The Pull Up Solution Review: How Many Pullups Can You Do After This?

The pull-up solution review

Hi, there. I’m writing to share my experience with The pull-up solution, by John Sifferman. An amazing guide that focuses on all the details and hidden secrets for doing the perfect pull-up, and getting more reps.

With John’s guidance, and with discipline, I was able to prepare my body, make it stronger, and more adequate for pull-ups.

As an ex Olympic Gymnastic, I am not a stranger to pull-ups, but because of lack of practice, I became weak, and I needed some extra help.

My journey with strength

It all started when I was in high school. Growing up, my parents paid a lot of attention to our academic development, my siblings’ and mine. Because of this, we were never pushed into extra-curricular activities.

I experimented with the arts, and I really loved it and had the best time. As a kid, I was very happy and I went on like that.

When I hit puberty and started noticing the importance of looking well for the ladies, I immediately joined a sports club. I couldn´t make it to football, I am very limber, but I made it to Olympic gymnastics.

Kid Kicking Soccer Ball

Now, as you know, gymnastics is all about strength, flexibility, and balance. So, in developing these 3, I learned a lot of things and I became better and better, in the sport, and also in the looks.

Losing progress

I went on as a gymnast for almost all of the high school and the beginning of college. I won some tournaments and I almost made it to the Olympics, but I decided it was not for me and I would practice gymnastics just because it´s fun. However, after my first year of college, I left sports and focused on studying. You know where this is going.

Boy in Black Jacket

Within 2 years, I was completely out of shape, again, and I started feeling insecure again.

I took the decision to try and find a method to get back in shape without compromising school.


I found calisthenics, I joined a group of guys who were training on campus and I was able to almost completely catch up with them very soon.

Man in the gym

We trained 4 days a week, no more than 30 minutes, these guys were great.

As we went on, I noticed that they were better in pull-ups than I was. Not only on how many they could do, but also on how they did it.

We kept training, they kept on getting better, I started to plateau. Was beginning to feel extremely frustrated.


When it comes to fitness and exercise, running head on to try new things can be dangerous. There is always an amount of research, and even rehearsal if possible, that need to be done to avoid injuries and other possible consequences of exercising without information.

Fitness Equipment Gym Room Cardiovascular Exercise

For the most part, I found the following

  • Strengthen the core
  • Pull with your arms, don’t jump
  • How to target different muscles

But I had a strong core, strong arms. I was starting to wonder if I would ever be able to be at their level.

So, one day, being honest with myself and recognizing that I wanted to do this more because of ego than any other healthy motivation, I decided to be humble about it and ask my friends.

That´s how I learned about The Pull Up Solution.

Taking the decision

My friends gave me great opinions about John’s program, but I went online and read some reviews.

It turned out that some of the forums I was part of actually went through it and found it useful.

I was happy to read reviews from other ex-athletes, sharing their story of how they were able to improve on this great strength exercise by following this eBook.

Went through the website and learned that John not only had a book, but also videos, and they came together with the guide. I was sold.

So, I finally decide to buy, get the PDFs and videos, and start reading the book. Since it’s in PDF, I was able to read in my computer and my Kindle, which was very convenient.

The Pull Up Solution

If I had to summarize the program in 4 points they would be:

  • Progression
  • Overload
  • Muscle conditioning
  • Periodization

As soon as you open the PDF, you start learning about the dynamics that take place for a pull-up to happen. How we might be hurting ourselves by not using the right form, and how to correct it.

Lateral Lunges

Also, how to build up to get the results you want.


John makes an amazing job in his book when mapping the progress that needs to be achieved in order for you to get closer to whatever goal you have

As you may know by now, it takes more than strong arms, shoulders, and back muscles to do a pull-up. For example, one thing that I didn’t connect because I didn’t question my coach, I would follow his every instruction without asking, was the direct relation pull-ups have with planks.

Or how, all my upper body, together with my buttocks, get engaged while doing pull-ups, but because I always did it without deep analysis, which also leads to me getting injured from time to time, or not focusing on the development of the right muscles.

Swimming Pool


It is extremely useful, from time to time, to add extra weight to your pull-ups. However, you need to be ready and you need to have developed both strength and elastic. You need to know when and how to do it.

When I had my coach there for me, I wouldn’t really think much of that, but now I was on my own, so this advice, and the science behind me, helped me get a better understanding on how to do it, and when.

This also leads to better results in both endurance and strength. Making go for longer without falling into muscle fatigue so, whenever I do pull-ups, they are not the last exercise I do, or I don’t become extremely conscious of those muscles for fear of injury.

Your other muscles

As I mentioned before, John details on which muscle groups to develop, and how to develop them, so your pull-ups improve and you can have a better impact on your body as a whole.

Surprisingly, it is a direct route to success. Instead of him beating around the bush, taking you on a long ride of developing your pinky toe because otherwise, you can’t start. In this PDF guide, John gives you the right amount of detail and work to do.

Also, the plus that is really a plus, is that his videos are extremely easy to understand and follow. You get examples, explanations, recommendations, all of this so you can correct any bad movements that could potentially harm you bad.

Is this for me?

Regardless of how good this program is, it may not be the most adequate for everyone. I wanted to improve my pull-up shape and numbers because I knew how beneficial it is as a strength exercise.

