The Man Diet Review: How To Eat Like Men Are Supposed To

In a bid to sculpt that perfect body, you are probably following a diet plan. Men, this is almost certainly something you do not know or have never heard of. Most of the diets that you are following religiously cater more to women.

Yes, this is true. And as such, you will find that your testosterone levels are plummeting. Because of this phenomenon, you will find that you develop some non-manly features like man boobs.

Apart from that, you are most likely faced with a low sex drive and an inability to build lean and strong muscle. This leads to plenty of depression and can result in some diseases and cancer.

This decline in testosterone levels has been combated by the injection of artificial steroid hormones. Though this has some advantages in the short term, it is extremely dangerous. Over time, your body stops making the natural male hormone because it is reliant on your injections.

Chad Howse has unearthed a number of ways in which you can stump up some natural testosterone. With these methods – laid out in a book – you are more likely to avoid all the disadvantages of low testosterone and artificial hormone.

This review shows you all the good things that come with buying The Man Diet. You will not be let down with this purchase.

How did this diet manual come into existence?

The Man Diet Diet Manual Come Into Existence

Chad Howse was in his mid-twenties but he felt down and depressed most of the time. He went to a doctor and ran some tests. The doctor discovered that Chad had low testosterone levels and prescribed testosterone replacement therapy.

This therapy consisted of a number of artificial testosterone injections to beef up the amounts of the hormone in the body. What the doctor did not mention, however, was that this therapy made the body quite addicted to it.

This meant that over a period of time, the body would stop secreting natural testosterone and rely solely on the injections. This gave Chad some pause, but no immediate solution or alternative.

He did some research and started chugging down a shake that comprised 3 raw eggs, raw milk, and few other secret ingredients. He also did some routines that he knew could boost the natural production of testosterone.

On a trip to Maui, he went down a poorly constructed slide. He ended up getting road rash on his chest when he skidded off the slide and landed on the rough ground around. Chad was happy because of all the adrenaline and testosterone coursing through him.

He went back to the hotel and drank more of his shake. Over the next 3 days, he noticed that the abrasions on his chest healed really fast. It was then that he realized that the high-fat shake might be responsible. This is because testosterone is really good at repairing tissue.

How did this light bulb moment transform into The Man Diet?

The Man Diet Transform - How did this light bulb moment transform into The Man Diet?

It was at this moment that Chad Howse realized that the key lay in ingesting a lot of animal fat. This, however, was contrary to the numerous diets and fitness plans that restricted fat but egged on high protein and carb diets.

The diet he had been using all along was low in fat and, thus, lowered his testosterone levels instead of keeping them at the optimal levels.

He continued with his ‘testosterone shake’ in a bid to heighten the levels of natural testosterone. He also made a number of significant changes to his diet. What he got were amazing results. He started putting on muscle and his sex drive returned. He also woke up with a raging stiff one, something that had been rare before.

Over the course of the time of the changed diet, he was able to lose fat more easily. Due to this, he found it easier still to pack on muscle. He was also filled with energy to take on the day.

Putting all this together, he realized that most diets are not made for men. Since women make up a whopping 80 percent of the diet industry, they are catered to more.

He found that there are many areas of the man’s physical and chemical makeup that are completely ignored by the diet industry. Chad, therefore, started trying out his own combinations of different foods to see what worked well. He checked his testosterone levels each time to see what was working.

When he had gotten enough combinations, he felt the need to share this invaluable knowledge. It is for this reason, then, that this diet manual was born.

The Man Diet

Learn About The Man Diet, And What You Should Be Eating To Optimize Your Hormones, Energy Levels, And More!

What 4 secrets did Chad unearth that can help you raise your natural testosterone?

The Man Diet Take In More Vitamins

Over the course of 6 years, the author of this guide ran across a number of facts on diet. These facts are thrown by the wayside by the dieting industry because they do not affect their main target; the women.

These are the 4 secrets that will help men keep raise their natural testosterone levels to optimal levels. In so doing, they can be able to lift their self-esteem, lose the feminine features and build a lot of muscle easily.

1.      Take in more Vitamin D

Free testosterone is considered the best because it is able to course through the veins and find any damaged tissue and repair it. However, most of the hormone in the body is bound to other proteins. It is here that vitamin D comes into play.

The vitamin has the ability to unbind the testosterone from the proteins, setting it free to do its thing. Most of the popular diets lack vitamin D. This is because women do not need any more testosterone in them, lest they develop manly features.

2.      Stay away from plastics

Plastics contain chemical estrogens. Estrogen is the opposite of testosterone in a manner of speaking. When the levels of one are high, those of the other are depressed.

Drinking regularly from plastics and plastic ware means that you constantly taking in small amounts of estrogens. Over time, these will suppress your natural production of testosterone. You should, therefore, stay away from plastic bottles and containers for your food. Instead of Tupperware, you should try our alternative forms of carrying your food.

3.      Get as much time off work for vacations

One of the best-kept secrets is the fact that stress greatly suppresses your natural production of testosterone. How is this possible? Well, when you are stressed, you release high levels of the hormone cortisol.

When the levels of this stress hormone are high, the levels of testosterone plummet. It is, therefore, advisable to find ways to release your stress as regularly as possible. Less stress, therefore, means you can heighten your feelings of masculinity.

4.      Cold showers twice a day

Sounds like I am pulling your leg, right? You couldn’t be any further from the truth. Studies have shown that your testosterone levels are at their highest between 4 am and 6 in the morning. Taking a cold shower at night before you sleep will naturally enhance your levels of the hormone.

In the morning do the same to not only wake you up but to also further boost the testosterone levels. This enables to tackle the day in a very manly fashion without any fear and setback whatsoever.

Here’s why you should choose this diet guide for men

This guide to men’s dieting will definitely change your life. You will transform from a man with low self-esteem and sex drive to one that is confident in everything they do, including bedroom activities.

You will change from someone who is always slugging away in the gym with no result. Instead, you will see a marked increase in the amount of fat you are shedding and the muscle you are packing on.

Another advantage of this guide is that you will give up the tedious act of counting calories. With The Man Diet, you are free to eat whatever you like whilst burning more fat than you thought possible.

With most of these conventional diets, you are more than likely to give up. However, the recommendations of this diet are not so much a diet but rather a way to eat. This means that you can sustain it because you can eat whatever you feel like and still look the man you want.

You will also change very early. Many of the people that have taken up this manual to eating like a man have seen changes within the first two weeks. You will also have support every step of the way from the makers of this guide.

What do the clients think of this guide and manual?

The Man Diet Clickable Image

A number of people have tried it out and have raving reviews regarding the way it has changed their lives.

I’ve struggled with my weight for my entire life. But I always thought I was eating healthy. Until I met Chad. The Man Diet allowed me to stop dieting. It helped me build muscle,” says Mark. “And it finally helped me burn fat, and build a body I was proud of. I recommend this diet to everyone I meet who suffers from low energy and can’t burn off excess body fat.

Nate says that this diet pulled the wool from his eyes. When he started eating like a man, his body fat decreased, his energy increased and he was able to actually enjoy his meals.

The diets my wife put me on didn’t work because they weren’t for men, at least I know that now.

He concludes.

To sum it up…

The Man Diet is a diet that is made specifically for men. Many of the conventional diets forget that even men have their special needs too. As such, this guide is the only place you will find that will increase your sex drive and self-esteem.

It will also let you become the man you want to be. It will do this by letting you burn off all that excess fat quickly and build more muscle.

The Man Diet

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