The Scoring Academy Review: How You Can Make Better Shots

When you watch your idol sink those threes from beyond the arc, you dream of being like him. You might try this out on the hoop in the driveway or the nearest court in the area. As you grow up you move on to the school team and try to emulate your idol.

However, you get the rude awakening that you just might not have what it takes to be like him. You become depressed and sulky, feeling useless on the team. You are not alone in this, though. There are many athletes out there wallowing in the same rut as you. The confidence seeps out of them and they are resigned to being also-rans.

This needn’t be the case, though. This review brings to you a set of programs that can change your balling game forever. The Scoring Academy helps you work on all aspects of your game through videos.

It was developed by a professional basketball player who was going through the exact same thing. It has helped plenty of ballers and you shouldn’t be any different. Let’s take a more in-depth look at it.

What exactly is The Scoring Academy?

This program is a complete ball handling, shooting and finishing system. This system is designed to help all those who need to up their game so that they can make the team. Not only do you make the team, you are not relegated to the bench but ushered straight out to the hardwood.

Everything that is included in this program is designed to make you a better player. It is laid out in a step by step format for you to easily follow and improve. All you have to do is simply watch the videos and apply it in the gym. This will elevate your game at a rate you did not think possible.

It is also layered out in different stages depending on where your current balling level is at. Once you get the program you will find;

  • The Freshman Program
  • The Sophomore Program
  • The Junior Program
  • The Senior Program
  • The Overseas Pro Program
  • The NBA Program

The Scoring Academy

The different programs cater to your different strengths and up your game at the respective level.

What are the roots of The Scoring Academy?

This basketball betterment program is the brainchild of professional baller Augie Johnston. It all began one day in the gym when he was frustrated at not getting any playing time on the high school team.

He asked his coach why and also let him know that he had a dream of playing professionally one day. The coach laughed him out of his office, telling him that there was zero chance of it happening.

Crushed, Augie promised himself to work harder from then on and to prove everyone wrong. He hit the gym lifting weights and working on his vertical leap. He also started shooting 300 shots a day. Looking back now, he can see that it was just a waste of time because he did not know what to do to better his game.

He was clueless and without a plan. He improved, marginally, and started getting some playing time. However, he was finding it difficult to transfer what he was doing in training to the actual games. At the end of his final season, he had managed only a paltry 8.6 ppg. It was unsurprising, therefore, that no colleges took him in on scholarship.

Augie did not give up though; he took his work ethic and walked onto the college team. Despite this, he found himself on the bench because the other players just performed better on the court. His hard work was not paying off and he felt like quitting.

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How did he turn this around?

One morning, he walked into the gym and found a guy and his trainer in full sweat. They were doing some of the weirdest looking drills he had ever witnessed. The trainer was strict, focusing on every little detail.

He stressed over every step, pivot, dribble, and hesitation. Though it looked weird at times, Augie had to admit that it was different from his own training. When they paused, he asked them for advice. He learned that the player was playing in the NBA Development League.

They told him that his ball handling work and other training would never translate in the game. The trainer said that the only way to train was to get a large number of game specific repetitions. This takes plenty of hours.  For the entire summer, he worked out with them.

The result of only 90-minute daily training was astonishing. He went from 1.9 ppg to 15.5 ppg. He continued training in this way for further improvement. Augie improved so much that by the end of the senior year of college he was the second best three point percentage in the US.

He signed his first pro contract and set forth on this path of improvement. He has gone on to play 7 seasons with a professional basketball team in Europe.

Augie Johnston has now decided to release a basketball training program based on his experience; The Scoring Academy.

What do the basketball players who’ve used this program have to say about it?

There are a number of players who have worked with the founder of the academy in person. There are also those who have bought the training program. They all have rave reviews of this basketball skill improvement program.

Jake Janson recently led his high school team to a championship after buying The Scoring Academy. They were down by 14 with 2 minutes on the clock and they managed to reel in their opponents. Jake hit a clutch 3 and attributes this triumph to following the program.

Garrett Wittingham is one of those who has benefited immensely from the training program. He claims he worked super hard and it paid off for sure. Prior to starting out on the program,  he would get really pleased with himself after hitting one 3-pointer. Now it’s not unusual to for him to sink as many as 5 in a row from behind the arc during the workout.

Contrary to some views, girls also learn a lot from the training guide.

Sawyer Lahon says she used to average like 1 point per game during my basketball season. Sometimes she downright failed to make a basket. She took on the program for 6 weeks and then went to a basketball camp. Playing  5 on 5 on the first day, Sawyer scored 14 points and had 5 assists. The following day she scored 13 points, racking up a number of assists as well.

The program also helped Nicholas Frew to get back to the player he used to be. This is something he is quite thankful for. His coach was mightily pleased when he saw him at tryouts. He is of the opinion that Nicholas can be a really good player in the CCAA league out in Canada.

What you should expect when you buy this program

When you get yourself a copy of this basketball training program, you will be sure of upping your game.

Whether you decide to access your workouts on your mobile device or wish to print out your workouts, the program is flexible enough to let you choose. There are 2 different ways to access your workouts on offer. You can either download the “Easy Print” versions to print or put the more in depth digital versions on your mobile device.

Ball Handling

Either way, all you have to do is follow these workouts to level up your game!

The member’s area has in excess of 60 videos to take you through every step. You can watch the full video with all the coaching points. In case you are in the middle of a workout, there are quick-view videos as well that will show you how to execute the drill in half the time.

What sets The Scoring Academy apart from other basketball training programs?

This training program goes above and beyond in ensuring that you excel. It makes sure that the skills you possess translate positively on the court.

There is also the added advantage that these drills have been put through their paces by a professional. The founder and chief trainer of the program went through these same drills to achieve success at the top level.

There are also some bonuses that are included in the package. You get the In-Season Program which helps you improve during your season. This makes sure that you get better when you need it the most. It also protects your body from suffering burn out.

As another added bonus, you get the Youth Program. This includes the younger athletes as well. It helps them work on the right things at the right time and age.

Alongside these bonuses, you get a money back guarantee. If you find the techniques of the program unsatisfactory after 60 days, you get all your money back.

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The Scoring Academy Review: How You Can Make Better Shots
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