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The Keto Beginning is a nutritional program that was developed by Leanne Vogel, a holistic nutritionist. Leanne had been battling some health benefits of her own:

  • Eight-year struggle with amenorrhea (missing periods)
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Adrenal dysfunction
  • Ultra low hormones

She was able to deal with all the health issues using the keto nutritional lifestyle.

The keto beginning is a nutritional program that is based on Ketosis. Ketosis is the process that the body goes through when it has to utilize the stored fat as energy. The food we eat is broken down by the body into three primary macronutrients:

  • Carbs
  • Proteins
  • Fats

Ketosis involves eating a low-carb, high-fat diet. A low carb, high fat diet is a strategy that you can use to strengthen and facilitate the ketosis process. The ketonis process is the origin of the keto beginning.


Ketosis word cloud

When you consume carbohydrates, your body will use the carbs for fuel instead of fat. The carbs will be broken down into sugar which is used to provide energy to the body.

Now here is the thing: The body is not in a position to utilize all the energy that we consume. When there is more that the body requires, the rest is converted to glycogen and stored in the muscles and the liver. Since the space in the two is limited, the excess is converted to fat and stored in the body.


Insulin molecules

Ketones are a term that is used to refer to some molecules that the body creates when it exhausts the stored energy deposits. It breaks the stored fat into acids which are burned off for energy in the liver. Ketones are then used for fuel requirements of your brain and muscles.

FACT: The body and brain prefer to use ketones as fuel, and there is 70% more efficiency when ketones are used for fuel as compared to the glucose.

The ketonic diet

Low carb, high fat meal

Now that we have looked at the basics let us briefly look at the ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet is:

  • High in fats
  • Moderate in proteins
  • Low in carbs

The distribution of your daily meal composition should be as follows:

  • 65-70% of fats
  • 20-30% of proteins
  • 5% carbs

NOTE: The five% carbs should be from vegetables and not from grains.

Benefits if nutritional ketogenic

low carb keto ketogenic diet meal

We will review the main benefits of this diet.

Weight loss

Notepad with protein diet and fresh meat

Reviews show that the ketogenic diet results in more weight loss than in any other diet. It is documented that through ketogenic, you lose 2.2 more weight as compared to other foods.

Efficient management of your food cravings.

woman having addiction to unhealthy food

Your hunger cravings are as a result of the vicious cycle of high and low sugar levels. When insulin is released, it interferes with your body’s ability to release fat and toxins. So, if you are eating carbohydrates every so often, you are not allowing your body time to get rid of the excess sugar because of the permanent presence of insulin.

If carbohydrates you have are excess, the body converts it into triglycerides and stores them in your blood, leading to weight gain in addition to an imbalance of your cholesterol.

When you lower your consumption of carbohydrates and instead increase your intake of healthy fats, your body has a constant supply of energy. This puts your hunger pangs at bay. Your blood levels and sugars will also be regulated, and the visceral fats are surrounding your organs is absorbed by the body.

Learn exactly what goes into making the keto diet work, how you should balance out your macros, and what you should avoid doing by getting The Keto Beginning today!

Improved mental focus

Train Your Brain Concept

In an environment of ketosis, the brain is continuously supplied with fuel. The constant supply eliminates fluctuations of blood sugar. Without the fluctuations, your mental focus is improved. Some people who adopt the ketogenic diet are mainly motivated by the improved mental focus.

There is a period at the beginning of the diet that is for adaptation. You should be ready for it. It is characterized by headaches and concentration deficiency which may last for some few days

Increased endurance

Female and male compete in endurance

Ketogenic diet provides the body with fuel from fats as opposed to carbohydrates. When the source of energy is the carbohydrates, the energy supply is short-lived, especially in an environment of intense exercise. When energy from fats is used, on the other hand, the energy can last for weeks or months.

When carbohydrates supply the power, you will need to eat constantly to keep up the energy supply. The reason is that the energy is released in spurts. When exercising, you will need to eat before, after and in some cases even during the long periods of training. Not so with fat. The energy from fats is available throughout, and it is also easily accessible.


presentation about of health care concept

The diet helps the unfortunate patients with diabetes type 2. By losing excess fats, the diet could help reverse the effects of diabetes. In a certain study containing 21 subjects, 7 of the patients had their diabetes reversed, and they were even taken off the diabetes medication.

