The Flight System Review: How Much Higher Can You Jump After This?

Developing a massive vertical jump has become easy, thanks to the new The Flight System by Chris Barnard, who is the head coach at world-famous Strength Camp gymnasium.

Before I explored this program, I wasn’t sure if it’s possible for a guy like me (5’9”) to develop a massive vertical jump. Unlike other jump programs, this one improves your jump regardless of your height, weight, size, or any other physical characteristics. 

What I learned from this program is that you only need to harness the power of the ‘vertical release’ to surprise yourself. I learned to harness this power by simply learning from the scientific work that Mr. Barnard has done to optimize the vertical jump.


But are these jump training techniques effective for everyone? That is the question that I will try to answer in this review of The Flight System, developed by Chris Barnard. The program is now available in e-media format so anyone can buy and download it instantly.

What is The Flight System Program?

The Flight System by Chris Barnard is a jump training program that comes with all the essential elements. You will train with weights and plyometrics. It has an easy to use format and the video content is useful for anyone looking to jump higher.

This system uses a four-step training method. It’s simple in theory and efficient in practice.

  1. Improve stretch reflex
  2. Increase stretch shortening cycle
  3. Increase motor unit recruitment
  4. Speed up the rate of force development

When improving your jump technique using this program, you will learn how to avoid mistakes and how to get the best results from your training. The video training explains plyometric exercises and teaches you numerous techniques and tricks to help you on your path to a higher jump.

Chris Barnard spent 6 valuable years working on this program. It’s scientifically supported with proven results. It comes with a 60 days guarantee. It doesn’t surprise me that this program gets so many positive reviews.

How it works

Before you buy this program, it’s important you understand how it works. To help you understand the science behind this jump manual, I will start by asking you a simple question.

Do you know what’s stopping you from jumping higher?

It’s Golgi Tendon Organs (GTO) that deploy the protective mechanism in your body to keep the muscles from getting injured. These tendons work like a sensor. They sense changes in muscle tension and set off an inhibitory process that forces your muscles to relax instead of gaining higher levels of excitation.

increase your vertical jump height

The Flight System program focuses on helping your body develop the ability to shut off your GTO without risking a muscle injury. It’s backed by scientific findings.

This new training system is built around 5 parameters. These are:

1- Mobility

Mobilization is one of the key focus areas in this program. The program is designed in a way that it increases the mobility of your muscles. As a result, you gain vertical jump height.

I’ve tried many vertical jump programs in the past. To be honest, I haven’t seen anyone explaining mobilization like Chris Barnard. He really focuses on hip flexors and piriformis muscles.

The result is something I’ve always wanted from these programs.

Your tight muscles start moving and your body will be eager to jump higher. That’s specifically what a lot of other programs miss out.

2- Activation

Mobilizing your muscles could produce some results but Chris Barnard wants you to activate the remaining muscles as well. More muscles at work mean higher the jump.

posterior chain deadlift

To achieve these goals, Chris Barnard focuses on posterior chain musculature through both static and dynamic exercises. They form an important part of The Flight System program.

3- Plyometrics

Many reviews of this product focus on plyometrics and they have a reason for it. Chris Barnard explains these exercises as they have never been done before in the videos, which are part of the program.


Plyometrics are the most important part of this vertical jump system.

4- Power

When I reviewed this program for a friend over the phone, I told him it’s all about putting work in the gym. Today, after having increased my jump height with this program, I still believe that this program is not for the fainthearted.

power training for jump gain

You will be moving a weighted load in vertical directions. Your speed will be critical. You will also do exercises such as squat jumps, medicine ball, and light squats. All these tough exercises are part of this program.

Power is one of the essential parameters of helping you jump higher.

5- Strength

Strength is at the core of The Flight System by Chris Barnard. It’s the way you learn to lift your body into the air, as high as your muscles can support. The program uses a three-face training with eccentric, isometric, and concentric phase.

strength training increase jump

Mr. Barnard’s approach to strength training is somewhat complicated, but it’s unique in a way that it forms the core philosophy of jumping higher. You might some other jump programs with straightforward strength training but that won’t prove effective.

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What you’ll learn

One thing that I learned from this program within the first few days was how Chris Barnard visioned vertical jump. He takes his inspiration from scientific findings. As a result, his focus is on giving your body the ability to absorb higher amounts of force, without risking injury or muscle strain.

You start with simple techniques. 

jump training by chris barnard

The program teaches depth jumps, rebound jumps, connected jumps, and other simple mobilization and plyometric techniques to help your muscles gain more mobility. As the program progresses, you undertake weight based exercises such as box squats, trap bar deadlifts, hang cleans, and medicine ball tosses.

In addition to these exercises and techniques, you also learn to finally put in work at the gym. You will lift heavy weights and your routines will push you further than other similar programs.

Not only that, but The Flight System is also about learning about your body. Since it’s backed by scientific evidence, Chris Barnard efficiently explains how everything works. You will learn the theory behind the various routines included in the program. You will understand how different training routines contribute to improving stretching and flexibility of your muscles. When you know how the increased rate of force development can give you inches on your vertical jump, you will easily build jump-specific strength.

Things I didn’t like about Barnard’s jump system

I admit that over the past few months, I’ve become a fan of Mr. Barnard’s training system. It’s revolutionary in a way that it has helped me explore my muscles and tendons as I’ve never done before. It motivates you to put hours in the gym.

But, as is with everything good, there are some shortcomings in this system. So, if you are looking for reasons to reject this jump manual, here are your best possible reasons.

Keep in mind, these reasons didn’t put me off.

  • It’s not a sport-specific exercise program. So, if that’s what you are looking for, this jump system isn’t for you.
  • You will immediately notice that Mr. Barnard is selling his exercise program at a higher price compared to other similar systems. Nevertheless, I paid that extra price because of all the academic work Chris did to make this system so powerful and rewarding.
  • If you are looking for a shortcut, this isn’t the path. This training program is extremely demanding on the body. If you are a novice athlete, you might overtrain your body.
  • You will need to go to a fully equipped gym to carry out a training program by Mr. Barnard. You need all sorts of training equipment such as Olympic Bars, Plyo Boxes, and so on.

Is it worth your money?

The Flight System adheres to the latest scientific research in muscle flexibility. It’s closely related to how higher you can jump. Chris Barnard, the creator of this evolutionary vertical jump training system, spent 6 years figuring out exactly how these scientific findings could help ordinary athletes jump like superhumans.

The result of these six years of study, experiment, and evolution helped Mr. Barnard create this system. It’s definitely worth your money, especially when you are eager to ‘get your ass under the bar’.

As a credibility check, I did some background research on Mr. Barnard before I spent my money on his system. Here are some quick facts about this trainer. He is a pro.

  • World-renowned athletic trainer
  • Head trainer at Strength Camp the USA
  • Studied applied Kinesiology at the University of Miami
  • Using his own techniques, Barnard was able to improve his jump height from 33 inches to 44 inches


The Flight System is a proven vertical jump program that uses scientific knowledge to turn an ordinary athlete into a special one. The videos are interesting and informative.  The exercise descriptions are easy to follow, as you can see in my review. If you follow along, Chris Barnard will teach you how to bring more intensity to every phase of your jump routine. I recommend this program for every athlete who wants to gain jump height.

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