Unbiased Review: Should You Buy The Age Reversal Technique?

Do you feel old? Do you think the wrinkles on your face are getting too much? Are you by any chance, worried that you are aging too fast? Do you look older than you would prefer? Do you want to return to your youthful state? To have the skin on your face look much younger than you actually are? Do you want to be mistaken for the same age as your adult child? Do you want to look more like one of those young people who have no aging problems? If you do find yourself agreeing with all of this, don’t fret, you are at the right spot. This review should be good news for you.

This review would serve as a great help to you as it brings about a solution to your problems known as “The Age Reversal Technique.”


First off, before we go knee-deep into this review, it is quite important to understand what we mean whenever we mention a person’s age. For reasons outside the scope of this review, scientists have determined the need for two different types of aging systems:

  • Chronological Age – This is the aging system everyone should be familiar with. It is the measure of how much time has passed since the birth of a person.
  • Biological Age – This on the other hand, is the representation of a person’s health conditions. It is also the predictor of how soon a person will exhibit chronic conditions of late-life – chronic diseases. These conditions include the risk of having heart disease, skin cancer, lung cancer, varying levels of diabetes disease, and others diseases commonly associated with old age.

What is The Age Reversal Technique?

The Age Reversal Technique is an easy-to-follow comprehensive program. It is a facial yoga training program created in the form of an e-book. The aim of this product is to reverse the facial aging process. The processes used by this technique are all surgery-free and diet-free. The process works easily for women between the ages of 18-65.

It also works for those who are absolute beginners to fitness, working out, and yoga. This program comprises a daily exercise route that will help diminish the sagging and wrinkles on the skin.

This challenge can be equally as effective for women that have been into fitness and yoga their whole lives as well as those who are absolute beginners to fitness. The daily exercises comprised in this program help to diminish wrinkles of the skin and eliminate the sagging associated with aging skin. The recommended exercises help to make the skin look more defined, tighter, and youthful.

The Age Reversal Technique program -Its Origin

Emily Dowd is the creator of this product. Emily Dowd, who is a Ph.D. holder in bio-studies, discovered this technique that seems to reverse aging whilst traveling the monasteries of Tibet. Using her knowledge in biological studies and the experience she gained from her visits to Tibet, Emily created this technique that reverses the effects of aging on the skin.

Emily Dowd, who once suffered from wrinkled skin, tried a lot of ways to reduce or reverse the aging of her skin. Emily used quite a lot of cosmetic solutions before finally realizing that they didn’t work, thus she decided to develop hers. Her knowledge in bio-studies and the experience she gained from studying the age-defying practices used by easterners during her travels to the monasteries of Tibet made that possible.

This technique is one of the purest approaches available today. Thus it works using natural methods. It doesn’t recommend injections. Neither does it work with special creams or chemicals. But, It instead focuses on a natural approach that includes exercises.

The Age Reversal Technique Review

The age reversal technique uses a series of exercises and therapies for age reversing. While the program was designed explicitly for women of all ages, more emphasis was placed on its usage for women between the ages of 18 – 65.

Though the technique was designed for women, there have been reviews from users stating that this technique for reversing aging not only worked for females, but also for males and older adults with no side effects. Thus, this program has been proven to work for everyone regardless of gender or genes.

This is a digital program that comes in the form of an e-book. It also contains meditation tracks plus the ultimate facial yoga guide to help slow down the aging process’s effect on the skin. This book discusses many exercise techniques.  These techniques help keep the cells young in order to maintain a healthy and young-looking face.

Does this technique really reverse aging?

The testimonials and reviews by users given on the official site of the Age Reversal Technique program have all been found to be positive. Overall, users have achieved the desired result and are happy and satisfied with the results, some even went as far as trying out this technique on males and older people and there have been no side effects. Apart from that no side effects or any other form of harm were reported from using this technique regularly. Some users also reported having noticed moderate effects after the first couple of weeks.

The Age Reversal Technique – How It Slows The Aging Process Of Human Cells

Age reversal in the field of science

Research is being carried out frequently to determine factors that can contribute to longer life expectancy in homo sapiens. Age reversal is still a relatively new field of science. The idea of biological age raised the possibility (in the mind of scientists)that epigenetic changes contribute to the effects of aging. Due to these ‘epigenetic changes,’ a couple of researchers conducted research on the cells of mice.

Using the cells of old mice and younger mice for experiments, it was found that the health of these mice deteriorated rapidly during the experiments on cells. Researchers found that it was possible to reverse aging in a single cell or multiple cells of a worm or mice using Yamanaka factors. However, this could not be applied to humans due to the fact that researchers are still studying smaller animals like mice to understand how it works. There has been no major breakthrough in that area of science since.

Age reversal as relating to this product.

Therefore, by “age-reversing,” this program isn’t referring to an act of aging backward through medical surgery or biological cell tampering. Instead, it means, activities, treatments, or therapies that can slow or even reverse biological aging.

Research shows that as the human body gets older, it experiences the shortening of telomeres (which are the protective caps found at the end of chromosomes) and an increase in old cells. The reverse aging technique stops this on a cellular level by repairing and increasing the telomere length of a user.