Other conditions that keto helps with are:

Ketogenic word cloud

  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Polycystic syndrome
  • Acne
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Brain injuries

The lists of foods that are ketogenic friendly include:

food pyramid diagram for the ketogenic diet

  • Spinach (raw)
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Cabbage
  • Collard greens
  • Green beans
  • The foods that an adherent of the ketogenic diet must avoid are:
  • Sugary foods
  • Alcohol
  • Fruits
  • ‘Diet’ foods
  • Beans
  • Grains and wheat products

You can, however, choose to keep it simple if it all seems very complicated. Only avoid foods that are high in carbohydrates. Aim for a daily intake of fewer than 15 grams of carbs.

Side effects of nutritional ketogenic

Transition into a state of ketosis is not effortless. The reason is that the body is used to getting its frequent ‘fix’ of energy from carbohydrates. You find that it takes lots of time for the body to adapt to using energy for fuel. So, in the period of transition you might feel:

  • Headache
  • Excessive thirst
  • Difficulty in focusing
  • Hunger
  • Dizziness
  • Flulike symptoms (The keno flu)
  • Sweating and chills
  • Aggravation

NOTE: People with preexisting conditions should stay away from the keto diet. Consult a physician to determine whether it is safe for you to engage the keto diet.

The keto beginning

The keto beginning is a program that is modeled after the ketogenic diet. It is a guidance system that aims at turning your body into a fat burning machine. In the process, you will arrive at our ideal weight; regulate your metabolism and your blood pressure. With The Keto Beginning, you will be guided on how to use food-based nutritional ketosis to:

  • Reach your ideal weight without feeling pressured or deprived
  • Gain empowerment to manage your food obsessions and bring an end to the strict eating schedules
  • Maintain a consistent energy flow in your body without having to eat regularly
  • Boost your self-worth, esteem, and self-respect. The program is a lifestyle change that empowers you to achieve your ideal state of health and improve the overall quality of your life.

The keto beginning is a package that contained the following:

The beginner’s guide

You will find the following in the beginner’s guide:

  • 17 chapters that have all the information that you require to practice nutritional ketosis using a low carbohydrate, protein moderation high fat, and whole food based approach. Nutritional ketosis also advocates for the removal of dairy, grains, and legumes from the diet.
  • Calculations to determine your macronutrient consumption amounts
  • A compilation of the lessons learned by Angela in her first thirty days of nutritional ketosis journey.
  • Nine pieces of precious advice for success on keno
  • 12 power supplements for success on keto
  • 16 actions that increase and decrease ketone production and what you ought to do about it
  • Six things to avoid when you go shopping for keno grocery

A thirty-day meal plan

Fresh organic vegetables and fruits

The meal plan contains a day-to-day meal planning nutritional practices and healthy food preparation for quick results.

In the meal plan, you will find the following:

  • More than 50 quick daily recipes that will take you a very short time to prepare.
  • 2-3 daily meals, drinks, and snacks, which are appropriate for nutritional ketosis.
  • Weekly printer-friendly meal plans, which are themed on food to ensure that no ingredients go to waste.
  • A comprehensive layout that makes the meal plan easy to use
  • A mixture of animal and plant-based foods
  • A variety of proteins
  • Gluten free, grain free, dairy-free, sugar-free and legume free.
  • Weekly shopping lists
  • The list features the whole food ingredients that you to execute the weekly meal plans.
  • The ingredients are sorted. Week by week sorting of the ingredients is done for the ease of preparation of your meals.
  • Links to Angela’s favorite sources of keto friendly ingredients.


A collection of the:

  • Low carbohydrates
  • High fat
  • Moderate protein recipes, which will nudge the body into a natural nutritional ketosis state.

The recipes are accompanied by clear photos and simple cooking instructions. The recipe section also features simple spice mixtures to spice up your food.

