The Paleohacks Cookbook Review: Cook Your Way to Better Health

I have struggled with weight issues for as long as I can remember. The obsession to lose weight and get a leaner body led me on a journey searching for the best way I could get where I wanted, in a healthier, more natural way. And that’s how I discovered the paleo diet.

What it is

Well, most of us may not be familiar with this kind of diet which already seems to be gaining rapid popularity the world over…

The Paleohacks Cookbook

In a nutshell, you only eat what people used to eat millions of years ago, which was basically just meat and plants. It’s all about incorporating natural foods in your diet. Quite simple, huh? You probably might have heard of the Stone Age diet. It’s no wonder back then there were rare cases of the lifestyle diseases we have today. This means;

  • No dairy
  • No starch
  • No additives & preservatives
  • No refined sugars
  • No gluten

My review today will be all about paleo recipes; what they are, and why you should consider incorporating this into your health regimen. Keep in mind that this is not a scam. This is a real diet being practiced all over the world. The PaleoHacks cookbook was created for this very purpose. To make the diet relatable, and simple for anyone considering to get on it.


  • You don’t spend all your time counting calories
  • You get to lose weight in a more natural way
  • It’s a cheap method
  • Your body has more energy
  • Your mental health is greatly improved
  • You are guaranteed of more variety in your meals
  • improved libido
  • it clears up your skin
  • added more volume to your hair
  • your muscles are more defined
  • 60 days guarantee

Fat man in front of a fitter one


  • You might get bored; there is a limited variety of foods you can eat
  • Not recommended if you are a very active person; the diet doesn’t supply enough energy that is required in your body


Why you should consider going the paleo way

Despite the fact that you are required to eliminate most foods from your meal plans, which doesn’t sound at the very least appealing, you must admit it sure does sound easy. You only eat plants and meats.

food in our daily dietThe plants incorporate vegetables and fruits. Don’t worry; you are not giving up your salads just yet. You are advised to always go for the organic kind. This is all natural and free of chemicals. With this diet, you not only reduce toxins but also, you will be getting maximum nutrition. By avoiding processed foods, your whole system begins detoxifying. Your body is bound to thank you for it. It’s fairly simple really. This is not one of those diets that have you searching millions of stores for some ingredients. More often than not, you will realize that you already have what is needed in your homes. Its foods you eat every day actually, with a twist. That’s what makes it more interesting.

Who should try out this cookbook?

The best thing about paleo dieting is that anyone can try it out. More so, if you have had an interest in going paleo but not sure how to go about it, this is the cookbook for you. However, for active people, especially the athletes, you are cautioned against this kind of diet. This is because the total energy that comes from the food is nowhere close to what your body needs.

Who should try out this cookbook

I would like to think that most of us have traveled this road before. Trying out different diets every day, which only turned out to be a scam. You can imagine the frustration. Bottom line is, I can’t promise this will work for you. But, you won’t know unless you try. The recipes are interesting and simple. You will have a seamless transition. But there’s a catch…It’s one thing wanting to commit and it’s another actually staying the course. You can get frustrated when you don’t see the results you anticipated, or bored out of your mind when you find yourself eating the same thing every day. It’s no doubt that most people will quit at this stage. This is precisely what inspired the makers of paleorecipeteam. To create recipes that will leave your taste buds craving for more. The best part being? It’s all paleo!

Woman bites his nails

And that’s not all…Unlike many cookbooks where the creator just comes up with own recipes, the PaleoHacksrecipe book is a result of consultations with millions of paleo enthusiast worldwide. The aim was to produce recipes you will not only have fun making, but will also love savoring. More reason why you should make a decision to buy.

What you get with the cookbook purchase

When you buy the book, you get up to two hundred paleo recipes. The methods are given step by step to ensure you don’t get lost along the way. It’s so easy even a toddler could use it. Why does this matter? Venturing into an unknown world has its own share of obstacles. More often than not, you find yourself relying on reviews before making a decision. That is why the creators of the cookbook have employed hands-on approach, to ease you gently into your new lifestyle, and guide you all the way. If you are still thinking this is a scam at this point, think again!

