The Golf Swing Speed Challenge Review: Can You Swing Better?


This is a program that was developed for golf enthusiasts; to help them to perfect their swing in a matter of eight weeks.

Let us first deal with some basics

The golf swing speed

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Swing speed in golf can be defined as how fast the golf club is traveling when it hits the ball. Ball speed, on the other hand, is the how fast the ball is moving when it leaves the face of the club after impact. Ball speed is always faster than the than the club speed because of the transference of momentum from the massive head of the golf club to the much lighter high energy ball.

The ratio    

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Mostly, the rate of the ball should be up to 1.5 times more than the speed of the swing. For instance, if a golfer has a swing of a 100 MPH, the ball will leave the pint of impact at 150MPH.However, it does not always follow that that the increase in club speed will be directly proportional to the increase in the ball speed. This is simply because there are many more factors that work together to determine the rate of the ball.

Swing efficiency

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The swing must be made as efficient as possible to improve the speed of the ball. This requires that the golfer must learn and practice proper techniques to eliminate hooks and slices. The golfer must also find the right ball that is properly matched to his type of swing

Swing tempo

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Sometimes, swinging too hard will not translate to more club speed or even improved ball speed. One of the most common errors that many golfers make is to swing too hard from the very beginning of the swing. Proper technique dictates that you start slowly and gradually increase your speed as your golf club approaches the ball. This is how to control the tempo of your swing.

By controlling the speed of your swing, you will maintain better control of the club, consequently achieving a more solid contact. Thus; you will increase the ball speed without necessarily increasing the swing speed.

(A golf swing is not merely swinging a club and hitting the ball. A combination of a bit of physics and technique must work hand in hand to produce what golfers will refer as a perfect shot).

Golf swing depends on the accuracy of timing and precise physical mechanics. Also, the grip and positioning of the hand and the positioning of the feet.

There have been some scientific and mathematical studies that have attempted to formulate equations to underline the scientific basis for a perfect golf swing. Each of the swings must correlate to the type of stroke that is required for each play. Does the hole need:

  • Chip
  • Pitch
  • putt

Now we move on the golf swing speed challenge.

The golf swing speed challenge is a downloadable eBook which promises the enthusiasts of golf that they can perfect their swing speed in a matter of weeks.

It is a program that was developed by Alex Gairdner, who is a qualified physiotherapist and a golf fan. He developed the program after many hours spent on golfing green coupled with an extensive scientific research. Gardner disputes the popular belief that perfect golfing techniques require expensive custom made clubs.

He instead recommends four specific training requirements which will gradually enable any golfer to achieve straighter and longer drives. The author believes that through the program, golfers can lower their scores, develop an effortless swing and enjoy the game more than they have ever done before.

Alex insists that the program is for everyone. The program contains a pdf document in addition to a demonstrative video. Through the two, he starts by outlining the basics of the swing technique before proceeding to an advanced level. This is very considerate of him so that even people who are new in the sport can draw their benefits from the program.

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You must purchase the eBook from the official website to qualify for the sixty-day money refund. The author uses his academic and professional experience as a therapist He combines these two and demonstrates how a golfer can achieve that ultimate golf swing through science. He says that in the course of his research, he came to the discovery that for every 1PMHo of club head speed, one will gain 2.2 yards. Consequently, utilizing the club head speed, a golfer can, in fact, achieve longer and much straighter drives.

To achieve the objective of the program, the book and the video are divided into four distinct parts, each with a specific technique. The techniques can be efficiently mastered from the comfort of one’s home. The program is designed in a way that you do not need special equipment or expensive club heads to master the techniques.

The challenge is marketed towards people of all levels of fitness and the daily exercises can be completed within 30 minutes, while multitasking. The golf swing challenge not only aims to help golfers accelerate their swing speed but also improve their swinging technique in general.

Alex says that in his research, he discovered that there were three substantial ways of that were scientifically proven to help a golfer to hit the ball even further. He

  • Change your swing (this obviously requires a load of practice, and the golfer may not have the time)
  • Get custom fitted clubs-the price of the custom clubs is by far inhibitive for many people
  • Increase the club head speed

On evaluating the three options, he felt that the third option was the most practicable and realistic. He then set to find out everything he could about how to improve the club head speed. He arrived at this fact:

For every 1MPH of club head speed, you gain 22 yards in extra distance. This means that there was a positive correlation between increasing the swing speed and hitting the ball further. The faster your swing is, the further the ball goes. When he discovered his relationship, the next obvious step was to determine what speed he needed to add 40 yards to his drive.

His calculation yielded 19 MPH faster. This seemed simple. However, continued researched shocked him. He was already fit (being a physiotherapist) and athletic and yet he only averaged about 90MPH club speed with his driver, yielding 230 off the tee.

He began to research in earnest on how to increase his swing speed. All he found was exercises to improve his strength and flexibility, which he was already dedicated to. After continued search, he realized that what he needed simply did not exist. He vowed to create a program that would meet his needs and help him to improve his swing speed.

He, therefore, used his extensive knowledge of biomechanics to create a comprehensive program that would methodically improve his swing speed through a period of eight weeks (56 days)

He decided it was best to record a series of swings before he started the program for future comparison. After the 56 days, he had had a 20.2MPH increase in club head which translated to 44.3 yards increase. (Remember he was working towards a 40 yards increase)

Get your hands on The Golf Swing Speed Challenge right here today, and you’ll learn all the drills, all the training, and all the preparation you need to do to get your golf swing longer and faster!

Implications of the increased swing speed

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  • When you hit the ball further, the rest of the game automatically becomes easier.
  • You will have shorter shots into greens, which also means more birdie putts, consequently translating to lower scores.
  • Hitting the ball longer off the tee, (while maintaining your accuracy at the same time).This puts you at an advantage to score better and has more fun with the golf club.