How do you buy the keto beginning?

Healthy eating concept

The program is in an eBook that contains 300 pages in the form of pdf format. When you make the purchase, an email is sent to you. When you click on the link in the email, the file will automatically download to your device. You can then have a copy of the eBook to your device, or you can print and keep it within easy rich. If you ever accidentally lose the book, you can always email Leanne, and she will replace it for you. The book goes for $25.

The keto beginning is for you if:

  • You could be having a difficult time managing your allergies
  • You react to a lot of things that you eat. You experience constant bloating
  • Your energy levels keep fluctuating
  • You are struggling with hormonal weight gain
  • You are battling constant food cravings
  • You are fighting candida, and it seems not to want to go away
  • You eat all the time, but you are never quite satisfied
  • You have been struggling to gain or lose weight
  • You feel very sleepy right after you eat
  • You are always thinking about food
  • You are experiencing problems with blood sugar regulation
  • Your blood pressure is all over the place

CAUTION: You should undertake the nutritional ketosis under the close care of a health practitioner if you:

  • Are pregnant
  • Have diabetes type 1
  • You have an existing kidney problem.

How to start the keto diet

  • Do thorough research to establish the kind of food you should (not) eat.
  • Recipe ideas for all the daily meals (ensure the recipes are keto friendly)
  • Create an appropriate meal plan
  • Organize your shopping lists by the recipes and the meal plan
  • Embark on your lifestyle with enthusiasm

Having looked at all the amazing things that nutritional ketosis can do for you; let us now explore the other side of the diet.


baby sitting on chair with chicken pox rash

  • The transition period is not a walk in the park. Some people recorded experiencing
  • Brain fog
  • Lethargy,
  • The keto flu,
  • Increased heart rate especially when they attempted to exercise,
  • Shaking of the hands
  • The list is not exhaustive.
  • The keto plan takes a lot of time to prepare and plan. You cannot just eat random things. The planning and preparation take a lot of time and effort.
  • You need to count the calories to ensure you are not exceeding your daily requirement. This is again quite involving and requires a high degree of commitment.

NOTE: Calculation may be tedious but necessary. The mistake that some people have made is to be too focused on avoiding the carb and in the process they overeat proteins. Also, butter and other oils may be good fats, but they contain a lot of calories.

  • One review showed that the diet only works for a time and then the weight is regained. Some critics have to infect ascertained that most of the weight loss in the diet is water weight.
  • The other concern that came across in the reviews is that in due course, you will start losing muscle in addition to losing weight. You could enter into starvation mode.
  • In another review, some experts were cautious of the diet. They insisted that it should only be practiced under the strict supervision of health specialists and only for a short amount of time
  • Some reviews said showed that keto could potentially destroy the heart since the heart is ideally a muscle.
  • Some readers felt that the book is very confusing. All the science about food is not easily understood.
  • Having to monitor the daily intake of food is not easy either. The calculations and eating guides seem to have put some people off.

Is the Keto Beginning a Scam?

  • The program has been criticized a lot. The general feeling is that most of the information in the eBook is about Leanne and what the diet has done for her and not really about the diet itself. They, therefore, feel that is a scam aimed at only getting money.
  • There is also the feeling the three should be statistics somewhere of the people who have undertaken the program and feedback about how it has worked for them. Such reviews would remove any suspicions of the pdf being a scam.
  • Some buyers felt scammed. They said the information in the pdf is all over the net and therefore the program was not worth the $25.
  • Finally, there was the general feeling that the information in the pdf was not very necessary. It is also not necessary to buy it not unless you are a beginner.

My thoughts.

It is not easy to rule on the legitimacy of the guide or the controversy surrounding the diet. Both sides of the arguments are steadfast in their opinions and use science to support their positions. It does not help that there are no long term studies done to determine the sustainability of the program.

No one can, however, invalidate the testimonies of many people that have used the program and it has worked for them. Anybody embarking on the program would, therefore, be well advised to gather as much information as they can and proceed with caution.

Click to learn more about The Keto Beginning, and see how you can use it to lose weight, get healthier, and start doing the keto diet properly!


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