This revolutionary program is not a scientific miracle but is rather, an ancient secret anti-aging technique used by royal emperors in China to defy old age and maintain their youth by eliminating wrinkles, saggy skin, and fine lines within days.

Age Reversal Technique works by isolating specific points of stress around the face then targeting them to remove wrinkles.

Features of This Technique

1. A Daily Facial Yoga Training Routine

The program offers a daily exercise routine that helps to diminish wrinkles, sagging, and the notorious double chin. These daily exercises not only helps to keep the face tighter and more defined, it also helps to reverse aging.

2. An Instruction booklet

As soon as you purchase this program, you’d receive a package consisting of DDD’s and an instruction booklet that guides you through the program. This booklet also contains all information you need to know about facial yoga. The instruction booklet contains facial yoga that shows results in four weeks.

3. Clarity

This is a technique that helps fill the lungs. It also stretches out the tension around the corners of any damaged tissue that has the ability to cause aging.

4. A specific set of breathing exercises that may boost longevity in humans

The program comes with breathing exercises that help slow down a user’s aging process. These breathing exercises are optimal for blood flow promotion, they also aid the relaxation of some facial aging regions. Thus, it shouldn’t be a surprise that users who exercised regularly have found this easy. And some studies have suggested that breathing exercises such as this boost longevity and eliminate the possibility of diseases.

5. A Ten-Minute reversal technique program

One of the biggest bonuses of this program can be said to be the fact that the exercises included in the program take the barest minimum of time possible. It takes just 10 minutes. Due to the initial intensity of the exercise to new users, it is quite usual for the first few times to take slightly longer than the set 10 minutes.

6. Constant availability of customer care.

The customer care service of this product is always available to help the users. Users are always free to get in touch with them for complaints, reviews, and keeping track of their overall health. The age reversal bundle has received about 500 positive reviews and still counting.

7. An Upgradeable bundle

The program comes in two different bundles, the basic bundle, which is $19. and the second bundle which costs $49.

  • The basic bundle: This gives you instant access to the reverse aging program and one meditation track to help you focus while performing the exercises.
  • The second bundle: This grants you instant access to the reverse aging procedure with three medication tracks to help you focus and relax your mind while performing the exercises. life, cell.

The Pro’s and Con’s of this Technique


1. Pocket Friendly.

The use of this product is far less expensive than its counterparts. This product costs $19 for a basic plan and $49 for an upgrade. That, added to the fact that there is no need for any further payment makes this product really cheaper than its counterparts.

2. Helps the release of facial tension.

The yoga exercises on the platform help release the tension on your face and, over time, give it a youthful and increase the human life expectancy.

3. Risk-free.

This is a safe program that possesses no risk or side effects whatsoever on your stem cells or life. Experts and doctors at the Harvard Medical School have reviewed this program, these reviews can be found online. The techniques discussed in this program are completely harmless and safe (unlike other cosmetic solutions) and only works for the best results.

4. Firmer skin and improved tone.

Due to more oxygen and blood that is now being directed to the skin, there is bound to be an improvement in collagen production which yields firmer skin and improved tone since your stem cells are also activated.

5. A fight against gravity.

The face exercises in this program offer help in improving the muscle mass in the face, thereby fighting gravity-related body fat loss in the face. This could lead to the avoidance of droopy eyes, old cells, sagging jowls, flabby cheeks, and an improvement in overall health. Which thus, leads to a younger-looking body.

6. Proven Results.

This technique has a lot of reviews online by users who all claim to have experienced a lot of benefits from this program. Some of those benefits are; an increase in overall health, a lack of disease, a younger and firmer looking face and body, etc.

7. Reduced Appearance of Thick Scars.

Massages and skin stretching exercises are part of the exercises on the guideline. These are designed to reduce the coarseness and appearance of thick, agelong scars on your skin cell.

8. Safety.

Emily Dowd, the program’s creator has gathered lots of experience both from her travels and her education in Biological studies, genes, cells, and in reducing the effects of aging. Thus, users are assured that they deal with experienced personnel who have the ability to guarantee a successful therapeutic strategy.

9. A 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

For a period of 60 days after the transaction to purchase this product is made, users are eligible to receive a complete refund if unsatisfied with the program’s progress or if they feel the program isn’t right for the health of humans.

10 . Works regardless of genes.

This product works on all people, regardless of gender, ethnic group, genes, and any factor. While a person’s genes might affect how effective this product might be, it is still guaranteed to produce results.


1. Takes more time to achieve.

2. Differing results on an individual basis due to differences of cells at the cellular level.

3. Unavailability of Stores.


In this Review, we have discussed all aging, and the approach this Age reversal Technique goes about treating it. We have also discussed the Pros and Cons of this solution. After careful consideration, our final thoughts are that this solution is definitely worth it. The product works. It also has no real drawback. This solution is the most natural process, not to mention that the exercises in this program help to keep the body healthy. The program also has a refund policy and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. So, you should definitely try it.

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