The Bounce Guide Review: How Much Higher Will It Help You Jump?

There are a lot of unclear moves or incorrect, let’s say, in sports. Sometimes, not only in sports but in life. Anyway, let’s take sports as the best example. It can be because of your not sufficient height or any other physical characteristic. The issue is that if you cannot complete a certain move, you might lose an important opportunity, and that is a pity.

It is why I am here today. To review a product that helps us cross the barriers that your physical limitations seem to impose. Or the lack of training. So, by the end of the review, I will convince you why any man can jump. Let’s bust some myths!

So, you sportsmen out there, you should know what I am talking about. When you do not have the power to jump high, you are put on a bench. And you lose the best of a game. That is such a shame! But what if you could add some few inches to your height and do that jump?

Just buy this guide and learn how to add a few inches and be able to do that jump in only a few weeks.

What does The Bounce Guide by Momir Gataric mean?

the bounce guide

I guess you know what the coveted 44-inch vertical jump is. Well, this guide will teach you how to do it by no means. You wanna dunk, you ought to dunk, and you will dunk. Grab the guide and thank me later.

You might think that this is another scam on the market. Maybe you have already bought other similar products and you failed. But this one over here functions on a different protocol than the ordinary.

The Bonce Guide not only teaches you how to get to do the vertical jump, but it also focuses on the four elements that work hand in hand:

  • Nutrition elements
  • Speed elements
  • Strength elements
  • Efficiency elements

The plyometric exercises that you are about to learn are the ultimate! When I finally made that perfect vertical jump, I knew that I had to review my personal experience and share it with you.

Who is the creator of this guide – Momir Gataric?

the bounce guide

Momir is a jump trainer. He kind of gave up his social life for a while in order to make room for information. He gathered as much as he could about vertical jumping and now is able to teach others to do it as well.

He worked with another enthusiast who was also obsessed with vertical jumping. So, it was a complete experience for both of them. Gathering information, testing it, and finally making it. This experience, as per the author said, was amazing. And I can relate, it is why I am writing this review for others who might want to try it out on their own.

The 44’’ vertical right from a 28’’ vertical was a complete success after 10 weeks of training with that jumping specialist. The author has followed a diet, a routine that made him attain his goal. Of course, with the help of the expert, who believed in him and appreciated the passion that the author had for vertical jumping. Plus, the devotion with which he participated in their coaching sessions.

For Momir, being able to touch 26 dunks from 0 has been a real challenge and an extraordinary achievement. All of the in-between legs! Not to mention the windmills. By focusing and practicing he managed to become an expert in jumping. And with great ease.

The author of this guide has managed to win the MVP League. All due to the Bounce Guide. You can put some personal achievements on your list as well. Nonetheless, with the support of this guide.

the bounce guide

Is this guide helpful or is it a scam?

Definitely helpful it is! Let me tell you what this program is into. So that you can totally rest assured that you get to throw windmills like there’s no tomorrow. So, here are the points of interest of this guide:

1. The development training force rate

Sportsmen from all around the world, you know how this works. Learning how to be able in the minimum amount of time to jump or run as high or far as you can. You will totally love your progress.

the bounce guide

2. Safety first

Any sort of physical challenge can be too much for you. So, this eBook is meant to ensure your safety during the whole learning process. Keeping yourself in shape and safe is essential. So, this stage of the program ensures your complete safety. Learn how to workout correctly!

Here are the two phases of this program:

1st Phase – 1 – 8 Weeks

This first phase is a combo of force and resistance. You will have to combine two main elements of the training, and those are:

  • the Plyometric element
  • the Strength element

This elementary program is probably the most important. It develops your strength. It also teaches you the correct posture. Your endurance will be much bigger. You will also develop your speed, which is what a correct jump needs. Here are the main focuses of this first phase:

1. The rate of development of your force

The Force Development has been a real inspiration for me. In only 4 weeks you can increase your height by up to 6 inches. Do you realize what that means? Michael Jordan will be your nickname, haha. Just be sure to commit to it.

2. Your tendon stiffness increasing

The plyometric exercises are meant to make you speed up as much as possible. Also, you will jump as if you were at the Olympics. Trust me, this type of workout is mind-blowing! You will get to increase your 4 to 6 inches height like there’s no tomorrow!

You will lodge yourself more than 40 inches off the ground in less than 4 weeks. You need a lot of strength to do that. By practicing and by stimulating your body and your mind, you will make it. Imagine how confident you have to be in order to complete this difficult task. Furthermore, you will become stronger than ever and regular things will seem so very simple.

The Bounce Guide

2nd Phase – 9 – 10 Weeks

The second phase is not as hard as the first one. Your muscles will also be able to relax. The effort you put in the first phase will be obvious in this second one. You will know that this whole program is a complete success when you feel the strength you have. You will feel ready by no means.

The plyometric exercises from phase two are much less intense than those in the first phase. You will focus on doing all sorts of jumping. Jumping on one foot, on two feet, until you get to finally complete that famous jump with great ease.



  • You will not only receive this outstanding guide but also 3 incredible bonuses, completely free: a Nutrition Guide, an In-Season program, and The Maintenance program.
  • Because safety always comes first, this program is completely risk-free for you. The exercises will not endanger you in any way.
  • The whole course is very affordable. Plus, taking into consideration the bonuses that you receive, it is a great deal.
  • You will be completely transformed in about 10 weeks. It is the easiest and the most effective road to take to become an athlete.
  • The course is very well structured. Every week is designed carefully. Thus, you will know when to push harder and when to relax more.
  • The 40 inches of jump off the ground is a promise that this book keeps. You will be able to complete it in less than 4 weeks only.


  • If you do not commit to training hard and keeping a daily schedule according to the guide, you will make a lot of useless effort. Or it’s gonna take a lot of time to actually get the desired results.
  • Make sure to read the instructions carefully. The safety of your body is up to you. You have to make the exercises correctly.
  • Be patient. No great athlete has become one overnight. You have to work hard and be determined. Give it time, your time.

Takeaway Words

the bounce guide

If you are willing to sacrifice a bit of your spare time and prepare to become a real athlete, this guide is perfect for you. Creating a routine by following simple guidelines is simple. Trust me, you are gonna love this program!

So don’t you stand there and think too much about it. Put passion into it and work hard. Your dreams can become reality if you make an effort. Afterward, create your own review to let others know that this product is indeed helpful. Make sure to put your review online, available to all other sports lovers!

You will benefit from the best training program. Furthermore, you will achieve the 44-inch vertical jump in less than 4 weeks. Trust the Bounce Guide that will teach you how to jump!

Take jumps higher than you ever have, and dunk over your opponents – click this link to access The Bounce Guide, and learn the exact training steps to get there!

The Bounce Guide Review: How Much Higher Will It Help You Jump?
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