I would say that if you:

  • are starting with pull-ups
  • are good at them but want to improve
  • are a trainer in a gym
  • exercise at home

I’m guessing that, on average, with 3 weeks of you following this system, you would have found insights about the way you do pull-ups and how to improve.


  • Books
  • Videos
  • Work the right muscles
  • Exercise only when it’s right
  • Develop your whole body
  • Perfect form
  • Maximum results
  • Customizable

Oh, yeah, that last one is very cool. Under John’s guidance, you get to decide what to do and when to do it, so you can create your own program, at your own pace.

Just, keep in mind, the aim of this book is that you get better at pull-ups and move on. You need to be committed and willing to improve. There is no need to train hard for 1 year unless you are into bodybuilding or something. You can train hard, but well, for 2 months, and then go back to a calmer routine.

Become independent

Man performing pull-ups in a gym

This takes me to the next point of the review, and how I was finally convinced this was not a scam.

Many other solutions online offer a “free guide” or “full access” to databases or whatever, all included if you get a subscription. Scam.

When you get a subscription, they intentionally make you plateau to retain you for some months until you feel ready to move on.

John’s book is meant for you to become independent. Practice hard for 6-8 weeks, pay attention to the videos, follow the advice. After those two months, every exercise, following the correct form, will be second nature to you.

If you are ever in doubt, you can always go back and read a little or watch a video, everything will always be there.

After three months, I became mostly independent from the book, I had become familiar with the movements and the dos and don’ts. It was quite refreshing.

Don’t start from the beginning

When one is following a new method, chances are that they ask you to “empty your cup”, and absorb all the knowledge from the beginning, etc. While keeping an open mind and attitude always helps, it can be frustrating, or even reason enough to quit, when something is way behind or below your skill level, and you are supposed to still go through endless reps.

With this guide, you get to identify where you are in terms of strength so then you can start the program in a level that suits you best, without compromising any benefits or corrections needed to exercise better, even if you have been doing it for years.

Because of this, it is more enjoyable, and easier, to resume fitness and strength training. You start building from where you left, or from the beginning, of course.

Your choice

Because this is customizable, it is easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Meaning that, if you already have a training schedule, you don’t really need to alter it or take big breaks, or longer meals to recover, you can easily add pull-ups, if you haven’t already, and start making more.

Then, it is easier to decide how you will improve today, where will you start and for how long. It is easier to incorporate to your natural rhythm so your body doesn’t go off balance.

A system, not a fix

Different from other programs, The Pull Up Solution book is not a quick fix or a trick. The Pull Up Solution is a system that contributes to improving your exercising and strength.

This system is progressive, you can easily identify in which stage you are, and start from there. Because it is a system, it looks into incorporating other parts of your body and work together with them to access more strength and balance.

Also, as a system, it is sustainable, which means you will not be set to reach the unreachable, but rather to become better, in a way that gradually sets you up for improving if you keep practicing.

As I mentioned before, one day you won’t need the book.

Adjusting the body

If you have practiced a sport for many years, most likely you have noticed by now that you could be exercising to things much different from the ones people do while in the gym or jogging.

There are certain movements or exercises that are supposed to help with a certain muscle group, or joint, or movement. Whatever the reason, they all follow a universal principle:

The body adapts to what it is used for.

This is an old principle that follows adaptation and evolution. The body adapts, because it ultimately wants to survive, and adaptation is the ultimate form of survival. That is why so many human being around the world can make amazing feats because they have been training their body and mind.

Man in Yellow Shirt

That is why it is important to make a commitment of months, so we can start allowing our bodies to adjust and develop towards pull-ups, and after those two to three months, we can then go on with training our whole body or whatever goal we have.

Immediately improving

So, going back to the story. I started following John’s advice, scheduled my training, tracked my progress and found the benefits.

First was because the form improved, the benefits improved. I was able to flex more and my grip was stronger.

I had an advantage of my gymnastics background. So I didn’t have to put much thought to exercises for my core and back.

However, I did improve my balance and flexibility. Soon, I went from 5 in perfect form, to 10. My goal was 30 in perfect shape. If I could do fifty, I would know I had reached success.

I was able to go up and down for around 50 reps sometimes, but the form was not correct. That was why I was able to do so many, hanging like a monkey, jumping more than pulling, etc.

After 6 months, I reached 30 in perfect execution.  Now I want to reduce my time.

Final thoughts

When it comes to strength and building your body, pull-ups are an addition that must happen, sooner or later, into your routine.

It is vital that you get the right information and training so you can do pull-ups well, from the beginning, and highly reduce the risk of injury, while maximizing their benefits.

The Pull Up Solution is an amazing system that will give you all the tools you need to reap the benefits of pull-ups without unnecessary work, but with intelligent approaches.

If you are a complete beginner, you will benefit highly from the knowledge John shares. It might take you more time to get your 30 perfectly executed pull-ups, but you will have a huge advantage compared to others like me: You will be doing it right from the beginning.

If you are already in great shape, in control of your pull-ups, you can still benefit by learning how to improve your form, which muscles to engage, and the complimentary muscles to develop and how to do it.

I hope this review was useful. My experience with this guide has helped me a lot and this is why I wanted to share with all of you. You can read other reviews and get a better idea, but if you are already here is for a reason. At the end of the day, if you don’t like it, you can always get your money back.

Good luck!

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