The Art Of Simple Golf Review: How To Simplify Golf And Start Winning

If I were to ask you one sport you have always wish to do, what would it be? I bet most people would say football or basketball. But you are here because you will say “Golf!”. Now, golf is seen as a boring sport because you just walk around and hit a ball. Then, you have to wait for your turn to hit another golf ball.

But, there is more to that than simply hitting a ball. You train your mind and body in a way where no other sports activities can. Sometimes, people would say you need to calculate the distance and know the angle you should hit the ball. In order to obtain a strike but is it that complicated? This is where Alex Fortey’s “The Art Of Simple Golf” comes in.

Alex Fortey made a program which can help a person (either a beginner or professional player) who wants to golf. But before I can even begin to introduce his program, you need to know certain concepts.

golf ball near hole

What Is Golf?

Golf is a sport which takes place in a field, people call it a fairway. The golfers aim to hit the golf ball to a designated hole. A normal course consists of 18 games (or holes) and the distance between the starting point and goal, varies.

People believe playing golf is quite easy but not all possess the skills to win in the actual game. There are different ways to determine the scores. The most common one is stroke play, this is where the golfers count how many swings you have done until you got your ball in the hole. The person with fewer strokes win.

Playing golf may not be too strenuous than other sport but that is why people tend to move to this activity. Like any other sports activities, it has benefits.

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Benefits of Playing Golf

A full golf course is between 6 to 10 miles, and golfers would normally walk a lot during the game. This means the type of exercise is cardiovascular, it can help you burn more than 200 calories.

Most people believe that golf is a luxury or a waste of money because you need to spend a big amount to have some clubs and other materials.

Mental Health
Like any other sport, when a person does an activity and sweats it out. It helps a person think something different. Playing golf means you will have time off from reality and be with nature, you will be able to concentrate on the task at hand.

It was found it helps prevent depression and increases a person’s self-esteem. Especially when they have an activity which consists of interacting with other people.

Improve Physical Health
Staying fit through golf is quite effective, it will help you eliminate cramps and/or arthritis. You will be more physical activity, exercise your body’s posture and strengths of the arms and legs. With this, it will help a person sleep peacefully because the blood circulation is normal.

Less Prone To Diseases
When you think about it, most people who play golf are middle-aged men and women. Since the body degenerates through time, you cannot run as fast as you did back in your youth. So, another way is through playing golf.

A person who plays golf is less prone to heart diseases such as stroke and different types of cancer.

golf training

About “The Art Of Simple Golf”

Alex Fortey has been playing golf since he was in his youth years, along with his dad who was a professional golfer. His dad would bring him to a golf course almost every weekend and he had to watch his dad and friends playing. Fortey became interested in the sport as he grew up and his dad was willing to teach him.

The author of “The Art Of Simple Golf” had a difficult time mastering the sport, it took him a while to be as good as his father. But because of his father’s enthusiasm and patience, he became a professional as well.

Before that, he read thousands of books but the contents is noticeably difficult to understand. When in fact, golf is simple! With the help of professional golfers, The Art of Simple Golf bloom. It is the perfect program for beginners and professional golfers, you will not have the feeling of too much information overload again.

The program’s supporters accumulated fast, so far the youtube channel has more than 10,000 subscribers and continues to grow. The videos contain strategies and techniques on having that winning hole in one.

Website of The Art Of Simple Golf

The “Art Of Simple Golf” contains:

Simple Swing and Scoring Program
This contains over 50 tutorial videos, tips to be a professional golfer. If you are able to get hold of this, you need to start watching immediately. Most reviews from fellow golfers found this helpful.

Complete Golf Wisdom
Besides tutorial videos, you will receive a DVD about how to predict the outcome of each shot you make. No, it does not contain some kind of magic, it is more of the use of different components such as the direction of the wind, the whole course, etc.

Stroke To Swing System
Meanwhile, if you do not have the time to go out of your way through the field and play. You can train yourself at home with this DVD  provided for you. The techniques and methods will be as simple and effective.

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Tips To Improve Your Performance

Keep it simple
Do not make everything complicated. To improve your ball strike means you need to go back to the basics, it includes your posture, the right way to hold your club, and so much more. You need to learn the different techniques of golf swing and see the most appropriate for you. Other than that, it is crucial to be familiar with the different clubs you can use in golf.

Your stance is another component you need to be aware of. In order to have a good ball strike, you need to have proper posture. The right stance is when your knees are bent slightly while your arms are out downwards.

Imagine a person having a different posture, the right stance helps you have more control over how you swing and hit the golf ball.

golf course

The kind of club you use determines your score in the game. If you are new to golf, you need to buy a club for you. Normally, professional golfers would bring ten and more clubs in a game but as a beginner, you do not need to bring a lot.

  • Invest
    You may think it all matters on the skills of a golfer, in order to win a game. But, the quality of your club also has a part in helping you obtain a strike. Of course, high-end clubs are quite expensive, there are midranges which is good quality too but you need to invest your money and time.
  • Research
    Before you decide to buy a club, do your own research. Each club has different purposes, some can curve your ball, slow it down, or accurately shoot it in the hole. Make sure you know the right information’s you want and it will be easy for you.
  • Try it out
    If you are well informed about the types of clubs, you can go to a physical shop and try it out for yourself. It’s not recommendable to buy online when you are a total beginner. It will be harder for you to adjust when no one accommodates your inquiries

hitting golf ball

It does not stop there, the way you hold or grip your club is also important. Gripping your club tightly can limit and stiffen how you hit your golf ball. But when it is loose, you may inaccurately hit it in the wrong direction.

Positioning Your Golf Ball
When golfers play, you are the ones who position the ball. Even if the goal is quite far away, you need to be familiar with the proper positioning of your ball. Beginners may take time to align the ball, some would use their club to see if it is aligned to the goal.

Golf is not as easy as any other sport. Well, every sport has a different level of difficulty. Practice is the key to enhance your skills in golf. It is also beneficial to ask for a professional golfer’s help.


Golfers from beginners to professionals have given positive reviews on “The Art Of Simple Golf”. Not only does it give thorough information but the methods and techniques in the videos and book are not the normal techniques you can find on other references.

Tiger Woods

I have tried the program for myself and in order to give an honest review, I had to try it out for months. Before I even used this, I thought golf and I can never work out together. I gave up hope on being the same as tiger woods. Tiger Woods is the reason why I desire to play golf, I really thought it was as easy as playing any other sport! But now, I could strike my golf ball in the hole in just a few strokes. I can never thank enough to Fortey for creating such an amazing program.

Alex Fortey’s “The Art Of Simple Golf” should be every golfer’s holy grail. Are you having a hard time scoring? Or you want to learn a new technique? Grab a copy of this and you will learn it in weeks.

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The Art Of Simple Golf Review: How To Simplify Golf And Start Winning
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