The New Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf Review: Swing to Success

The New Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf Review

I like playing and winning golf and hope you do the same. The secret to the New Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf is going to be unleashed here so that you can become a pro as I did a while ago. I watched a video on how to the swing golf and uncovered a number of secrets that were well hidden for years.

What the PGAs don’t want you to know

My journey to becoming a pro was not paved in gold as you would think. I met PGAs who guarded this secret away from beginners. I read tens of The New Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf reviews but I was not contented. I needed just one magical review to change my perception of golf.The New Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf Achieve Your Professional Goals in Golf

Halving my handicap

Inwardly, I badly wanted to halve my handicap but had no idea what steps to follow. The New Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf stood out as my one and only way to reduce my handicap by anything from 7-12. There were 4 moves that I needed to know yet there was no way to learn the instructions. I will tell you how I mastered these moves and dramatically reduced the handicaps with a record number of strokes. Before we do that, can I tell you something about the mistakes all beginners make?

Swing mistakes

When I was starting out as a beginner in golf used to make terrible swing mistakes. Every time I came close to my first team would blunder and waste so man strokes in every round of golf.

When I enrolled in the New Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf programme realized that I could actually save as many as 5 strokes for every round I played. I also gained invaluable information on how to swing a golf club such that I became a pro at it.The New Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf Review: Swing to Success

The inside-out stroke

I used to attend golf where I would see someone’s ball on the rise while that one of the opponents would be hurtling downwards fast!

I cheered the winning side but deep inside wished I was him. He had the inborn magical swing for an inside-out masterstroke. Would I reach that level? I had self-doubt but got encouraged later when I decide to buy the program.

Get on the top of your swing

When you are learning new tricks about the game of golf, you will discover some amazingly explosive ways to fire your swings.

I initially had leaks in my strokes such that the ball would not unload the way I wanted. Within the short time that I went through the programme would fire the ball like a grenade launcher! Would you like to know how achieved such stroke like a pro?

Exploit your torque to your advantage

We all have a natural torque in us but unless someone shows it to us, we will forever play a second rate game. Yet, it was possible to make the best torque. I read an interesting bit on the application of torque due to friction torque.

4 simple moves

When it later dawned on me that I had wasted so many years of frustrating golf. If only I had known that the 4 magical moves. I blame it on my skepticism. My insistence that I see the proof or the evidence that this program works cost me dearly. I do not want you to go down the same road as I did and that is why I want to help you.

My background

As a biology teacher back in the day, I had no belief in anything that could not be proved scientifically. I thought this was a scam and was not ready to buy into the idea just yet. Something stirred inside me and I decided to give this program a try after reading a number of reviews. Did it work? You will be surprised to know what I discovered.

Downloaded the New Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf

I got the first 4 chapters after downloading on my desktop. It was the most apprehensive moment in my fledgling golf career. My first try was like an experiment where I expected different more than one result: success or failure. There was a whole weekend I set aside for it. You won’t believe it but the results were beyond my expectation.

My first hit

Thanks to the program were able to hit an amazing 7 in just 200 yards. What is more, was not even struggling to do it!

What is more, my driver closed it with a 300 yard. The ball was no longer traveling in a crooked path as before. For the first time, I could hit the ball and have it fly off in a straight path. Just like that!The New Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf Achieve Your Professional Goals in Golf

How I scooped my first win

It did not take me long to make a comfortable 8 short win the first time I took part in competitive golf. I had struggled with shot drives before and thought it was time I hit longer drives. Hitting over 300 yards was no mean fit, knowing very well I was used to 150 yards. This is how it happened. I had a 4 par and an 8 iron standing between me and the green. My  5 feet swing at the flag saw me get a par of  3 out the total number of 9 holes I was playing.

I was worried because I had missed my put. Luckily, there was 1 over and I emerged victories with 8 shot lead. What else could I ask for?

Why you should get the program…and lower your handicap

The book is illustrated and comes with a video and audio to give you all the instructions you need to be a pro.  Once you buy and download it, you will learn all the secrets that have been keeping you from winning easily in golf. It is available in various formats as well such as:

  • DVD
  • E-book
  • Hard-copy
  • CD

Joe Dante

The above name may not ring a bell if you have not been playing professional golf. The instructional manual is referring to is authored by him. With a teaching experience spanning decades, he is a career teacher extraordinaire. I have read him widely and this is how I got to learn about the magic moves.The New Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf Achieve Your Professional Goals in Golf

Improve yourself before the game

One of the tenets that the author teaches is that becoming a pro starts with you before you proceed to the golf itself. The physical attributes have to be worked on so that you can have a stronger swing, I liked reading the instructions because they are straightforward. It is the boldest of all the book reviews on golf I have read. You are the target of this review just as much as any PGA out there.


If you want to be consistent in golf, you need the instruction manual as it will guide you on all the right moves, staying on track and how to keep on winning.

Best performance

The best performance in the game of golf is not fantasy but a reality. This can easily be achieved once you take the first steps with this manual.

Evidence the product works

Is no longer the doubting Thomas I was before? You are lucky because you are reading first-hand my own experience. You do not need anything beyond my review and the various testimonies that others have given after using it successfully. But perhaps you need more convincing. The benefits that come with it will make you change your perception.

Money-back guarantee

Your money will not go down the drain if the instructions contained in it do not work as expected. You will just demand a refund of your money.

I did not ask for a refund because it worked. I expect the same to happen to you as well. There is absolutely no risk involved when you commit your money to the product.The New Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf Achieve Your Professional Goals in Golf

Caters for the needs of all players

We have gold players who are left-handed. The other programs I have seen seem to leave out such players but not so with this program.It offers detailed information on how the left-handed players can better their performance.

Easy to download 

The book is easy and fast to download. In a matter of minutes, you will have it ready for use on your desktop.If you want a print version of the same, it is also easy.


Unlike the other instructions which cost you a lot of money for nothing, this one is worth the cost and you are guaranteed a quality hard copy. It is made through spiral binding to ensure that it strong and durable.


I have encountered CD versions of various instruction manuals and I can tell you for free that most are rigid in their approach to training. The first time I watched the 4 magical moves was drawn by the fact that it allowed for flexibility. This means that I could make my swing moves at home, office or any other place that I chose. I had not witnessed this kind of flexibility anywhere else. This is the reason why am highly recommending the book.


The aspect of professional training is very central in any game that you are learning, golf no less. Imagine having a PGA as your instructor in the instruction manual. You would take it seriously because you will know for a fact that you are being taught by a pro. The only downside of the instructions is that it pays attention to the 4 moves only in less than 40 minutes. The rest of the details which could count in your training are left out. I wish that a lot of attention was given to the other details on the workout. The other problem that I observed is that the book could easily be lost or be misplaced, yet not every one of us could have the e-book version, All the same, these are little inconveniences that one can cope with. The bigger picture is that you will benefit from the core experiences as envisioned by the author himself.

Reputed guide

The guide has cultivated on an international reputation as having the winning formula for anyone who wants to win in the game.

Source of inspiration

The instructions became a source of inspiration to me and many others who started at the bottom.

Powerful motivation

At no other time have I become so driven to pursue as a career. I was into it for passion’s sake but I have grown into it through motivation.


If you are tired of being a beginner, you need a program that will initiate you into real golf. The New Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf is the ultimate guide that will help you achieve your professional goals in the game. Get a copy today and enjoy flawless golf training.

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