The Dessert Angel Review: How To Eat Desserts Without Any Guilt At All

Many people feel bad about eating desserts. Who wouldn’t?  These things are very sugary and they proceed to give you a pleasure that you do not need. This pleasure then makes you feel about what you just ate. People think they sacrifice their body shape for pleasure. What’s more is that when you take in desserts, you immediately take in more sugar and other types of content without any kind measure. This is definitely a bad idea from any kind of perspective or is it?The Dessert Angel

What if we told you that there was a way to take in sugary, sweet, creamy, and lovely treats without guilt? Seriously, there is a way to take different desserts and burn fat and calories along the way. Does it sound absurd? It feels very ironic to give in to pleasure and end up with many benefits. Well, just to counter that thought, alcohol was first thought to be purely bad. Nowadays, a good dose of alcohol can make you regulate your blood flow correctly. Marijuana also faced the same kind of prejudice. Still, no one can dispute the different medical benefit of cannabis.

The same thing goes for desserts! Stick around to see how you can do it. The program of the Dessert Angel makes you feel like life is ironic. Bad is good and good is bad. However, let us make it clear. As we review the recipe book, feel free to take notes to see if you think the same when you buy the book.

The Dessert Angel

What is the book based on? 

For starters, the book is written by a person named Helen. No further name or last name was stated by the site. Helen presents herself as the Dessert Angel – The angel who can change your perspective when it comes to dieting and eating desserts.

The book actually provides different links where it proves that dieting does not need the elimination of desserts. As those things are empirical studies, you should understand how thorough the research was done in order to complete this cookbook.  Many programs, diets, even whole regimens, and programs do not have the same backup as the “Dessert Angel.” This definitely backs up the idea of calorie-burning desserts when you buy it.

  • Psychology. The book links the cook recipes to psychological research. It says that if you stop eating desserts, the more you’ll want to eat desserts. This deprivation will lead you to eat deserts nonetheless.
  • Cravings. Helen also proved the fact that those who eat desserts, more correctly, real desserts actually can control themselves better. Because of the desserts, they limited their intake for the rest of the day.
  • Obesity. Children who ate desserts lost weight better than those who did not.

The book offers more studies that are empirical. Because of this, you can be sure that this is not a fad cookbook like any other out there.

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The Dessert Angel

What does the book contain? 

Dessert Angel is actually a cookbook. It contains 78 healthy desserts that can help you go slimmer. The book actually offers more things when it comes to cookbooks. Not only do you see recipes, but you also see different facts and answering FAQs. As such, this review covers some of them for you, but just the gist. You’ll have to buy the book for that. (*wink)

  • Legends surrounding Desserts. Were you thinking that desserts can make you visit the dentists frequently? Think again. These desserts, the science behind it, and the recipes included in the book will make you think otherwise.
  • Ingredients your fear can be healthy, too. Some of the ingredients used in this book might be actually frightening to use. Worry not. The Dessert Angel will tell you why it is safe to use.
  • The levels of sugar must take to burn calories. Sugar is one of the key ingredients of the blood. It is used to break down food. Moreover, sugar is used to power the different cells. Without sugars, you’ll feel tired and weak. That is why you need sugar, too! The book details the correct amounts of sugar to make you feel energized as well as powerful throughout the day.
  • The different enemies of diet. If you want to slim down, you need to know what can hold you back. I’ll get to this later, so stay with the review until the end!
  • A checklist to guide you. The book even contains a checklist for you to follow. These lists actually contain easy to find ingredients so you can start making heavenly desserts in no time. Talk about yummy and slimming! Who won’t go for this book?

What does the book contain

The Different Enemies of Slimming Down

If you really want to slim down, you should avoid many things. Eating too much, going over your calorie limit, and much more. However, if you really pay attention to the things around you. You’ll see the different ways the facts below actually do it:

  • Diets. How ironic can this book get? Since you already got the idea of how contrasting this book can become, you can go a little deeper. One reason why this statement is true is that diets can mess you up. Overly strict diets can kill your appetite and start to turn it into cravings. When they do turn into cravings, they become harder to control. Much like anger; the more you hold it in, the more explosive you can become.
  • Snacks. When you eat different snacks, you raise different nutrient levels like sodium, sugar, protein, etc. When you get more than what you need, you start feeling bad things. For example, the more you eat salty food, the more you’ll want to eat sugary ones next. Dessert Angel reviews many snacks you should avoid.
  • Desserts. I assure you this can’t get any more contrasting. Desserts that you can find in supermarkets, coffees shops, or some that you make at home can give you a sugar rush. When that sugar rush wears off, you get sugar CRASH. You’ll end up wanting more. It’s a good thing that Helen created this cookbook for us to follow. The desserts here contains enough sugar levels not to give you a crash.

The Different Enemies of Slimming Down

What we loved about the book

As part of the people who review books that we buy, I tend to choose the things I love about the book. This cookbook has a lot of that! Here are some that I absolutely adore, enough to make me recommend buying it: 

  • The Nutritional Values. You can see how many calories, how much protein, how much sodium, etc. your dessert contains.
  • A whole variety of desserts. From soft treats, drinks, and bread-based desserts, it switches over to different cookies, bars, squares that are all mouth-watering. The best thing? They can help you burn fat.
  • The empirical data. Nothing beats science. It is exact and well-researched. The fact that the book uses this type of reasoning is amazing.
  • The layout of the book. Since the book is simple, you can immediately understand how the book is arranged to show you the different things you need to know. When you flip the page, no unpleasant surprises will scare you. All you see are heavenly desserts and scientifically backed data.
  • How the Angel Speaks. The book is just like having a person teach you how to cook while sharing a story. Amazingly, I felt like there was someone actually talking to me when I read this book. You’ll feel great as everything is directed to you.

What we loved about the book

Things the book should include

Of course, as you do reviews, you can notice things you should take note of. These things can help you improve your next book and take out different errors. Here are some of the improvements we wish to see:

  • The name of the author. It may sound like we are trying to be killjoys. However, we want to at least know the name of the author so that we know who to thank.
  • The qualifications of the author. Don’t get us wrong. Anyone can write a good cookbook. However, not just anyone can write a GREAT cookbook with scientific evidence. We would want to know what the author has accomplished to see if we should believe her.
  • The pure positivism. The book has great insight and encourages positivism. But what if I put in too much honey? The book does not include that possibility in the considerations.

Can you really make a guilt-free dessert?

The Different Levels of Insulin Response

Despite being highly ironic, the book is very keen on telling you how to be slim and fit. Amazingly, if you research the ingredients, you actually achieve great results. The Dessert Angel is one of a kind cookbook that allows pleasure to sit side-by-side with hard to achieve results.

The verdict? WE LOVE THE COOKBOOK. I am astonished why many people don’t know that this thing exists. Go ahead and buy the book. You definitely won’t feel guilty when you take a bite out of that white cookie.

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