What you get with the cookbook purchaseYou also get a variety of recipes for desserts, soups, snacks, and salads. Not so boring after all, is it? This is documented as a special category, given that these are not main meals. To top it off, you will also find bonus gifts alongside the recipes. This is a real catch because these bonus recipes usually go for $135, but you get them for absolutely nothing. As if that’s not enough, you are given five paleo manuals that are bound to take your journey to the next level. The manuals will take you through reasons why people lack the stamina to stay on the course.

How much will you pay?

This is actually unbelievable. The cookbook will only set you back $50.You must be wondering what should get you excited about fifty dollars. I can give you about six reasons why. And here’s why…The idea will be to buy the PaleoHacks cookbook. What you don’t know if you will be receiving a total of six books. Here’s the part it gets really interesting. The other five books include;

  • PaleoHacks 30 day jumpstart

This will have you kick starting your paleo journey in style. It’s recommended for those of us with an interest in going all paleo but doesn’t know how to begin.

products for Paleo dietThe tips will have you picking out the right foods and binning all the wrong foods in your home.

  • the paleo food guide

You must be wondering if you are eliminating all the wrong foods in the diet. Well, this bonus book will not only list the foods you should avoid, but it will also give you a variety of foods to choose from. To top it off, you will know which foods to get at what times of the year, and a full shopping list to help you choose paleo items from your local store.

Block your earsYou will never hear yourself complaining that there is a limited variety of foods to pick from. That will be a thing of the past.

  • Eating Paleo at restaurants

This is what most of us struggle with each day. You go out and cannot find suitable meals. It becomes so frustrating when everyone else but you seems to be enjoying their meal.

Salad Bar at a Restaurant

That’s the beauty of this book. You will know how to keep being strictly paleo even in restaurants. There are samples of foods you can order. In addition to that, you will be given tips on how to spot which foods have dairy or gluten and the best ways to talk to your server to ensure exactly what you want. You will now be able to review places you eat just by their ability to make sumptuous paleo foods, which is pretty amazing.

  • the paleo 4X cookbook

That’s right! The title says it all. You will get over 65 recipes with just four ingredients. Isn’t that great? This comes in handy when you have no time to make full meals, or you are just too lazy. It happens. The recipes will save you hours in the kitchen. Make no mistake, there just might be four ingredients, but the meals are bound to be delish.

  • one month paleo meal plan

After you buy the cookbook, you gain instant access to a full month’s meal plan. There are over 125 recipes included in the book. It’s suitable for paleo beginners or even experts. What the book mainly shows is what exactly to incorporate in your meals, and in what portions. Just because its paleo, doesn’t mean we eat everything on our plates. Portion control is everything!

Each of the five books is $27.However, you will be getting them for free after you buy the PaleoHacks recipe cookbook. This will save you a whopping $150.isn’t this a once in a lifetime opportunity or what? The author is an experienced chef who guarantees that the recipes will create amazing meals. In just 60 days or less, you will have started noticing the benefits that come out of this diet. One of the major requirements of this site is that you consult your doctor before starting on this diet. This is because we all are different, and therefore what’sconducive for someone else, may not suit you. Therefore, you will need a physician’s approval.

smiling Doctor

In the event that this doesn’t work for you, and you have a strong conviction that it’s not for you, you can get a refund in 60 days. It’s that simple.

How to buy the cookbook?

You just need to visit the site and add the book to cart, for purchase and download. That’s basically it. You will be asked to pay in the means best suited for you. The payment methods are varied, but you are assured that your card information is secure. All payments are facilitated by Clickbank, a trusted online payment system. Your information cannot be accessed by third parties, which includes the PaleoHacks team. They only get the total amount after you get your books. What’s more, there are no reviews by clients as such, but there is a list of their current clientele. This only goes to verify the authenticity of the product.

My take:

Throughout this review, I have taken you through what Paleo really is, and what constitutes of the cookbook. The cookbook is well written, in simple language and easy steps. This is a plus because most recipes leave you wondering what exactly you need to do. If it’s not that, it’s always the exotic ingredients you take forever to find. I can confidently say that this is not one of those books. The best part, it’s really affordable, as opposed to other diets out there. I have personally tried this diet and it worked wonders for me. You could give it a try as well, see how it goes. Good luck!

The Paleohacks Cookbook


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