The Renegade Diet Review: How To Gain Muscle While Losing Fat

There is nothing as frustrating as following everything your trainer tells you and still looking like a lump. You can cut all your favorite foods out of your diet and still appear fat. You will do the most intense of exercises but still, have your love handles drooping over your waist.

One will get depressed and regress into the habits that got you fat in the first place. This does not need to be the case, however. You can buy an eBook that will guide you into achieving a trim body. This will have you rivaling print models while maintaining the vast majority of your lifestyle and eating all your favorites.

A renowned and experienced training coach came up with a digital eBook that holds your hand as it takes you through the best way to lose that stubborn fat. The Renegade Diet is the brainchild of Jason Ferruggia and is the best way you will look awesome without compromising on your diet.

What myths do traditional weight loss programs espouse?

Traditional weight loss programs always state a number of issues as facts about your diet. These issues have stuck around, despite the absence of any factual evidence to back them up. The eBook dispels these myths, taking up fact instead.

These are the myths that are utilized by other fat burning programs to hold you hostage in your own body.

  1. Low carb and paleo diets are the way to go. Though many programs advocate for this, it is a myth. This is because your body needs carbs to maintain performance and draw power. Low carbs also mean that your hormone balance will be upset.
  2. High protein diets are key to burning fat and building muscle. This has no concrete evidence backing it up. Too much protein instead ensures that you get digestive problems and become fatter.
  3. Eating 6 meals a day. Many people carry around Tupperware so that they can have something to munch on every second of the day. Studies show that there is no significant difference in fat loss between those who eat 6 and 3 times a day.
  4. Few carbs and calories at night. Most programs advocate for ingesting few calories and carbs at night. Studies, on the other hand, show that those who eat more calories and carbs at night lose more fat.
  5. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is perhaps the most widely known myth of all. It is believed by even those who are not trying to lose fat and stay fit. One statistic, however, puts the entire thing on its head. 90 percent of Americans eat breakfast, half of those are obese!

What are some of the key aspects of this program?

The Renegade Diet takes a whole new approach to weight loss and fat burning. Steeped in facts, the eBook directs you in ways to lose stubborn fat while packing on muscle at the same time.

Whereas other programs contain methods that will have you gain muscle accompanied by fat, this book shows you how to gain muscle without adding any fat. There are entire sections in the book covering this topic. It shows you how to adjust so that you can easily meet your goals.

Many people are skeptical when trying out new diet plans and weight loss programs. They always want to know if what they are signing up for is a low carb diet plan. This program is very anti-low carb. It places a lot of emphasis on eating as many carbs as possible in order to burn fat and build a lot of muscle.

While many diets are geared towards a certain gender, this one encompasses both. While many men are looking at building up as much muscle as possible, the ladies prefer to lose stubborn fat. This is especially true about the hard-to-lose fat around the hips and the glutes. The techniques in this program are geared towards achieving both results at the same time.

Based on the natural chemistry of the body, this plan is not a one-off weight loss gimmick. When you switch from the traditional weight loss programs, you realize how freeing this is. It becomes a way life since it affords way too much freedom in comparison.

Whereas the other programs will draw up a dieting schedule for you to rigidly stick to, this one lets you run free. You can occasionally partake in your favorite junk foods without the fear that your calorie count is deviating from your diet plan.

With the renegade diet, eat whatever you want

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What do the fitness experts have to say about this program?

This eBook makes a number of claims that might be contrary to what you have heard all your life. Fear not, though. These are actual facts that are backed up by data and conclusions from scientific studies.

Since I cannot quote all the studies that give stock to this information, how about a few professionals in the field with reviews of the methods stated in Jason Ferruggia’s eBook?

“I’ve been following The Renegade Diet for 10 months now and I love it. It fits my lifestyle and is easy to follow and implement,” says Chase Karnes, BS, CSCS, and National Level Strongman Competitor.

He further says that he is stronger and bigger having gone from 205-208 to 212-215. And he has done all this while maintaining 12 percent body fat. His wife also follows the program, using it to get in shape for a bikini competition.

Zach Even-Esh of The Underground Strength Coach says, “This book will educate you, inspire you, motivate you and help you understand why the most important thing to you and everyone close to you is your health.”

After reading the book in sitting he says that the philosophy, the health benefits and the deep reasons behind why this diet is more than just a diet but also a way of life are astonishing.

“Forget what you think you know about dieting and read this book. The program is a byproduct of a real-life search for the best way to build muscle and burn fat,” says Adam Bornstein, Editorial Director of”

He goes on to describe it as a compilation of 20-plus years of experimentation, hundreds of clients, and a bottom line you can appreciate: New information, effective and easy-to-understand tips, and results that you will appreciate.

How are the fellow customers and clients responding to this eBook?

Now that we have seen the reviews by the experts, what do the clients have to add to Jason Ferruggia’s book? This program is the cornerstone of many people’s quest to get into shape. And it does all this without having them feel bound to pressing dietary demands.

With the Renegade diet I was able to gain 23 pounds of muscle, get leaner and also feel much more energized throughout the day and get my love for eating good foods back,” testifies Thomas Engberts. He gained 23 pounds of muscle by following the eBook.

the renegade diet in action

Alyson Iannacone lost 10 pounds of body fat. She claims the program is by far and away the easiest and most effective eating plan she has ever tried.

“It gives you complete freedom and actually allows you to get and remain in great shape while still having a social life,” she says. “It’s the only way I’ll ever eat for the rest of my life.”

After gaining 21 pounds of muscle, Christopher J. Connelly says it was very easy and convenient to work the program around military life when you are on the Navy’s time.

lose fat quickly

“I started The Renegade Diet three months before my wedding and lost 39 pounds of fat and simultaneously improved all my lifts,” says Abdul A. “I’ve made so many positive life changes and have never felt better because of the program.”

Amanda Temple has been working out for a while but had never seen results like these. Ever since she started following the program, she has seen tremendous changes. She managed to lose 16 pounds of body fat in a short period.

And what if I buy it and it does not come through for me?

Like with every product out there, there is the possibility that you will buy it and not find it to your liking. On the off chance that the program does not work out for you, you have a money back guarantee.

The program does work, and all you have to do is follow the steps in the eBook. With this, you will have incredible results. You will look good and feel good and at the same time.

If you are not pleased with the program after 60 days, you are guaranteed of getting your money back.

In conclusion

There are many programs out there that claim to offer excellent results in a short period of time. However, these programs will be your ball and chain. They will restrict your lifestyle, resulting in a sulky mood.

feel free and good with the renegade diet

The Renegade Diet allows everything to be done according to your schedule. You do not have to follow ridiculous dietary plans. You have the freedom to eat whatever you feel like, whenever you feel like.

So the choice is quite obvious, buy The Renegade Diet.

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