The Jump Manual Review: How Much Higher Will You Jump?

If you are reading this, it means you are interested in getting more serious about basketball. Let me tell you, adding some extra height to your jump is really not a matter of superpowers, but rather of posture and knowing which muscles and tendons to use.

Improve your jumping height with these amazing exercises

Have you ever heard the saying that goes: “I fear more the man who has practiced one movement a thousand times, than the one that practices 1000 different moves once”. It’s basically like that. If you talk to any professional bodybuilder, they will tell you that strength is not everything when lifting. You need to consider grip, materials, etc.

The Jump Manual is that. It is not a condescending, beginners’ manual. Rather, it talks to those who are already in the game, that want to play it better.

How it changed my life?

  • I am not the tallest, yet I can jump inches taller than most
  • A scholarship has come this way
  • Looking into getting recruited

Listen, it is not all about the jump. You know, we must have good skill, speed, and play well in our positions. However, having this extra, makes people go nuts and increases your scoring probabilities.

Especially, if you are a captain, then this guide will save your life, and your contributions to the team can be extremely beneficial for everyone.

Noticing the details

My story with basketball comes a long way. My father and I used to play together since I can remember. I have been in the school teams since I was 6 and never looked back.

So, I went through all the stages of training in a very organic way. I knew nothing else, and basketball always made sense to me.

Once, when I was in high school, we had the opportunity to compete in nationals. During a match, we were against another team that didn’t look as ready as we were, but they beat us bad. I remembered that’s when I noticed my own faults:

  • We didn’t have much discipline
  • I needed to coordinate better
  • My team needed to work more as one
  • Our skills needed to grow

This one last point was what troubled me the most.

Working on the details

We were in the semi-finals, I thought we had it all together. But, this would teach me a lesson: There is ALWAYS, without any exception, someone better than you out there. Even our coach was surprised.

Listen, most of this was pride, of course, but we were extremely shocked. We were good, how on earth could we get better?

So, our coach came up with a more intense, more focused, training strategy and we worked on polishing every move. We would spend whole afternoons practicing one throw, one pass, one strategy. Over and over, until it was clean.

So much so that some players complained about our training is very boring and repetitive.

The first match

Months after, we had this friendly match with a rival school and, not only did we win, but we crushed them bad. All the moves we practiced on an endless loop, had become second nature and now we were able to play without thinking much about how to play, and focusing more on the field.

Because we all had trained together, we knew each other’s style, strengths, and weaknesses.

This taught me the importance of polishing one’s moves and making them second nature. We played with such naturality, we couldn’t go back to normal training.


In between seasons, I hurt myself before our last match in high school. Not such a big deal, but I had to stop training for a while. While I was a little sad, my father suggested me studying videos and strategy on YouTube, and so I did.

By this point, I had already secured one scholarship for college, through basketball. I just needed to get better ASAP.

So, while watching all these videos, I found some common patterns in NFL players:

  • Their game is more strategic than technical
  • They have almost absolute control of their body
  • Players trust their team blindly
  • It’s somehow like a choreography

When I told a friend about this, he dismissed it on the basis of this “removing the emotion” out of the game.

What he didn’t see was that: These players work so hard; all the moves are like walking on them. There is no second thinking, everything is so perfectly designed, and needs high precision to execute.

Strategy in games

For a game to be highly strategic, you need to be as sharp as a scalpel. Know your every move, know where everyone is going to be, so you can make a pass almost without looking. If you don’t know how to make sure your teammate will catch, there’s a problem, etc.

This is why I fell in love with this new approach. Technicalities had already been MASTERED, then the next level was brains in the game and that made it even more challenging.

Not that brains are not used in the game, of course, they are but bringing your mind as a central piece of the game, just amazing.

So, I decided I wanted this to be my style of playing, and I was going to make it happen.

 Following advice

Well, after I had made my mind up, I talked to my coach about it, and he was very pleased. So much so that HE gave me The Jump Manual. He said he decided to buy it for himself to train people, but that most players in high-school were too undisciplined to aspire to it.

When he said this, I felt a little bad about myself. However, I had gotten serious, he thought I was ready, and that this would help me with college, for sure.

Apparently, now my focus would be on small details that change everything, and I was up for a surprise.

The Jump Manual

So, I got home, did some research on the manual, read some reviews here and there. To my surprise, there are thousands of people out there who have improved because of this amazing guide.

The principles of the manual are:

  • The development of certain muscles, joints, and tendons
  • A precise usage of those to increase your jumps’ height
  • Mind control over the body
  • Mastery of your moves

When you have one thing mastered, the next one is easier. In reality, I didn’t have to train 8 hours daily to increase my jump. While following the exercises, the special parts of my body got stronger, and with the technique, my jumps were getting higher.

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Why is this different?

First, it is a hands-on kind of thing. This is not an anatomy master class mixed with basketball. It’s a proven method that helps you:

  • Develop control over your lower body
  • Grow in strength and flexibility
  • Become faster and more skillful
  • You can practice on your own

These exercises are meant for basketball players, but if you do parkour, for example, they can also benefit you.

Remember, this is focused on your jump. That is the skill that you will be working on.

Secondary effects

However, don’t be confused, mastering you will also help you with:

  • Control over your heels
  • More strength in abductors and hamstrings
  • Improve your timing
  • Notice more dunking opportunities
  • Become Faster

Basically, every step you take in the court will be light as a feather bur firm. So, you can get to move from one place to another without much problem.

So, it is not only your jumping skills, but more control over your lower body, and your core.

Other things to notice

Also, your hand-eye coordination gets better and, most important, your team skills.

Yes, because now, you can help others improve their game too. And, because you are not worried about control over yourself because you will be even more in control. Then, you can turn around and play even better as a team.

People will start to notice you, and maybe, like me, you will be captain one day. As captains, one of our responsibilities is to keep the team together, but also to play as best as we can. Set the bar high for the better.

All of this came to me after some weeks following The Jump Manual.

You get what you give

If you read carefully, I did mention that I have trained hard since forever and that basketball is important for me. Of course, if this is just a hobby for you, then maybe you won’t see all these things happening around you. However, even if you are just the “plays every weekend” type, imagine having this skill and beating every game.

Just more fun for you and your friends, and to have a “better” reputation.

So, regardless if it is just for fun, or because you really love basketball. This method can give you great benefits in your game, and how others perceive you. Having the skill to jump higher is amazing and it just makes the game more interesting and fun.

I have noticed some of my competitors trained under this, as well. And that makes me even happier.

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