The DUP Method Review: Best Training Program For Strong Women?

Why waste time over infrequent workout sessions in gyms when you can gain strength in as little as 4 weeks by using a scientifically crafted workout and diet method?

We can all admit that the traditional workout and diet routine is time-consuming and slow. It takes months before you see any visible results. Then, why should we continue following it and hold back on our aim of having a sustainable fit and attractive body at our earliest convenience?

DUP Method

It is not typically possible for an average person to have access to fitness programs followed by athletes such as Ryan Dori or Will Grazione to name a few. Fitness professional experts Mike Samuels and Janson Maxwell introduce us to DUP workout method.

This review is about the D.U.P method, which promises to help achieve our fitness goals and build strength much faster than the traditional workout methods. Traditional workouts can bring effective results and they are broadly used but very slow in producing results.

What are the fitness goals we have?

We want to lose fat, gain strength, and look attractive. But we also want to achieve all of that as early as possible. A toned body, well-defined abs, strong arms and calves, minimum fat and maximum stamina, are all the things we all want.

DUP Method Goal

Learn The DUP Method Today And Start Training Your Body For Strength And Tone Like You Want!

We feel bad about not having our desired bodies and fitness, and it lowers our spirits and confidence. We find ourselves envying others with better bodies and we end up looking down on our own selves.

How do we get what we want and fix our fitness condition, you ask?

If you agree that your confidence level would be a lot higher if you had your desired body type, then Mike Samuel and Jason Maxwell’s DUP method is the solution you have been waiting for.

What can you get from the program:

The DUP method is an effective and detailed guide crafted by professionals to help you get the body of your desire. The program uses techniques and methods which are backed by scientific results and intense research. Therefore, you can rely on the program to be effective because it has already been tried and tested.

Key Features of DUP

The program comes in the form of a digital application. It includes a detailed user manual, several workout guides, as well as a nutritional guide, and printable workout logs. There are bonus features as well. The program, along with several bonus features, has been launched to assist you to navigate your fitness options and achieve success towards your goals.

This program is well researched and is compiled by enthusiastic and experienced professionals you can trust.

It is your shortcut to fitness and strength.

The creators of the program, Jason and Mike, are revolutionaries in the fitness industry who are well are experts in their work. In the program, Mike takes a non-traditional approach to workout routines, which goes absolutely opposite to the norm. However, Mike comes out victorious in his rebellion as the method has proven to yield high success.

A man using a dumbbell

The program will take you on a journey of workout which is non-traditional and refreshing, yet very effective. it will change the old workout way and provide you correct guidelines for achieving your goals. Many other have tried it and succeeded, and you could too.

Unlike most other reviews, my review will focus on informing you about the merits of the program instead of persuading you to consider it. With this review, you will get to know the pros and cons of the programs and will be able to take an informed and balanced choice.

Listed are the objectives that this course will help you fulfill:

1. If you want to gain stamina.

2. If you want to lose weight.

3. If you want to be able to lift more each week.

4. If you want quick fitness results.

5. If you want a detailed guide to an effective fitness program.

6. If you want to receive professional-level training at the minimum cost.

Key Features of the program:

The digital application of the program has 8 features in total. You can access this application from all devices including your smartphone, laptop, desktop, tablets and etc. Listed are all the features of the program.

1. Main Manual

Gives you a detailed description of how to use the program effectively. Using this manual you will be able to navigate the whole program with ease.

2. Nutrition guide

With the guide, you will be able to plan your meals in terms of its calorie, protein and fat contents. And you will also learn which meals will be most effective for you while you are training under the program.

The DUP Features

3. Optimal Plan

The plan contains all information about the kinds of exercises and the number of sets you will have to do for each.

4. 4 Days Per Week Plan

It is a more condensed version of the ‘Optimal Plan.’ This may be especially helpful for you if you are having a busy week and are not able to work out for 5 days in total.

5. The Busy Man’s Plan

It is an extremely condensed version of the ‘Optimal Plan’ and is designed for clients who have minimum time to spare for workouts.

6. Beat Up Lifters Plan

This feature is specially crafted for people who suffer from various conditions such as sore joints, very low stamina, pains caused by old injuries and etc. This workout is to be done 3 days a week.

7. The Hypertrophy Plan

This is the name of the seventh feature. This feature is for people who are committed to building muscle. This workout should be followed 4-5 days a week and this workout routine is what professional trainers use.

8. Fat Loss Guide

In this feature, you will find detailed workout plans which will help you to lose fat.

But that is not all! The program also comes with some bonus features. The bonus features are video tutorials that will teach you how to do certain exercises correctly, such as how to do a pushup most effectively and so on.

How is this program different than the traditional workout methods?

The traditional workout methods tell you that you CANNOT:

  • Work body parts in less than a gap of 5 days
  • Work on every muscle group in your body more than once a week
  • Use only a specific number of exercises
  • Do varying numbers of reps per set.

However, this revolutionary program will allow you to work out in a manner you might have never imagined before. With this program, you CAN:

  • Train lifts several times each week.
  • Work on the same muscle groups multiple times a week.
  • Use only a small and specific number of exercises.
  • Workout using reps which will vary each time, and will not be monotonous.

The program sure is iconic and one of its kind. And because of Jason Maxwell and Mike Samuels, now you are able to become a part of this iconic fitness revolution.

Who are Jason Maxwell and Mike Samuels?

Jason Maxwell is a rocket scientist turned fitness expert. That revolutionary career transformation is a good reflection of the revolutionary idea the man has presented to us. And his career as a scientist ensures us that we can trust on him and the program he offers us. That is because scientists themselves researched and created this method. Jason Maxwell is not only a brilliant former scientist, he is also a passionate professional fitness expert. Here are some fun facts about him:

Mike Samuel

1. He has a Bachelor’s degree in engineering and graduated top 3 in his class.

2. He had certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association and Functional Movement Systems.

3. He has a nutrition certification of the Master’s level.

Mike Samuels is an England-based professional personal trainer and diet coach. In 2008, he was qualified as a level 3 trainer. Throughout his career, he has achieved several successes. Listed below are some of his accomplishments:

  1. Mike holds the Under-23 bench press record for South-East England.
  2. He has been a coach to clients from various nations for powerlifting, photoshoots, sports performances and so on.
  3. Mike is a fitness writer and his work has been published in T-Nation, and many other fitness websites and magazines.

Here is the final review of the program with all its pros and cons:

The pros:

1. The program will allow you to get the same nature of training as a professional trainer would give you.

2. You will be able to make informed and calculative nutrition and dietary choices using the nutrition guide.

3. You will be able to work out at your own convenience.

4. You can 4-5 days long workout

5. You can also do less than 3 days of workouts if you don’t like 5 days long workouts.

6. This is a program crafted by professionals and a former scientist, thus it is highly reliable.

7. The detailed workout plans are very descript thus they are easy to use.

8. There are different kinds of workout plans for every kind of customer.

The cons:

1. If your technological equipment breaks down then you may not be able to access the program. However, as a solution for that, you are able to make printouts of the workout plans.

2. You will have to follow a specific diet plan. Although, this is true for any kind of workout routine you follow.

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