part in killing the shingles virus. Additionally, The Shingle Solution treatment program may reduce nerve cell damage and shingles recurrence.

How should you use the Shingles Solution?

The Shingle Solution reviews prescribe a balanced diet to avoid feeding the virus.  More importantly, you take natural foods that boost immunity at the same time.

Follow the stipulated 4 weeks’ program of The Single Solution for maximum benefit. You undergo The Shingle Solution program one time, and the shingle illness won’t recur.

Does Shingles Solution provide a free trial or refund policy?

The Shingle Solution reviews say you get a 100% 60-day money-back guarantee if you don’t benefit from the plan. So, simply contact them for a 100% refund of what you paid.

How do I get The Shingles Solution program?

Download the product eBook from The Shingle Solution’s official website. Equally important, the website also has a post navigation feature for more posts on the product.

What are the side effects of The Shingle Solution?

The Blue Heron news during our The Shingle Solution reviews reported that the natural remedy has no known side effects.

Is The Shingle Solution program worth it? Any pros?

  • The 4 weeks’ The Shingle Solution program has simple steps.
  • The Shingle Solution eBook is a natural solution.
  • Additionally, it offers a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.
  • It’s an evidence-based way.
  • The shingle solution may cure shingles, itching, and fatigue.
  • It might prevent PHN and the reoccurrence of shingles.

The Cons The Shingle Solution program.

-The shingle Solution eBook is only available online from the official website.

What is the users’ verdict on The Shingles Solution?

From our Shingle Solution reviews and the Blue Heron news, we found several users were ecstatic about the natural remedy. For instance, they said that:

  • It prevented any skin scarring due to fewer or no scabs.
  • Indeed, it played a great part in lessening their itching pain.
  • The Shingle Solution program blocked the common after-shingle complications.
  • They didn’t get any subsequent shingles attacks in their life after the Shingle Solution program.

Does The Shingle Solution prevent other problems caused by shingles?

Yes. The Blue Heron health news reports that the eBook plan helps in the treatment of complications of shingles. The problems include:

  1. The painful PHN infection attack.
  2. Severe organs, nerve, and brain damage.
  3. And several metabolic disorders and a leaky gut.
  4. Uncontrolled sugar and stress levels.
  5. Plus, heart and liver disease.

Does The Shingle Solution review reveal the price?

Indeed, the price is fair on the whole and therefore affordable. In fact, you only buy the product once.

Is the Shingle Solution Effective to Cure the Disease?

It is said that Shingles does not have a cure. How true is that? Shingles Solution is here to answer this question. Is Shingles Solution effective to cure this incurable disease? 

Here is what you need to know. Read on to explore more about Shingles Solution. 

What is Shingles Solution?

Shingles don’t have a cure, but they tend to ruin an individual’s life even though they are not life-threatening. Basically, an online program for patients with shingles published by blue heron health news is 166 pages long.

Basically, reviewers describe the Shingle Solution as having the ability to remove shingles within 21 days of using it. The healing process of shingles is made more accessible by leading a healthy lifestyle.

Creator of Shingles Solution

This program was made by Julissa Clay, who is frequently contributing to The Blue Heron Health News. 

Naturopathy is her dedicated study, and she is a natural health researcher. The traditional drugs that Julissa uses have risks, and she is concerned about them. She strongly believes in healing without causing any side effects. 

Despite her lack of background knowledge, her work is evidence of her reliability.

How Does Shingles Effect Your Body?

A thorough scientific review is a basis for the shingle solution program. Shingles are thought to generate by a virus that attacks and hijacks our good bacteria and cells, causing low-grade inflammation to take place in our bodies constantly.

Furthermore, this leads to chronic immune suppression and inflammation of the blood, nerve endings, and skin with shingles.

As a result, there can be micro-punctures in the stomach and an over-stressed immune system, along with an unhealthy gut microbiome.

Is Shingles Solution Worth-Buying?

Even so, there are some flaws in The Shingle Solution ebook. However, the positives tend to outweigh the negatives.

Basically, the 21-day money-back guarantee is all you have to commit to. In comparison with regular doctor visits and prescription medications, the price seems affordable.

The Shingle Solution Clearly Has Several Benefits

This Julissa Clay’s The Shingle Solution eBook clearly has several benefits. Firstly, it advocates the consumption of natural foods to boost immunity. Then, you live a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, you won’t use any drugs or chemicals. The promise of total relief from embarrassing itches, pain, and nervous system damage is too alluring. And you won’t have ugly scars from the scabs after the four weeks of The Shingle Solution program.

Plus, you will never get the PHN pain and a shingle attack again. Are you still doubting the Shingle Solution product? No need because you get a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. This risk-free 60 days trial is to gauge if it works, so you won’t lose your investment if it fails. It’s time to act and buy The Shingle Solution. After all, it will protect you from shingles, their associated pain, and discomforts.

The Shingles Solution

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