The Alkaline Diet Review: Is Your Body Not Getting Enough Alkaline?

Recently a good friend of mine had a big health wake-up call. Stomach ache, obesity and chest pains led to a visit to the hospital, which eventually led to surgery.

Such incidents are a big reminder that the body needs to be nurtured and taken care well throughout life. Thankfully, he has made a good recovery and is now on a planned diet and exercise regime. From that day I have also become more conscious of what I eat and drink.

Surveying more about proper diet and nutrition, I stumbled upon a book-The Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet By Emma Deangela. Let’s have a quick review of what this book offers you.

An Alkaline Diet

There are many types of diets present out there. Few are good and few are not. An alkaline diet is known for weight loss, longevity and staving off many diseases.

Some foods are known to disturb the pH balance of our system and as a result, the body stops functioning normally. Talking about pH, it is a key indicator ranging from the value of 0 to 14. The 0 being the most acidic and 14 being the most alkaline or basic.

An alkaline diet helps to maintain the correct pH of your body which happens to be the neutral value 7. A body’s pH level depends on a lot of the mineral density of our diet.

The recommended alkaline diet makes your body get rid of all acid problems, lose weight and boost up your energy levels. To add, it treats serious ailments like arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, vitamin D deficiency and low bone density.

Lose weight

Emma DeAngela, the author of The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet, claims this help guide to be a holistic approach to attain good health and losing weight.

According to this book, in your diet, you should keep a balance between the acidic and alkaline levels which is a must for your body. A human body pH is supposed to be naturally bit alkaline. Hence, eating alkaline based food help to maintain the same level.

On the other hand, having an acidic diet disrupts the body pH level and ultimately this causes serious health issues. The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet explains eating what type of food keeps your body at its normal pH level. Eventually, good eating habits will help you to lose excess weight and be a healthier person.

The Book Overview

The acidic alkeline balanced diet

This book, the author reviews normal food habits and has come up with comprehensive details of lifestyle and eating plan which lead to getting rid of excess acids in the diet. The guide equips readers with information on how to improve your overall health and well-being by consuming the right diets and exercise.

Alkaline Diet is a diet plan speaks for the food which burns in the body and enriches body with iron, calcium, magnesium, copper, and zinc. All these minerals will help you to maintain an ideal pH in the body.

The book also consists of the listings of the nature of different kinds of food, recipes and meal plans which help you maintain an ideal acidic and alkaline balance in the body.

The given meal plans are written with a purpose to improve metabolism as well. With the mentioned diet planning and lifestyle tips, it will benefit more by losing weight and simultaneously achieving higher levels of drive-in life.

It features that it will be more benefiting if an alkaline based diet plan is combined well with an exercise routine and proper breathing exercises as well. All of this done in a disciplined manner can do wonders to the body.

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Classify food into the alkaline and acidic category

Acidic food

It’s a simple thumb rule that minerals like sodium, magnesium, calcium, and potassium present in your diet are responsible for alkaline food. While the substances like phosphorus, chlorine, and sulfur in your meal give acid creating residue when food has been digested.

Please remember anything eaten leaves a residue after digestion. Now, healthy natural food prepared from green leafy veggies and low sugar fruits is considered highly alkaline food.

On the other hand, dairy products, fats, and oils, grains meat and seafood, alcohol, aerated drinks, chemical sweeteners are acid-forming food which should be avoided as much as possible.

What’s more in the book?

Before we share our more reviews, moving on what is the content of the program. There are many highlighted chapters which are worth considering and keep in mind forever.

The “Causes of Acid Alkaline Imbalance” section in the book is an important chapter as it serves as a basic step to determine if you have a normal balanced pH level or not. You will be provided with a list of eating and food habits that generally contribute to a high acidity level in your body.

By the end of the section, you will get to know the reasons why junk food, dehydration, stress, and some regular medications can disturb your body pH level big time.

Not to miss

Obviously, all this study material about acidity and alkaline food, pH level of body, diet plans and ideal meals is nothing if you are not aware of your current body pH level. In the next section called What is your pH Level, the author has taught us how to perform a pH test on your own.

It will also describe ways of interpreting the pH test results and readings. You are ideally supposed to test your body pH level multiple times at different times of a day. Do it regularly for several days and compare all the noted readings. These readings can explain many possible scenarios and reasons.

According to these results, many known implications can be fully explained.

Last but not least

The last chapter we are discussing here is named as “The Keys to Great Health.” The title sounds pretty common and generic. In fact, the tips mentioned are also very general ones which you might already know but don’t practice.

In this section, you will learn two main health practice keys– First one is to have the right combination of different food during the meals and secondly importance of breathing normally.

Is that enough?

exercise regularly

The diet efforts and care won’t give 100 percent results if you don’t take care of these key health practices. Emma claims that readers practicing and following her diet won’t feel much hungry or food-deprived.

There are plenty of alkaline foods to offer and satisfy your cravings. You may find some of your favorite foods to be acidic. You will find it very hard to be away from them. But it is all worth it. So, just control your urges to have better health and lifestyle.

What does the package include?

The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet learning material includes:

  • The Alkaline Diet Manual
  • Alkaline Recipes
  • The Alkaline Diet Success Journal
  • Top 10 Nutrition Mistakes
  • The Alkaline Diet Food Shopping Guide
  • The Quick Start Guide
  • Acid Alkaline Food Chart

The acid-alkaline balanced diet has a 100% money back guarantee. If within 60 days of purchase you are not entirely happy and satisfied with the mentioned diet system, you can just claim for a refund and get your money back with no questions asked policy.

My Review

There is a saying “You are what you eat.” Take a minute to retrospect what types of food you eat. Many people today struggle with weight issues and serious digestion diseases which hamper to enjoy their healthy life to fullest.

Many people resort to medicinal drugs and other traditional methods to relieve the problems. But these all are just temporary solutions which generally result in harm than doing something good.

healthy happy couple

The Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet is well written and the language is very simple to understand without any confusion. You will be able to follow the instructions and guidelines but the other e-books in the package seem to have repetitive information.

The good part is that the diet is suitable for people with some allergies. It excludes many allergy-triggering food items like shellfish, eggs, and lactose. The given diet plans are mostly gluten-free. Hence it is perfectly suitable for people who deal with gluten intolerance. I feel that the meat lovers will face great difficulty sticking to it. The diet eliminates meat and dairy from the diet.

In my review, I would recommend to buy this and try for about 30 days. Make your own assessment and in case you are not satisfied. You can claim a full money refund within 60 days.

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