The HCG Diet Recipe Handbook Review: Delicious Low-Calorie Meals?

 What comes to your mind when the HCG diet is mentioned?

Most view it as this restrictive diet where you can only feed on specific food in order to achieve the restrictive 500-1,500 calories consumption in a day. This doesn’t sound interesting especially for those who love fatty foods, starchy vegetables and sugar added food.

You must be wondering how someone can survive on such a tasteless diet. You really want to shed those extra pounds but the thought of going through that ordeal sends shivers all over your body. Worry not as HCG Diet Recipe Handbook has been perfectly designed to help you achieve your desires.

A healthy lady enjoying HCG meal

This review will introduce you to HCG Diet Recipe Handbook that will make your weight loss journey interesting and fun without breaking a borne. The e-book contains sumptuous delicious HCG recipes that are easy to follow.

For the sake of those who are wondering what’s all this about, let’s bring you to speed on what this review is all about. HCD diet also known as Human Chronic Gonadotrophin is an all-natural product that helps you solve your weight loss problems without starving yourself or undergoing any medical procedure.

HCG recipe e-book

HCG diet effectively burns the abnormal fat in the body. But here is the catch. You must adhere to a very low-calorie diet during the HCG diet protocol. This e-book will walk you step by step on what to consume during the period. It consists of different recipes that are simple, easy and amazingly delicious.

A delicious meal prepared using HCG recipe

Has this elicited your curiosity on how this diet works and how effective it is? HCG diet targets fat loss while sparing muscle tissue at the same time. By doing so, your body is able to maintain its healthy weight range and function at its optimal capacity.


This is not one of those internet recipes posted by anyone who thinks can develop one. Respected chefs and HCG experts have been involved in its development. To make it easier for you, they have compiled it into a cookbook which you can access from anywhere. You can even print it out and carry it with you.

The cookbook will guide you on how to make delicious, tasty and healthy meals that will not only leave you satisfied but will also reduce your cravings. The cookbook does not comprise on taste or convenience. While using HCG recipes in the book, you are assured of losing weight rapidly in the most healthy and safest manner.

simple, easy to follow recipe

Let’s sample some of the experience you will enjoy while at HCG diet

1. Get rid of unwanted fat and keep it at bay

It will only take a few days to start noticing changes in your body fat composition once you enroll in HCG diet. And you know what? No starving yourself with minute salads that leave you unsatisfied. From the enormous reviews received from people who have enrolled in the diet, it’s evident that you feel more satisfied when using healthy HCG diet recipes.

A beneficially of the recipe confirming her waist measurements.

2. You stand to lose 1-2 pounds of fat per day while experiencing zero hunger

HCG diet stimulates the use of stored fat in your body as a source of energy. This helps to keep you full when feeding on a low-calorie recipe. It also keeps those crazy cravings for weight gaining foods at bay. To crown it up, you still lose up to 2 lbs of body fat per day.

3. You can stay away from the exercise

Who said you can only lose weight through exercise. When on HCG diet, you don’t have to exercise to achieve your goals. In fact, most of the practitioners recommend zero exercises when on the HCG diet. If you are one of those people who feel nauseated with the mention of word exercise, this should be your preferred diet.

4. Slows down the aging process

HCG diet contains recipes with very nutritious and antioxidants rich foods. These foods help in fighting free radicals while at the same time healing inflammation. They also help in slowing the aging process. You can retain your youthful look naturally without incurring any cost on make-ups and plastic surgeries.

5. Targets fat loss while sparing muscle tissue

HCG allows your body to utilize the excess fat stores for energy thereby sparing your muscles. This helps in maintaining blood sugar while at the same time burning the excess fat around your waistline.

A lean and healthy waistline

 Some of the factors that make the diet so appealing are:


You will be preparing your own meals in the house. Thus the extra dollars you would have spent purchasing overprized unhealthy food from the restaurant are spared. By the time you are done with the diet, you will have saved quite a fortune.

Boost your physical appearance

This being the fastest and most effective diet, you will be able to reach your ideal weight almost immediately. Your body functions will be more efficient thus keeping diseases at bay. Your energy levels will go up not to mention that you will look more attractive than before.

No rebound weight gain after finishing the HCG diet.

After you are done with diet, there will be no weight rebound. This is because the diet resets your metabolism and ensures the lost weight is not easily regained. After the HCG low-calorie phase, there is a maintenance phase which allows you to reintroduce higher calorie meals once you have attained your desired weight. All this is done without fear of gaining your weight back.

Advantages of using the HCG diet

  • It has some of the most simple, easy and amazingly delicious HCG diet recipes.
  • There are clear and straightforward directions to follow with no ambiguity
  • Consists of a fat loss diet that will help you achieve a healthy, energetic and lean body.
  • It has a bonus gift consisting of 3 powerful HCG manuals that will propel your results to the next level.

HCG manuals

These manuals are a powerful tool that helps in dealing with the two major reasons that make people fall off from their diet. The two reasons are;

  1. Lack of initial momentum that keeps one on the plan until results are evident
  2. Eating out in restaurants or in a social gathering which results in cheating. This creates guilt and frustrations which eventually makes one give up

Components of the bonus gifts

Free bonus 1- HCG diet ‘Phase 3’ Report

  • This is a 9-page phase 3 reports that are meant to help you maintain and stabilize your weight after completion of ‘HCG Phase’ diet.
  • The report has tips and guidelines that direct you on how to avoid failure and be successful.

Free bonus 2 – Complete ‘HCG Phase’ Grocery shopping list

  • It has access to a complete grocery shopping list for your phase 2 journey. The list consists of only the food that should be consumed when in HCG phase of the diet. If a certain food is not listed, you should steer clear of it. Doesn’t this make it much easier for you?
  • No more headaches of determining what to consume and what not to consume.

Free bonus 3 –‘Pounds and Inches’ by Dr. Simeons

  • You also have access to “Pounds and Inches” e-book by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons are absolutely free. This is one book that has revolutionized weight loss around the globe. It has been in use for over six decades and read by millions of people who were starting with the HCG diet.

free bonus e-book "Pounds and inches" by Dr. Simeons

Final word

With all the information given, are you still skeptical about the HCG Diet Recipe Handbook? This is one of the most amazing recipe e-books that will assist you to lose your weight while at the same time maintaining a healthy diet.

HCG Diet Recipe Handbook gives an insight on how to prepare a variety of delicious meals as you experience many health benefits from the diet.

In case you are dissatisfied with this book, you are guaranteed to have your money back. All you need to do is send an email within 60 days after the purchase. Your money will be refunded with no question asked.

Are you ready to start off with the diet? Place an order for a copy of the HCG Diet Recipe Handbook. You will love the experience especially when the results start showing within days.


easy workouts

Why re-invent the wheel when you already have a solution at hand. Buy the HCG Diet Recipe book and learn how to prepare the amazing HCG recipes. The beauty of it is, once you have mastered them, you will use them for life and lead a healthier, energized and happy life.

Alternatively, you can opt to go the long way and discover for yourself. But be sure you are bound to make mistakes some that may be too expensive to bear in the long run. Not forgetting you might fall off from your diet regime. All of this can be avoided. You will only need 60 days to start seeing the results if you choose the HCG Diet Recipe Book as your preferred partner.

If you’re tired of eating bland foods on a diet – this is a book for you. Click here to access the HCG Diet Recipe Handbook and cook mouth-watering low-calorie meals!


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