The High Performance Handbook Review: What’s The Secret Of Performance?

Have you ever thought about that you might achieve amazing results training on your own, without any personal assistance?

There is a belief knowledge is in the books, but practice is something different. That’s why The High Performance Handbook is beyond a handbook….

The High Performance Handbook is a review of many year’s hard work, efforts and learning, and a history of success.

After years of dedicated work, Eric Cressey becomes a world-class coach. Everything started with his graduated degree in Exercise Science and Sports & Fitness Management. Further specialization in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science. His Master’s degree from the University of Connecticut.

As per himself, although is very proud of his formal education, all education in the world won’t mean anything, without real experience, in this case, hard work and training.

Real experience with some of the top athletes in the world is a part of his amazing portfolio.

As Eric Cressey said, academia has been valuable for him in a way of many business opportunities he got and network with athlete colleagues. During following years he had worked with professionals from football, baseball, hockey, basketball…. Many very successful life and professional stories left behind him.

STOP Wasting Your Time With Cookie Cutter Workout Programs

Not a simple handbook, it’s a whole system

Besides the author, many reviews so far revealed the secret of the success of an idea.

The handbook is a program that provides a personalized training program for all interested in fitness and workout.

This is an e-book of very high quality customized programs. It’s usually very expensive if you decide to hire a personal trainer.

The High Performance Handbook

This is an excellent guide through everything you need to know what works for you and what doesn’t.

Why do I say this?

Because there are numerous trainers, but very few will help you on the way the most convenient for you. Of course, all trainers have their own system of training.

For the difference, the handbook tailored system according to special needs of every single person.

There are so many advantages you should consider about this book.

At the first place, it won’t force you to do something you can’t.

Then, it creates and develops a program suitable to your needs and according to your’s physical abilities.

It’s completely multimedia, so it’s not just a manual guidance. The last but not the least, it’s really affordable to buy.

What kind of ways can you enjoy?

The High Performance Handbook includes 6 different basic options, plus additional 4 as a bonus.

At the beginning there is Assesment, that should guide you through everything you need. Introducing you to all techniques you have to apply, it actually set your goals and shows you the way how to achieve them.

More than 200 videos or three hours of footage.

This option called Video Database provides multiple choices for practicing, while you are listening to the author, at the same time you can watch a coach through every exercise.

It helps you to learn anything you want, anywhere you decide, how good techniques should be done.

The High Performance Handbook

Program has its own modifications and training templates.

That means you can follow schedule as per guidance, but anytime you can adjust it to your own training schedule or a specific needs.

The same thing is with modifications, if you do not have certain equipment as per video, there will be shown exactly how to achieve your goal, without any lifestyle change.

The Handbook works for you even if you have special circumstances.

This is dedicated to persons who want to achieve a specific goal, for example, who want to build muscle mass, or to those whose goal is to reach real athlete shape.

Exercise is versatile and applicable even for professionals.

Not just an exercise, it’s nutrition covered as well.

Active part in the creation of this program took Brian St Pierre, a nutrition expert, and Cressey’s coworker. As a result of his long time practice with athlete professionals, also with regular fitness people, The High Performance Handbook becomes more valuable for food and supplements program.

The High Performance Handbook

You may decide if you want Nutrition Guide to take with Handbook or not. If your answer is yes, you might enjoy in following sections:

If your answer is yes, you might enjoy in following sections:

  • Basic things about food and the most important principles of successful nutrition
  • Nutrition value and detail explanation about the most important ingredients in our food
  • The health and lifestyle section which manage with life habits or environment we are living in, and it’s influence.

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Your body is important same as your mind

Your body is important same as your mind

No pain, no gain – common motivation phrase we meet.

It’s actually true, but the point of this magic book is actually to help you in a way to achieve all your goals, without pain or any kind of sacrifices. The key of success should be in your joy, while you are training.

Your body is a natural state of your mind.

Our body is our temple, so we should work on it on daily basis. To become very successful in some sport as a professional, you have to pass very long way, with a lot of hard work. Whether you are professional or not, you have some chances, if you believe enough.

Every successful journey starts with a small step.

Life is very fast today, we are faced with short terms and offer run out of time. The Handbook is a perfect solution no matter of what kind of lifestyle you have. You can enjoy some it at the gym, or at your office during a break, or in the comfort of your home. But you should start today, with no delay.

Absolutely in the spirit of the digital era.

This is one more advantage. This guidebook is your personal trainer available to you anytime you decide, anywhere you choose to do exercise, it will be your perfect place because your trainer will be there for you.

Every day make yourself better in every single view.

I strongly believe this is one of the author’s missions, but certainly is the main purpose of the handbook. The intention is to convey positive experiences and values, to become your life coach and fitness trainer alike. Because your body is important same as your mind.

All kinds of benefits

Your body is important same as your mind

  • You don’t need to spend anything for expensive fitness machines. The Handbook offers you modifications for every kind of practice or exercise.
  • Quick learning approach and technology. It’s very easy to understand and follow guidebook, which explains every detail or methodology.
  • Convenient for anyone. Whether you are Olympic’s professional, or you are just simply interested in fitness, it’s perfect choice alike. With programs tailored and customized for any individual.
  • Very practical source of knowledge. Although is very good for coaches and sportsmen, with handbook you have your own personal trainer, full time.
  • Affordable price for benefits you get. If you make an overview of all feature and compare it with monthly costs in a gym, you’ll see real bless from the Handbook.
  • Hundreds of positive reviews or customer’s opinions. This is a fact, there are numerous satisfied customers worldwide, and success belongs to Eric Cressey’s reputation within the fitness community.

What’s the Secret Of Performance?

Eric Cressey founded his own company in fitness called Cressey Sports Performance company, with training centers at several locations across the United States. But the company was more than just a business for him, it’s his vision and lifestyle.

What's the Secret Of Performance?

Following his dream, after years of training, some of his trainers had their appearances in Olympics, which is amazing result and achievement.

The author is not a self-proclaimed specialist in training and fitness because, except his previous work and results, satisfied customers will certainly testify about their experiences.

The handbook is a personal monthly plan. Based on the experience with many people he trained, Cressey comes to the conclusion there is no universal program convenient and applicable for every person. That’s why he customized all kinds of workouts.

For those who are already trainers or coaches, it works as an additional education, because it helps them to improve personal skills and to develop new approaches in their practice.

For whom is The Handbook convenient? It can be suitable for anyone who is interested in training, as long as will exist. Exercise is absolutely tailored for individual use, so there is no age or sex restriction.

It gives all freedom to use it anywhere and anytime, so you can make your own schedule, and simply enjoy your routine, exercise with pleasure.

Once you buy it, this program belongs to you without any additional fee. Is it expensive? If you just simply compare with so many other spendings, without any long term benefit, it’s actually very affordable. You should accept one fact, if you want to make money, you have to spend money. In this case, it’s with purpose.

The High Performance Handbook

The secret of The High Performance is in you, your willing to change your self and to become better. Author has discovered that secret a long time ago when he chose fitness as a lifestyle.

The Handbook is his way to change the world and to help others to make their life become better.

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