Having achieved these results, Alex released his program to a small group of golfers from diverse backgrounds for testing. Every single person who completed the challenge increased their swing speed, and as a result, the ball went further.

Julian Bennett, a Saudi Arabian golfer, improved his swing speed from 101 MPH to 120.2 MPH in 56 days. Julian picked extra 28.6 yards. James Chaffey from Australia completed the program at 91.8 MPH, up from a starting point of 83.4 MPH. He picked extra 30.36 yards per drive in the 56 days of the program. Alex Mac Dougull, a USA golfer, started at 74.4 MPH. As the challenge drew to a close, he was at 88.2.Alex had picked extra 30.36 yards per drive in the 56 days of the program.

When you buy the program, you are entitled to:

A video to brainwash your mind for increased swing speed

This is a video that you watch from the comfort of your house. The video features a world class champion hitting the drive and with a swinging speed of over 140MPH (This should motivate you).Between every two swings, you will quickly see a unique swing mind that will go straight to your subconscious. You are ideally brainwashed to increase your swing speed.

The video is also accompanied by positive music that will have a significant impact on the swing speed inducing suggestions that will program your mind to swing the club even faster.

Detailed swing drills that will empower you to hit longer drives

When you order the golf swing speed challenge, you will also get a free golf swinging drill through your email every week for the next ten weeks to empower you to boost your swing.

The ten series

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The ten series look like follows:

  • Week 1 drill: Week one’s drills are two swing drills that will go a long way to minimizing the tension in r golf swing. This will help you drive the golf ball further than ever before.
  • Week 2 drills: You will receive a video drill demonstrating how to produce a wider arc in your own golf swing.
  • Week 3 swing drills: The week three drill will be a video demonstrating one of the most simple golf drills that will help you to be free, relax and have the power to release in every one of your golf swings.
  • Week 4 swing drills: Week four gives you the best drill that the author knows, to get you the best speed possible at the place where it matters most: impact. In fact, you will have two videos for the drill.
  • Week 5 swing drills: In week five, you will acquire better balance in your golf swing so that you can hit longer drives. This will be a straightforward and practical drill.
  • Week 6 drill: Week six drill aims at helping to relax so that you optimize your swing.
  • Week 7 swing drill: This drill will benefit anyone who suffers from a slice problem. The drill will help you to get the right feeling into the ball to hot pretty nice draws.
  • Week 8 swing drills: You will learn the best drill to enable your transition so that you can hit longer drives.
  • Week 9 swing drills: This week’s drill will help you to get rhythm into your swing
  • Week 10 swing drills: Week ten drill seeks to reach how to get the correct tempo into your swing so that you can hit longer drives.

The golf swing speed challenge, 102 (Advanced version going for $74.

This is an advanced challenge. After the finish the first challenge, you can move on to the next challenge so that your swing can increase even more. It is separately sold for$74, but you will get it free with this challenge. It includes exercises and drills to help you achieve even greater distance.

The golf swing challenge 103(super advanced version sold for %74)

This is the most advanced swing challenge after the 102 version. It will help you improve your swing speed even more. It comes with its exercises and drills, but you will get it for free if you buy the golf swing speed challenge book.

After completing the program, you can expect

  • To be hitting your drive further than you have ever done, and start having fun on the golf course again
  • You will hit the ball much straighter since you will have improved your tempo and swing plane.
  • You will be hitting shorter irons and wedges into the Greens, allowing yourself more birdie chances and shooting lower scores.
  • You will not only hit the ball further, but you will hit without pain and reduce your probability of injury. (This is probably even more important than any other accomplishment).


  • You can undertake all the exercises and drills indoors. You do not need any specific equipment. You have everything that you need to conduct the program. This makes it very convenient
  • The instructions are very clear. You are told what to do, and the explanation of how to do it is given, you are explicitly told how often to undertake a given drill and to what level.
  • It does not matter the age you are at. Anybody can complete the challenge. All you need to do is to follow the step by step directions, and you will inevitably find yourself kicking the ball further and further.
  • The exercises are manageable even for anyone who has never exercised nor has not undertaken any form of exercise for a long time.
  • No matter how long your drive currently is, or the level of your fitness, you will hit the ball further after completing the challenge. All the exercises can be completed within 30 minutes per day and eve less towards the end of the program.
  • The program is digital so that you can access that your earliest opportunity. The program includes a pdf that you can print out in addition to a video that demonstrates all the drill and exercises. You can plan to start immediately.
  • All the drills and exercises are accompanied by videos. There is no room for error or confusion on your part since the drills are well illustrated.
  • You can ask any question or seek ant questions or seek clarification about any part of the program. You can reach the author through Jeff [2] consistent golf .com.

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  • Many reviews of the book are found in the online sports communities and numerous golf blogs. The majority of the reviews were positive. Some reviews indicated that they found the program a practical alternative to spending a fortune on a new set of clubs, and at the same time, they felt that the techniques were easy to implement.
  • One review indicated that the promise of the program to increase drives by 44 yards in a mere 56 days was quite unrealistic.
  • Another review still showed that some people felt that even with all the effort that the golfer put into the program, a book can never adequately substitute real lessons, and no matter how detailed it was.
  • There was no evidence of the program being a scam. Even the few people that had reservations about the ability to achieve the results promised by the program within the stipulated time did not doubt the authenticity of the program. I can, therefore, say confidently that the golf swing speed challenge is not a scam but an excellent product the golfers are going to benefit from.

Click here to join the Golf Swing Speed Challenge, and get the golf swing you’ve always wanted to have, by practicing the right way!


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