The Half Day Diet Review: Can You Diet Only Half A Day And Lose Fat?

Carbs Are Not The Enemy!

If that statement resulted in you nodding your head in affirmation or doing your best impression of Tom Cruise jumping on the couch, then this is a must-read review for you. It will have you jumping for joy (again), hitting the delete button on all those reviews that promote carb hating and clicking the buy me now button.

This review will introduce you to The Half Day Diet™What it is. Who created it. What it can do for you.

Welcome to The Half Day Diet

The Half Day Diet

The Half Day Diet™ is a simple and straightforward weight loss program. It takes what is great about a low carb diet and fills in a key missing piece that extensive scientific research has revealed.

According to its creator, scientific research reveals what our ancestors knew all along. You only need to be ‘low carb’ for a few specific numbers of hours of the day to get all the benefits of a 24-hour low carb diet. Those specific hours take up only half of your day.

About the Creator

Nate Miyaki created The Half Day Diet™. Nate is a nutrition coach and natural physique athlete. His love affair with all things health and fitness started with football and track and field and has grown to include capoeira, gymnastics, stunts, wrestling, and writing.

His knowledge and personal experiences have been passionately curated over a span of fifteen years. In that time he has invested in an in-depth study of carbs and their effect on the human body.

Nate’s time, effort and commitment to excellence in the health and fitness arena are unmistakable and widely recognized. His work has been featured in Shape, Livestrong, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health and Muscle & Fitness.

Health and Fitness Author

Nate is also a health and fitness author. He has authored the following five books. All a must read.

  • The 6-Pack Checklist: A step by step guide to shredded abs
  • A Philtered Soul: How Passion, Perseverance, and a Damn Good Cup of Coffee Can Change Your Life
  • The Truth About Carbs: How to Eat Just the Right Amount of Carbs to Slash Fat, Look Great Naked, and Live Lean Year-Round
  • The Truth About Weight Loss: A Beginner’s Guide to Cutting Through the Fluff and Finding a Sustainable Weight Loss Solution
  • Rise Above: 7 Strategies to Crush Adversity
  • The Way of the Cancer Warrior: 34 Strategies for Your Cancer War

What Else You Should Know

Nate is a self-described ‘fitness vagabond.’ Not in the wandering from place to place variety. Think more personally trying and testing the various health and fitness strategies out there today.

The result. He can walk the talk.

Something Else You Should Know

He’s the proud holder of The 100 Most Influential People in Health & Fitness (Greatist), and one of The Hottest 50 Trainers in America (Shape) titles.

Nate Miyaki’s Approach to Health and Fitness

  • Keep it simple.
  • Find out what truly works and what doesn’t.
  • Dispel commonly held health and fitness myths.
  • Customize health and fitness strategies for real, everyday people.

The Science Behind It AllThe Science Behind It All

The Half Day Diet seeks to break what scientists call the LH-VTA loop. The lateral hypothalamus and the ventral tegmental area found in the brain. This is the portion of the brain that controls our carbohydrate and sugar cravings.

The LH-VTA loop is also responsible for triggering our sense of reward and addiction. Miyaki calls it the ‘carb-loop’. He says that the carb-loop must be broken if our long-term health and fitness goals are to be achieved.

When you quit or severely limit carbohydrates from your diet, your body goes into a fasting or starvation mode. If this is your goal, it is great. Only in the short-term though. This is not sustainable or advisable for any long-term health or fitness goals.

Exposure to the traditional version of a low carb dieting results in the following.

  • Headaches
  • Muscle weakness
  • Cramps and diarrhea
  • Lack of focus
  • Night time cravings
  • Yo-yo dieting
  • Lethargy due to lack of energy

This is by no means an exhaustive list. It should be, however, enough to give you pause.

The 3 Key Pillars of The Half Day Diet™

This weight loss system is built on the following three key pillars – Macro-optimization. Customization. Evolution. These pillars were strategically selected with the goal of maximizing successful health and fitness weight loss outcomes. 

1. Macro-Optimization

This is the process of taking your macronutrients i.e. protein, fats, and carbohydrates and adjusting their intake to meet your health and fitness goals. This makes your food work smarter for you.

2. Customization

Most diets fail because they are built with one person in mind. Very rarely is that person you. A successful diet is never one size fits all. Customization to each individuals lifestyle and overall health and fitness goals is a must. This system demands it.

3. Evolution

The purpose of adopting a health/fitness regime is to evolve into something you desire. This means that as you change, your diet should change to accommodate and continually support progress. By focusing on evolution this program changes as you change and that means results. Always. Every time.

What You Get When You Buy It

You get the Half Day Diet’s simple and straightforward e-book that is divided into three main parts. These three parts correspond to the three key pillars mentioned above: Macro-optimization. Customization. Evolution.

Also included are three bonus fat loss guides and temporary access to a members only club.

  • The Restaurant & Fast Food Survival Guide because real, everyday people eat out.
  • The Happy Hour Handbook which contains a secret hangover cure.
  • The Half Day Diet for Vegetarians
  • The Holiday Fat Loss Manual
  • 30 days unrestricted access to the exclusive members-only Flat Belly Platinum Clubs where you can find cheerleaders to support and cheer you on your health journey and read stories of real people. People just like you who are using the Half Day Diet and winning. Winning big.

Why You Should Try It – A.K.A. The Pros

  • You get all the benefits of a low carb diet and get to ditch the negatives attached to it.
  • You get to keep the lifestyle you have.
  • It’s a sustainable program that supports all the different areas of your life (thanks to the bonus fat loss guides for)
  • You don’t have to worry about increasing your carbon footprint (score one for mother nature). Just click a button the link below to get started and you’re on your way to a fitter, happier, much happier you.

Join The Half Day Diet Today, And You’ll Be Losing Fat By Dieting Just Half A Day At A Time – Click Here To Get Started!

Why You May Not Want To Try It – A.K.A. The Cons

  • If you want a copy and paste weight loss program then this is not the diet plan you seek. The plan lays out a foundational framework which you must customize for your own life if you want to see the results you are aiming for, come to life.
  • This plan is not a short time diet but a long time lifestyle change. Results will take some time to achieve. You must be able and willing to invest in and play the long game.

I Hate To Go But I Must Wrap This Up

Carbs are not the adversary your trainer, your friend or some health and fitness resources may have pointed them out to be.

You need carbs. I need carbs. We all need carbs. Carbs are a good thing. A great thing in fact. They keep bodies running efficiently and effectively. They are your body’s go-to source for energy, stamina, and strength. All the crucial things you need to go after your beautiful big and wild albeit sometimes scary dreams. We just have to learn to eat them at the right time.

Who Would Benefit From This Program

This diet is not for everyone. Nate will tell you the same. This program is for people who believe that living a sustainable healthy and fit lifestyle has nothing to do with starving yourself and adopting a punishment and reward system so that you can enjoy eating your carbs.

So, if what you have been doing up to this point to live your best life is coming up short in the health and fitness corner. If your beautiful big and wild albeit sometimes scary dreams can no longer wait and you must start working on them now.

If you believe you deserve and are willing to put in the required work to live your best life today.

This product is for you.

This Product Is For You

Reviews are coming in fast and furious for this program. Find out what all the buzz is about. Don’t just take my word for. Get it and review it for yourself.

Take advantage of the 30-day temporary free access to the Flat Belly Platinum Clubs where you are sure to find like-minded individuals like yourself.

This program has worked for many. Add your name to the ever-growing list of success stories today.

Click Here If You Want An Easy Diet That Works And One That Only Takes Half A Day To Use! Get The Half Day Diet Today!


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